www.ComponentsWorld.com | List of Products http://www.componentsworld.com/ Current product information from www.ComponentsWorld.com en-US Copyright 2018 ComponentsWorld.com Tue, 20 Nov 2018 13:33:24 -0600 Intermediate Algebra: Student Solutions Manual - Component: A Graphing Approach http://www.componentsworld.com/intermediate-algebra-student-solutions-manual-component-a-graphing-approach.html This book offers the sound presentation of mathematics, useful pedagogy, clear and well-constructed writing style, superb problem-solving strategies, and other qualities that have made the Martin-Gay series so successful. Exceptionally interesting and practical real-world applications throughout the book capture readers' interest, while Martin-Gay's streamlined problem-solving process develops and hones their problem-solving skills. New features include Spotlight on Decision-Making applications, revised Chapter Projects, Real-World Chapter Openers, Vocabulary Review sections, video icons, and Study Skills sections. For readers interested in learning or revisiting essential skills in beginning and intermediate algebra through the use of lively and up-to-date applications. http://www.componentsworld.com/intermediate-algebra-student-solutions-manual-component-a-graphing-approach.html Cables To Go 42074 RapidRun Component Video + Stereo Audio Flying Lead (10 Feet, Black) http://www.componentsworld.com/cables-to-go-42074-rapidrun-component-video-stereo-audio-flying-lead-10-feet-black.html Use with receivers, projectors, HDTVs or applications requiring a component video plus stereo audio connection; 1080p resolution! http://www.componentsworld.com/cables-to-go-42074-rapidrun-component-video-stereo-audio-flying-lead-10-feet-black.html Gates Rubber Company Tckwp224 Pwrgrip Timing Component Kit http://www.componentsworld.com/gates-rubber-company-tckwp224-pwrgrip-timing-component-kit.html Gates Rubber Company Tckwp224 Pwrgrip Timing Component Kit http://www.componentsworld.com/gates-rubber-company-tckwp224-pwrgrip-timing-component-kit.html Canon 1719B001 CTC-100 Component Video Cable for Canon High Definition Camcorders http://www.componentsworld.com/canon-1719b001-ctc-100-component-video-cable-for-canon-high-definition-camcorders.html Canon Ctc-100 Component Cable - Canon 1719B001 http://www.componentsworld.com/canon-1719b001-ctc-100-component-video-cable-for-canon-high-definition-camcorders.html Bicycle Technology: Understanding the Modern Bicycle and its Components http://www.componentsworld.com/bicycle-technology-understanding-the-modern-bicycle-and-its-components.html This book helps the interested cyclist select the best components and gives technical insights into the way they work. Essential background information for any one interested in the technical aspects of the modern bike and its development throughout history. Illustrated with 800 line drawings and photographs with clear explanatory captions. http://www.componentsworld.com/bicycle-technology-understanding-the-modern-bicycle-and-its-components.html Boston Acoustics SC50 SC Series 5-1/4" component speaker system http://www.componentsworld.com/boston-acoustics-sc50-sc-series-5-1-4-component-speaker-system.html 5-1/4"(130mm)copolymer Cone Woofer 3/4" Type-S2 Kortec Dome Tweeter Separable And Dockable Crossovers Flush/Angle- And Surface-Mount Tweeter Mounting Kit Power Range: 65 Watts RMS 180 Watts Peak Power) Frequency Response 58-20,000 Hz Sensitivity: 90 dB Top-Mount Depth: 2-3/16" SPECIFICATIONS Speaker/Subwoofer Size : 5-1/4" Design : Component Speakers Power Handling (RMS) : 65 Watts Power Handling (MAX) : 180 Watts Power Handling (Combined) MAX : 360 Watts Sensitivity : 90 dB Frequency Response : 58 - 20k Hz Impedance : 4 Ohms Mounting Depth : 2-3/16 Approximate Weight : 5.80 LBS http://www.componentsworld.com/boston-acoustics-sc50-sc-series-5-1-4-component-speaker-system.html AVF ES250B-T Wall Mounted AV Component Shelving System with 2 Adjustable Tempered Glass Shelves (Black) http://www.componentsworld.com/avf-es250b-t-wall-mounted-av-component-shelving-system-with-2-adjustable-tempered-glass-shelves-black.html AVF is a world leading supplier of TV wall mounts, support systems and accessories with over 30 years experience supplying worldwide markets. AVF's ECO-MOUNT range is a complete range of flat panel TV wall mounts based on one modular family look. These flat panel mounts offer functionality from flat-to-wall through to multi-position in small, medium and large size categories, and are complimented by A/V Component Shelving mounts. Universal compatibility and the modular design of the products with an 'easy-click' locking mechanism make installation as easy as 1-2-3. An efficient manufacturing process using common modular component parts for the range means Eco-Mount uses fewer raw materials, produces less waste and, crucially, products are designed to fit in boxes that are 50% smaller than similar products available in stores. This has led to a reduction in packaging and transportation and, as a consequence, a reduction in CO2 emissions. http://www.componentsworld.com/avf-es250b-t-wall-mounted-av-component-shelving-system-with-2-adjustable-tempered-glass-shelves-black.html Pioneer Pro DJ STANDARD MID-RANGEPRO DIGITAL DJ MIXER (Pro Sound & Entertainment / DJ Components) http://www.componentsworld.com/pioneer-pro-dj-standard-mid-rangepro-digital-dj-mixer-pro-sound-entertainment-dj-components.html STANDARD MID-RANGEPRO DIGITAL DJ MIXER. <li>96khz, 24 bit mixer<li>Effect frequency filter<li>49 assignable midi triggers<li>Assignable cross fader<li>3-band equalizer<li>Fader curve adjust<li>Talk over<li>Peak level meter http://www.componentsworld.com/pioneer-pro-dj-standard-mid-rangepro-digital-dj-mixer-pro-sound-entertainment-dj-components.html Calculating Components And Compound Formulas For Mass Reconstruction... http://www.componentsworld.com/calculating-components-and-compound-formulas-for-mass-reconstruction.html Calculating Components And Compound Formulas For Mass Reconstruction... http://www.componentsworld.com/calculating-components-and-compound-formulas-for-mass-reconstruction.html Sony RMVZ320 Remote Control Up To 7 Compatible Video Components (Black) http://www.componentsworld.com/sony-rmvz320-remote-control-up-to-7-compatible-video-components-black.html Controls up to 7 A/V-compatible components Ultra 3x remote signal with dual IR emitters Easy operation of on-screen menu for DVD & VCR Compatible with most major brands Comfortable ergonomic design Pre-programmed codes are compatible with most brands Requires 2 AA batteries http://www.componentsworld.com/sony-rmvz320-remote-control-up-to-7-compatible-video-components-black.html Grohe 46298IE0 Part / Component http://www.componentsworld.com/grohe-46298ie0-part-component.html Grohe Ladylux Plus Spray head for pull-out faucets. http://www.componentsworld.com/grohe-46298ie0-part-component.html Endless Sparkle: 10 Crystal Components - Unlimited Jewelry Designs http://www.componentsworld.com/endless-sparkle-10-crystal-components-unlimited-jewelry-designs.html <DIV><I>Endless Sparkle</I> includes clear, easy to follow instructions and a great sense of color and style throughout. This book appeals to both beginner and intermediate beaders as the detailed illustrations are easy to follow and the patterns are very simple. With 12 different styles of crystal components and 15 main projects, readers will learn how to make rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Author Aimee Carpenters sparkly creations will appeal to any taste.<BR></DIV> http://www.componentsworld.com/endless-sparkle-10-crystal-components-unlimited-jewelry-designs.html Peepless Indus Peerless Encore Projector Mount PJRL 411 - mounting component ( PJRL411 ) http://www.componentsworld.com/peepless-indus-peerless-encore-projector-mount-pjrl-411-mounting-component-pjrl411.html PJRL411 The Encore Projector Mount delivers function, security, and can be mounted flush or with an extension column. The design allows you to easily adjust the mount independently for roll, pitch, and yaw. To protect against theft, the Encore Projector Mount uses security screws at all connection points, including security fasteners at the extension column - a feature not offered from other manufacturers. Features: -Complete Armor Lock Security at all connection points, including extension column if used -Can be mounted flush, with 1.5'' dia. extension column, or threaded rod -Low profile design when flush mounted Cord management integrated into the design -Spring latch for positive engagement with locking security screw option Adjusts easily -Roll (side to side tilt): +5O degree pitch (forward and backward tilt): +5O degree -15O degree -Yaw (swivel): 60 degree if flush mounted, 360 degree if mounted from an extension column. Note: For complete assembly, a PAP Adapter Plate must be ordered for your specific projector. See related products. Installation Instructions Technical Data http://www.componentsworld.com/peepless-indus-peerless-encore-projector-mount-pjrl-411-mounting-component-pjrl411.html Components http://www.componentsworld.com/components.html Components http://www.componentsworld.com/components.html DOSCH 3D: Electronic Components http://www.componentsworld.com/dosch-3d-electronic-components.html Dosch 3D offers 1000s of completely textured 3D-models and scenes for all popular 3D-applications. Users can select from well over 100 different products in the areas of architecture visualization, people, vehicles, visual concepts, nature, product & industrial design, medicine and sports. Professional users like architects, automotive designers or CG artists value the detailed and realistic 3D-models, which are great time and cost savers. All 3D products are periodically updated or amended in order to keep up with current trends and demands.<BR>For over 15 years DOSCH DESIGN has been a fixture in quality Computer Graphics products<BR>by staying on the cutting edge in 3D-design, animation, architectural visualizations, print publishing, motion design, advertising and multimedia presentations. Great attention to product detail and quality is paired with the philosophy of making these products available to the user at a very attractive DOSCH DESIGN price. The 3rd pillar of the mission is Selection - and these numbers speak for themselves:<BR>115 3D-model products, 36 HDRI- & 28 Texture-products, 64 Dosch Viz-Images, 12 Audio products - and counting; not to forget 10 comprehensive USB-HD Collections !<BR>DOSCH DESIGN products are compatible with many popular 3D software platforms like 3DS Max, Lightwave 3D, Maya, Cinema 4D, SoftImage, Artlantis, Bryce etc., as well as other graphics applications like Photoshop, PaintShop Pro, Corel. Please check compatibility details at the respective product page @ DoschDesign.com since compatibilities between product lines and sometime also products from the same product line can vary. http://www.componentsworld.com/dosch-3d-electronic-components.html 3-RCA RGB RG-59/u Component Video Splitter http://www.componentsworld.com/3-rca-rgb-rg-59-u-component-video-splitter.html This Compnent splitter cable is for splitting component signal to 2 display devices, and provides an inexpensive alternative to displaying an image on 2 display at the same time.Connector : (3) Component RCA (RGB) Male to (6) Component RCA (RGB) FemaleLength : 8 inches(*) This is splitter cable. You can only connect one input device (i.e. DVD player,cable box or satellite receiver) to two output device(i.e. TV or projector).You can't connect two input device (i.e. DVD player,cable box or satellite receiver) to one output device(i.e. TV or projector) http://www.componentsworld.com/3-rca-rgb-rg-59-u-component-video-splitter.html Pyle PYLE 8CH PROFESSIONALPA MIXER AMPLIFIER PA MIXER AMPLIFIER (Pro Sound & Entertainment / DJ Components) http://www.componentsworld.com/pyle-pyle-8ch-professionalpa-mixer-amplifier-pa-mixer-amplifier-pro-sound-entertainment-dj-components.html PYLE 8CH PROFESSIONALPA MIXER AMPLIFIER PA MIXER AMPLIFIER. <li>400 watts total power <li>8-channel mono inputs, balanced line input and XLR input<li>2 stereo input channels <li>Peak LED mono and stereo channels<li>7-band mono or stereo equalizer<li>Balanced TRS jacks<li>1/2" AUX effects send/return loop<li>10 7/32" W x 17 5/16" H x 10 13/16" D http://www.componentsworld.com/pyle-pyle-8ch-professionalpa-mixer-amplifier-pa-mixer-amplifier-pro-sound-entertainment-dj-components.html Testing and Quality Assurance for Component-Based Software (Artech House Computer Library) http://www.componentsworld.com/testing-and-quality-assurance-for-component-based-software-artech-house-computer-library.html Presenting the state-of-the-art in component-based software testing, this new, cutting-edge resource offers you an in-depth understanding of the current issues, challenges, needs, and solutions in this critical area. The book discusses the very latest advances in component-based testing and quality assurance in an accessible tutorial format, making the material easy to comprehend and benefit from no matter what your professional level. http://www.componentsworld.com/testing-and-quality-assurance-for-component-based-software-artech-house-computer-library.html Belkin Components - Network Connector RJ-45 (m) 100 Pack http://www.componentsworld.com/belkin-components-network-connector-rj-45-m-100-pack.html Belkin RJ45 Plug R6G088-100 Cable Adapters http://www.componentsworld.com/belkin-components-network-connector-rj-45-m-100-pack.html Nyrius HD Ready Component Video Source Selector Switch (SW201) with Bonus 4 Pack of 6 Foot Component Video Cables (RGBCAB6E) & Bonus 4 Pack of 6 Foot Toslink to Toslink Fiber Optic Digital Audio Cables (TOSCAB6E) http://www.componentsworld.com/nyrius-hd-ready-component-video-source-selector-switch-sw201-with-bonus-4-pack-of-6-foot-component-video-cables-rgbcab6e-bonus-4-pack-of-6-foot-toslink-to-toslink-fiber-optic-digital-audio-cables-toscab6e.html If you have more component video sources than your HDTV or EDTV can handle then this component audio/video selector is the perfect solution. Connect it to the A/V inputs of your television and connect up to 3 audio/video sources to this unit. Switch between them with the included remote control, and the green LED lights on the switcher will light up, indicating which source is active. This selector supports resolutions of 480i/p, 720p, and 1080i/p, allowing you to connect your HD satellite, HD movie player, and HD video game system all at once and view them with crystal clarity. The switcher supports component cables, RCA audio cables, and fiber optic audio cables. Works with the following audio/video components: High definition television (HD) or enhanced definition television (EDTV), high definition satellite/cable receiver, progressive scan DVD player, HD-DVD player, Blu-ray player, HD hybrid player, Playstation 3, X-BOX 360, Nintendo Wii, HD camcorder, CD player, stereo, MP3 player, and other audio/video sources that support component, RCA audio, or toslink optical connections. This bundle also includes a 4 pack of 6 foot component video cables and a 4 pack of 6 foot toslink to toslink fiber optic digital audio cables. http://www.componentsworld.com/nyrius-hd-ready-component-video-source-selector-switch-sw201-with-bonus-4-pack-of-6-foot-component-video-cables-rgbcab6e-bonus-4-pack-of-6-foot-toslink-to-toslink-fiber-optic-digital-audio-cables-toscab6e.html Nady NADY RMX-6 SIX CHANNELMICROPHONE/LINE MIXER MICROPHONE/LINE MIXER (Pro Sound & Entertainment / DJ Components) http://www.componentsworld.com/nady-nady-rmx-6-six-channelmicrophone-line-mixer-microphone-line-mixer-pro-sound-entertainment-dj-components.html NADY RMX-6 SIX CHANNELMICROPHONE/LINE MIXER MICROPHONE/LINE MIXER. <li>Ideal for small PA installations<li>Six balanced XLR and 1/4" TRS line inputs<li>Phantom 15V power on channels 4-6 microphone inputs<li>Dual XLR and 1/4" outputs<li>Master volume level control<li>Bass and treble controls<li>Single-space rackmountable<li>Internal shielded power supply<li>Dimensions: 19"W x 1 3/4"H x 8"D http://www.componentsworld.com/nady-nady-rmx-6-six-channelmicrophone-line-mixer-microphone-line-mixer-pro-sound-entertainment-dj-components.html Straitline Components Straitline Levers for Hope Moni Mini/M4/M6, Wht http://www.componentsworld.com/straitline-components-straitline-levers-for-hope-moni-mini-m4-m6-wht.html Straitline Shimano blades fit many models of pre-2008 and current city hydraulic master cylinders Fits Shimano M556/585/756/755/765/800 hydraulic levers Not compatible with http://www.componentsworld.com/straitline-components-straitline-levers-for-hope-moni-mini-m4-m6-wht.html Monster ULT V800 CV-4 Ultra 800 Component Video Cables (4 feet) http://www.componentsworld.com/monster-ult-v800-cv-4-ultra-800-component-video-cables-4-feet.html Use this cable to transfer high definition video from your DVD, HDDVD, Blu-ray, DVR, Satellite/Cable Box, etc. to your TV. The Monster THX Ultra 800 includes many of Monster Cable's patented technical innovations for significant performance improvements over lesser brands. <ul> <Li>High-purity copper conductor for high-frequency response and low attenuation</li> <li>Color coding for easy installation</li> <li>Patented Nitrogen-injected dielectric for optimum signal strength</li> <li>Full-coverage double shielding with 100% foil and 95% copper braiding for maximum rejection of interference</li> <Li>8-Cut 24k Gold contact Turbine' connectors with Heavy Duty Strain Relief and Monster Design' Split-Tip center pins for optimal contact pressure and surface area</li> <li>Silver content solder connections for exact transfer of delicate signals</li> <li>Precision 75-Ohm Impedance Design for ultra low-loss high performance video and THX Certification</li> </ul> http://www.componentsworld.com/monster-ult-v800-cv-4-ultra-800-component-video-cables-4-feet.html Pair of Brand New Boston Acoustics Pro60 Se Professional Special Edition 6.5" Component Speakers with Special Crossovers for Extreme Sound Quality, and Ability to Handle a Ton of Power! http://www.componentsworld.com/pair-of-brand-new-boston-acoustics-pro60-se-professional-special-edition-6.html Pair of brand new Boston Acoustics Pro60 SE professional special edition 6.5" component speakers with special crossovers for extreme sound quality, and ability to handle a ton of power!Features:6-1/2" Boston Acoustics Competition Grade 2-Way Component System Also fits 6 3/4" sand 5x7" speaker sizes (brackets included)Pro series offers extreme power handling and incredibly clean soundPeak Power : 500 watts per pair / 250 watts each RMS Power : 250 watts per pair / 125 watts each Copolymer cone woofer Butyl surround type 1" Anodized alloy dome tweeters Axis-, flush-, and surface-mount optionsDockable crossover with bi-wire and bi-amp optionsCast Aluminum Woofer Basket Twin Stage And Radial Vent VariMount Adapter Rings 3 ohms impedance will give you 50 % more power from almost any 4 channel car amp1-1/2" High performance voice coil Neodymium magnet Grills includedSensitivity: 90 dBFrequency response: 50-22,000 HzTop-mount depth: 2-3/8" http://www.componentsworld.com/pair-of-brand-new-boston-acoustics-pro60-se-professional-special-edition-6.html Behringer CX3400 Component Rack http://www.componentsworld.com/behringer-cx3400-component-rack.html High-Precision Stereo 2-Way/3-Way/Mono 4-Way Crossover with Limiters http://www.componentsworld.com/behringer-cx3400-component-rack.html SANUS SYSTEMS CASH1-B1 Component Foundations Utility Shelf (1U) http://www.componentsworld.com/sanus-systems-cash1-b1-component-foundations-utility-shelf-1u.html SANUS SYSTEMS CASH1-B1 Component Foundations Utility Shelf (1U) http://www.componentsworld.com/sanus-systems-cash1-b1-component-foundations-utility-shelf-1u.html Slendertone Body Toning System - Hand Controller - Required to operate all system components http://www.componentsworld.com/slendertone-body-toning-system-hand-controller-required-to-operate-all-system-components.html Product DescriptionWith the Slendertone Body Toning System from ActiveForever you can effectively tone and shape multiple areas of your upper and lower body including your abdominal muscles. Tone both arms at the same time, tone your abs, tone your buttocks, or tone all three areas! It's your choice. Purchase the Arms, Abs, Bottom (Slendertone Mini) or all three toning devices to begin your way to a perfect, firmer physique. Slendertone products from Activeforever use EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) to stimulate your muscles for optimal results. EMS utilizes electrical current to flow to the nerve endings located around core muscle groups. Purchase your Slendertone Body Toning System from SVMPRODUCTS today! This is the Hand Held Controller for the Slendertone System Only.It Includes: Handheld Controller for Slendertone System http://www.componentsworld.com/slendertone-body-toning-system-hand-controller-required-to-operate-all-system-components.html Neotech Saxpac component Protective Wrap, Steel http://www.componentsworld.com/neotech-saxpac-component-protective-wrap-steel.html Neotech Saxpac Steel Sax Components Organizer & Protector - Neotech 2411002. http://www.componentsworld.com/neotech-saxpac-component-protective-wrap-steel.html 3-RCA RGB Coupler for Component Video Cable Extension http://www.componentsworld.com/3-rca-rgb-coupler-for-component-video-cable-extension.html 3-RCA RGB Coupler for Component Video Cable ExtensionGold RCA coupler. RGB style. Triple RCA (female) to triple RCA (female)Mainly used for gender changes of the cable. For example, you have a male to male cable. This coupler will adapt to make your cable a male to female. A general reason for this kind of conversion is to make a one long cable out of two short or some equipment has a male connection in the back instead of female, and so on. http://www.componentsworld.com/3-rca-rgb-coupler-for-component-video-cable-extension.html Component (DJ Warp Remix) http://www.componentsworld.com/component-dj-warp-remix.html Component (DJ Warp Remix) http://www.componentsworld.com/component-dj-warp-remix.html Value Pack - 2 6 Hour High Quality Video Tapes & 4 Component Universal Remote http://www.componentsworld.com/value-pack-2-6-hour-high-quality-video-tapes-4-component-universal-remote.html Suggested Retail Value: $19.95 http://www.componentsworld.com/value-pack-2-6-hour-high-quality-video-tapes-4-component-universal-remote.html Kanto KMSU2B Audio & Video Component Wall Shelves http://www.componentsworld.com/kanto-kmsu2b-audio-video-component-wall-shelves.html Kanto audio & video component wall shelves are designed to maximize space and minimize mess. Tempered glass shelves hold your DVD, satellite or cable box while the black anodized aluminum frame contains a built-in wire management system to protect and conceal cables. The shelves are easy wall mount and provide a sleek alternative to a traditional TV stand, especially when mounted below your HDTV. http://www.componentsworld.com/kanto-kmsu2b-audio-video-component-wall-shelves.html Behringer FX2000 Component Rack http://www.componentsworld.com/behringer-fx2000-component-rack.html Get even more mind-expanding power for your keyboard, bass, guitar or vocals with the virtualizer pro 3d fx2000 effects processor. this amazing rack unit has 71 incredible new algorithms, including true studio-grade stereo and 3d effects that will add a head-spinning new dimension to your sound, both live and in the studio. the fx2000 employs behringer rsm (real sound modeling) technology to simulate acoustic environments with stunning accuracy. effects options include powerful modulation, amp simulation, distortion and special effects, as well as effective dynamic and psychoacoustics processing. performance is further enhanced through user-addressable high and low eq and wave-adaptive virtual room reverb algorithms. logical grouping of parameters, along with the combination of encoders, buttons, leds and an easily readable led display, make operating the fx2000 a breeze. you are free to edit up to seven parameters per preset, and then save them for future use in the 100 provided memory locations. with its extremely powerful processing capability and versatile array of features, the fx2000 will become the busiest tool in your audio arsenal. stop by your behringer dealer today and find out why more professional sound engineers are turning to the fx2000 as their primary fx processor both in the studio and on the road. http://www.componentsworld.com/behringer-fx2000-component-rack.html PSP Component AV Cable http://www.componentsworld.com/psp-component-av-cable.html Your PSP 2000 is more than just a gaming machine, it's a complete handheld entertainment center. Now you can connect your PSP 2000 to your TV and enjoy movies and games on a larger screen, with the best picture quality available. Simply connect the 12 foot long cable to your PSP 2000 component outputs, connect to your TV's input and you're all set for gaming, movies or pictures. http://www.componentsworld.com/psp-component-av-cable.html 6.5" 2-Way Component Speaker System w/Magnet Concealed http://www.componentsworld.com/6.html The Pyle Chopper series has been specially designed from the bottom up to provide quality sound in a sturdy form factor. Youll be blasting your tunes and rocking the block with this component speaker kit. It includes one pair of 6.5 mid-bass speakers, one pair of DCT tweeters, one pair of passive crossover devices, a wiring kit, grills, and installation hardware its a perfect way to upgrade and expand the range of your factory system. The mid-bass speakers pump with 300 watts of power and fit in most OEM locations. The 150-watt, 1 silk dome tweeters have three mounting options and a frequency response from 1.3 to 24 kHz. Use the passive crossover networks to separate the signal from your headunit between the mid-bass and tweeter speakers for a fuller, richer sound. Your music will sound clearer, crisper, and louder with this Pyle kit. http://www.componentsworld.com/6.html 10k Two-Tone Gold Diamond Chain w/ Yellow Component Necklace (1/6 cttw, I-J Color, I3 Clarity), 48" http://www.componentsworld.com/10k-two-tone-gold-diamond-chain-w-yellow-component-necklace-1-6-cttw-i-j-color-i3-clarity-48.html 10k Two-Tone Gold Diamond Chain w/ Yellow Component Necklace (1/6 cttw, I-J Color, I3 Clarity), 48" http://www.componentsworld.com/10k-two-tone-gold-diamond-chain-w-yellow-component-necklace-1-6-cttw-i-j-color-i3-clarity-48.html Quantum Bio-Physics & Components of the Aura. http://www.componentsworld.com/quantum-bio-physics-components-of-the-aura.html Quantum Bio-Physics & Components of the Aura. http://www.componentsworld.com/quantum-bio-physics-components-of-the-aura.html Machine Component http://www.componentsworld.com/machine-component.html Machine Component http://www.componentsworld.com/machine-component.html Cmple - RCA Wall Plate - Component Video 3-RCA Gold Plated Connector http://www.componentsworld.com/cmple-rca-wall-plate-component-video-3-rca-gold-plated-connector.html <br><b>3 RCA Component Video Wall Plate - Gold - Custom Home Theater Decora Style</b><p> Decorative RCA type wall plates from Cmple.com. Run your Home Theater through the walls without the mess! Mount in standard electrical boxes or mud rings and finish off with a standard decorative wallplate. With RCA type jacks on the front and a RCA type jacks on the back, these wallplates are simple to install and use. These wallplates are ideal for any Video applications.<p> <br>1 Component Video Input <br>Fits standard electrical boxes and is compatible with Leviton Decora Brand wallplates <br>Use for office, home theater <br>Includes mounting hardware <br>Gold plated <br>Brand New http://www.componentsworld.com/cmple-rca-wall-plate-component-video-3-rca-gold-plated-connector.html Cables To Go 42081 RapidRun Component Video + Digital Audio Flying Lead (6 Feet, Black) http://www.componentsworld.com/cables-to-go-42081-rapidrun-component-video-digital-audio-flying-lead-6-feet-black.html Use with receivers, projectors, HDTVs, DVD players or applications requiring a component video plus digital audio connection; 1080p resolution! http://www.componentsworld.com/cables-to-go-42081-rapidrun-component-video-digital-audio-flying-lead-6-feet-black.html Products, Inc. 26.4 Pound 2 Canister Handi-Foam 2 Component 1.75 Density Foam Sealant Kit http://www.componentsworld.com/products-inc-26-4-pound-2-canister-handi-foam-2-component-1.html F29P10700 Features: -Price Is For One Case -Minimum Order Of 1. -Handi-Foam Two-Component Foam is a chemically cured foam system. Two-component foam systems consist of an ''A'' component and a ''B'' component. These two components mix in the nozzle of the dispensing unit, and the resulting foam cures much more quickly than one-component foams. Handi-Foam Two-component Foams are available in a variety of densities. Two-component foam systems will expand immediately upon chemical reaction of A-component and B-component to a final volume that is 3 to 5 times the dispensed volume, in typical applications, and may be as much as 8 times the dispensed volume in specific applications, depending on various factors such as cavity size, ambient conditions, etc. The foam will cure to a semi-rigid closed cell foam upon the chemical reaction of component A (polymeric isocyanate) with component B (a polyol blend containing certain additives) and carries an R-Value of 6 to 7 per inch (.02w/m.k). Handi-Foam Two-Component Foam is tack free in less than 60 seconds and cures completely in 2-5 minutes. Cured foam can be trimmed, sanded and/or painted..-NOZZLE MSDS #173 EXP HAZARDOUS. -UNSPC CODE: 46182400. -Abatement Chemicals Abatement.-FOAM 2 PART 105BD.FT YIELD 12. http://www.componentsworld.com/products-inc-26-4-pound-2-canister-handi-foam-2-component-1.html Atami B'Cuzz Hydro Component A - 1 Liter http://www.componentsworld.com/atami-b-cuzz-hydro-component-a-1-liter.html B'Cuzz Hydro nutrients are designed to work specifically in hydroponic applications or for those looking for an aggressive feeding program. Growers will experience best results with B'Cuzz Hydro Nutrients when growing in stonewool cubes or slabs, clay pellets, and any other circulating systems. Many growers experience great results with B'Cuzz Hydro Nutrients in conjunction with B'Cuzz 50L loose fill coco. To ensure best results use B'Cuzz bio-stimulants in conjunction with B'Cuzz Hydro Nutrients. http://www.componentsworld.com/atami-b-cuzz-hydro-component-a-1-liter.html I Have a Dream Classroom Kit (incl. all components) http://www.componentsworld.com/i-have-a-dream-classroom-kit-incl.html We come from many different lands, and no two journeys have been the same. Yet, we are all the followers of dreams. We are all followers of dreamers. Can you hear the heartbeat of the freedom marchers ... Harriet Tubman, Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks, Marti <br /><br />Songs: The Rhythm Of My Soul : I Have A Dream : Hallelujah, Get On Board : Like A Mighty Stream : We Live The Dream : Down By The Riverside http://www.componentsworld.com/i-have-a-dream-classroom-kit-incl.html New 6Ft 3 RCA Component Video Cable FOR HDTV DVD VCR http://www.componentsworld.com/new-6ft-3-rca-component-video-cable-for-hdtv-dvd-vcr.html Product Description: Component Video Cable Gold Plated * Product Condition: New * Connectors: Three RCA Coaxial(Blue, Green, Red) Video Cable * Applications: For Hi-Fi Video, DVD - This cable is used to connect the component video output jacks of your DVD player to your TV or any other device that uses component video. * Triple Heavy-Duty Fully Shielded RG-59/U * 75 Ohm Coaxial Cables to Maximum Signal Transfer and Minimize Interference. * Gold plated RCA plugs to improve conductivity. * Stranded center conductor: 22 AWG (17/0.16) Eliminate the spaghetti behind your entertainment center! With this 3 RCA high graded professional cables will give you the best conductivity signal and quality. You will extract the most from your equipment and eliminate the unsightly mess of wires. For use with video cameras, DVD, VCRs, DSS, High Definition digital TV (HDTV), VCR, DSS, DVD, TV and so on. http://www.componentsworld.com/new-6ft-3-rca-component-video-cable-for-hdtv-dvd-vcr.html The Slow Component of VO2 Kinetics: Mechanistic Bases and Practical Applications http://www.componentsworld.com/the-slow-component-of-vo2-kinetics-mechanistic-bases-and-practical-applications.html The (5) presentations from the Select Symposium at the 2010 ACSM annual meeting on the slow component of the oxygen pathway during exercise and why understanding this component is important when looking at exercise tolerance and prescribing exercise intensity are included on a single DVD. Over two hours of authoritative information and insights, featuring: Introduction (Andrew M. Jones) VO2 Slow Component: History and Significance (David C. Poole) Lessons From Animal Models (Bruno Grassi) Addressing the Mechanistic Bases in Human Muscle (Peter M. Christensen) Practical Significance and Applications (Andrew M. Jones) http://www.componentsworld.com/the-slow-component-of-vo2-kinetics-mechanistic-bases-and-practical-applications.html Psyclone Component Video Source Selector http://www.componentsworld.com/psyclone-component-video-source-selector.html Marketing description is not available. http://www.componentsworld.com/psyclone-component-video-source-selector.html American Standard 4266.014.020 Champion-4 Toilet Tank with Coupling Components and Trim, White (Tank Only) http://www.componentsworld.com/american-standard-4266-014.html American Standard 4266.014.020 Champion4 Tank, WhiteAmerican Standard 4266.014.020 Champion4 Tank, White Features:; Vitreous china; 100% factory flush tested; Tank Only http://www.componentsworld.com/american-standard-4266-014.html Windshield Wiper Components Wiper Blade 11" New Style http://www.componentsworld.com/windshield-wiper-components-wiper-blade-11-new-style.html All hook style wiper blades and arms are replacements for Sea-Dog wipers sold prior to 1993. In addition, the hook style wiper blades and arms will fit most older wipers sold by AFI, Wilcox, NA Taylor, GEM, L.S. Brown and others. All current Sea-Dog wipers now come equipped with the new slip-on hinge style wiper blades and arms. Verify style prior to ordering. http://www.componentsworld.com/windshield-wiper-components-wiper-blade-11-new-style.html Slendertone Body Toning System - Hand Controller - Required to operate all system components - A16209 01 http://www.componentsworld.com/slendertone-body-toning-system-hand-controller-required-to-operate-all-system-components-a16209-01.html With the Slendertone Body Toning System from ActiveForever you can effectively tone and shape multiple areas of your upper and lower body including your abdominal muscles. Tone both arms at the same time, tone your abs, tone your buttocks, or tone all three areas! It's your choice. Purchase the Arms, Abs, Bottom (Slendertone Mini) or all three toning devices to begin your way to a perfect, firmer physique. Slendertone products from Activeforever use EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) to stimulate your muscles for optimal results. EMS utilizes electrical current to flow to the nerve endings located around core muscle groups. Purchase your Slendertone Body Toning System from ActiveForever today! This is the Hand Controller for the Slendertone System. http://www.componentsworld.com/slendertone-body-toning-system-hand-controller-required-to-operate-all-system-components-a16209-01.html Cmple - RGB RCA Coupler Video Audio 1-RCA Component http://www.componentsworld.com/cmple-rgb-rca-coupler-video-audio-1-rca-component.html <br>1 RCA Female to 1 RCA Female </br><p> Make the right connection with our adapters. Adapts any RCA jacks to any RCA jacks. Ideal when you need to connect two Component patch cables together to extend lengths. Color coded for cable identification.<p> <br>Nickel Plated <br>Will Connect Two RGB Cables for Extended Length <br>Black Molded Plastic Construction <br>RGB RCA Coupler 1 female Jack to 1 female Jack http://www.componentsworld.com/cmple-rgb-rca-coupler-video-audio-1-rca-component.html Straitline Components Straitline Levers for Avid Code, Orange http://www.componentsworld.com/straitline-components-straitline-levers-for-avid-code-orange.html Straitline Shimano blades fit many models of pre-2008 and current city hydraulic master cylinders Fits Shimano M556/585/756/755/765/800 hydraulic levers Not compatible with http://www.componentsworld.com/straitline-components-straitline-levers-for-avid-code-orange.html TimeBiller Today Component http://www.componentsworld.com/timebiller-today-component.html Today add-in for TimeBiller 2 http://www.componentsworld.com/timebiller-today-component.html Beadalon Books-Wire Wrapping Component and Stone Setting http://www.componentsworld.com/beadalon-books-wire-wrapping-component-and-stone-setting.html Wire Wrapping Component and Stone Setting. Learn the essentials of Square and Half Round Wire Wrapping! Backed by more than twenty-five years of jewelry industry expertise, author Wyatt White demonstrates the essentials of wire wrapping with step-by-step picture instructions. The lessons in this booklet will help you develop the vital skills needed to wire-wrap practically any object or stone. Both stone setting and component setting are thoroughly explained. Wire is a very forgiving material and can be manipulated many ways, so relax, make a few mistakes and have fun with Wire Wrapping! Author: Wyatt White. Softcover Booklet with Hangtab: 27 pages. http://www.componentsworld.com/beadalon-books-wire-wrapping-component-and-stone-setting.html Edius Nx Pcie+hd Component Out http://www.componentsworld.com/edius-nx-pcie-hd-component-out.html EDIUS NX PCIE+HD Component output+NX Bay+EDIUS 5 Sofware http://www.componentsworld.com/edius-nx-pcie-hd-component-out.html BRAND-NEW BELKIN COMPONENTS. BELKIN 10FT VGA MONITOR CABLE3.5MM AUDIO. HIGH-QUALITY http://www.componentsworld.com/brand-new-belkin-components-belkin-10ft-vga-monitor-cable3-5mm-audio.html Notice: $50 charge per refused shipment unless the refusal is based on our error. Customers should thoroughly inspect all cartons for damage before signing for the shipment. Damage: Must be reported within 15 days from delivery date. Shortage/Fallout: Must be reported within 15 days from delivery date. Loss: Must be reported within 30 days from ship-date. If you have any other questions about the product, please contact us any time. http://www.componentsworld.com/brand-new-belkin-components-belkin-10ft-vga-monitor-cable3-5mm-audio.html Ergotron Slatwall - Mounting Component ( Pole Clamp ) - Black http://www.componentsworld.com/ergotron-slatwall-mounting-component-pole-clamp-black.html Ergotron Slatwall Pole Clamp 60-413-200 696 http://www.componentsworld.com/ergotron-slatwall-mounting-component-pole-clamp-black.html Straitline Components Straitline Silent Guide 32-36t ISCG, Blk w/Grn http://www.componentsworld.com/straitline-components-straitline-silent-guide-32-36t-iscg-blk-w-grn.html Straitline's Silent Guide offers easy installation, adjustment and quiet chain retention. CNC-machined, anodized and laser etched in British Columbia, Canada http://www.componentsworld.com/straitline-components-straitline-silent-guide-32-36t-iscg-blk-w-grn.html 100 Years of Bicycle Component and Accessory Design: Authentic Reprint Edition of The Data Book http://www.componentsworld.com/100-years-of-bicycle-component-and-accessory-design-authentic-reprint-edition-of-the-data-book.html This authentic reprint edition of a book first published in Japan in 1983 is essentially a collection of illustrations from the first 100 years of bicycle history. With over 1,200 drawings, this book has been an inspiration for the design of new components and accessories as much as it is of interest to any keen cyclist. http://www.componentsworld.com/100-years-of-bicycle-component-and-accessory-design-authentic-reprint-edition-of-the-data-book.html Visual Factory Management & Control (VFM) Technology Case: An Introduction and Overview of Factory Automation Components & Systems http://www.componentsworld.com/visual-factory-management-control-vfm-technology-case-an-introduction-and-overview-of-factory-automation-components-systems.html This publication is a professional quality DVD video covering Festo factory automation components and systems in a Visual Factory Management & Control (VFM) framework. VFM is an integrated set of methods and technologies for the purpose of reducing waste at all levels, improving profitability, increasing lean production control, product & process quality, productivity, safety, on-demand / just-in-time (JIT) production / delivery, and employee morale in a factory, or virtually in any business. In this DVD video we focus on factory automation components & systems, including ISO & NFPA standard cylinders, guide & slide units, rotary actuators, rodless linear actuators & displacement encoders, pneumatic grippers, precision parallel grippers, grippers for harsh environments, swivel grippers, and others, air filtering, air diagnostics, Rockwell Automation integration solutions with Fieldbus, Ethernet / IP and other technologies, plug-and-play valve manifold I/O for Ethernet / IP enabled controllers, remote device / system monitoring & troubleshooting over the web, Festo CPV valve terminals for DeviceNet, fast switching valves, fluid muscle cylinders, servo valves to control the hard stop, various integrated systems, and other factory automation & control solutions. VFM and factory automation typically begins by following an integrated process, requirements, and risk analysis method, embedded into a statistical analysis and multimedia framework. As a result, the team will have a clear picture about what needs to be done, when, and how. The next step is typically the implementation of a 'Five S', a 'Lean Six-Sigma', and a 'Monozukuri' program. (See more about these methods and technologies in Professor Ranky's Library.) System Requirements: DVD-ROM: NTSC standard definition (SD) DVD video player for TV, or computer. Approximate length 33 minutes, in 16:9 widescreen format, also playable on a 4:3 regular screen, or any good computer screen (800 x 600 resolution, or better) http://www.componentsworld.com/visual-factory-management-control-vfm-technology-case-an-introduction-and-overview-of-factory-automation-components-systems.html Vital Components [Explicit] http://www.componentsworld.com/vital-components-explicit.html Vital Components [Explicit] http://www.componentsworld.com/vital-components-explicit.html o Belkin Components o - Surge Protector, 12 Outlets, 10' Cord, 3996 Joules, Gray http://www.componentsworld.com/o-belkin-components-o-surge-protector-12-outlets-10-cord-3996-joules-gray.html o Belkin Components o - Surge Protector, 12 Outlets, 10' Cord, 3996 Joules, Gray http://www.componentsworld.com/o-belkin-components-o-surge-protector-12-outlets-10-cord-3996-joules-gray.html Cables To Go 42089 RapidRun Component Video Flying Lead (6 Feet, Black) http://www.componentsworld.com/cables-to-go-42089-rapidrun-component-video-flying-lead-6-feet-black.html Use with receivers, projectors, DVD players, HDTVs or applications requiring a component video connection; 1080p resolution! http://www.componentsworld.com/cables-to-go-42089-rapidrun-component-video-flying-lead-6-feet-black.html Black Satin Cord Necklace - finished with Sterling Components http://www.componentsworld.com/black-satin-cord-necklace-finished-with-sterling-components.html <BR>Perfect black satin cord necklace for you to add your favorite pendant to - 16 inch red satin cord finished with quality sterling silver components.<BR> http://www.componentsworld.com/black-satin-cord-necklace-finished-with-sterling-components.html Polk Audio DB5251 5.25-Inch 2-Way Component System (Single, Silver) http://www.componentsworld.com/polk-audio-db5251-5.html db5251 5.25 Inch 2-way Component System with External Crossover http://www.componentsworld.com/polk-audio-db5251-5.html BRAND-NEW BELKIN COMPONENTS. SVGA MONITOR CABLE HD15M/HD15M 10 FT. HIGH-QUALITY http://www.componentsworld.com/hd15m-10-ft.html Notice: $50 charge per refused shipment unless the refusal is based on our error. ? Customers should thoroughly inspect all cartons for damage before signing for the shipment.Damage: Must be reported within 15 days from delivery date. Shortage/Fallout: Must be reported within 15 days from delivery date. Loss: Must be reported within 30 days from ship-date. If you have any other questions about the product, please contact us any time. http://www.componentsworld.com/hd15m-10-ft.html Think Tank Belly Dancer, Shoulder & Waist Belt Harness for Attaching Modulus and Skin Components. http://www.componentsworld.com/think-tank-belly-dancer-shoulder-waist-belt-harness-for-attaching-modulus-and-skin-components.html The Think Tank Belly Dancer Harness is a comfortable and convenient solution for supporting your Modular and Skin components. The weight is distributed between shoulders and waist. http://www.componentsworld.com/think-tank-belly-dancer-shoulder-waist-belt-harness-for-attaching-modulus-and-skin-components.html Components For The Journey E.P http://www.componentsworld.com/components-for-the-journey-e.html Components For The Journey E.P http://www.componentsworld.com/components-for-the-journey-e.html New BELKIN COMPONENTS Serial Direct Cable 9 Pin D-Sub DB-9 Female 9 Pin D-Sub DB-9 Female 10 Feet http://www.componentsworld.com/new-belkin-components-serial-direct-cable-9-pin-d-sub-db-9-female-9-pin-d-sub-db-9-female-10-feet.html Notice: $50 charge per refused shipment unless the refusal is based on our error. Customers should thoroughly inspect all cartons for damage before signing for the shipment.Damage: Must be reported within 15 days from delivery date. Shortage/Fallout: Must be reported within 15 days from delivery date. Loss: Must be reported within 30 days from ship-date. If you have any other questions about the product, please contact us any time. http://www.componentsworld.com/new-belkin-components-serial-direct-cable-9-pin-d-sub-db-9-female-9-pin-d-sub-db-9-female-10-feet.html 10k Two-Tone Gold Diamond Chain w/ White Component Necklace (1/10 cttw, I-J Color, I3 Clarity), 18" http://www.componentsworld.com/10k-two-tone-gold-diamond-chain-w-white-component-necklace-1-10-cttw-i-j-color-i3-clarity-18.html Layer on an elegant look with this vintage-inspired two-tone station necklace made from 10 karat white and yellow gold. Diamond-shaped stations are framed by rope-textured circle links and shimmer with tiny diamond accents. The total diamond weight is approximately 1/10 carat. The 18-inch necklace is finished with a spring-ring clasp. http://www.componentsworld.com/10k-two-tone-gold-diamond-chain-w-white-component-necklace-1-10-cttw-i-j-color-i3-clarity-18.html UNIVERSAL COMPONENT VIDEO CABLE FOR Wii, PS2, PS3, & XBOX 360 http://www.componentsworld.com/universal-component-video-cable-for-wii-ps2-ps3-xbox-360.html UNIVERSAL-WORKS WITH PS2, PS3, Wii, & XBOX 360. ENGINEERED FOR THE MOST ACCURATE AUDIO AND VIDEO SIGNAL DELIVERY GIVING YOU THE TRUEST REAL-TIME REPRESENTATION OF WHAT'S HAPPENING IN YOUR VIRTUAL SURROUNDINGS. NOT DESIGNED FOR SIMULTANEOUS USE. http://www.componentsworld.com/universal-component-video-cable-for-wii-ps2-ps3-xbox-360.html Triple Component Mesh Hamper http://www.componentsworld.com/triple-component-mesh-hamper.html Hate separating your dirty clothes after your hamper is filled? We do too, and that's where our Triple Component Mesh Hamper saves the day. Featuring three separate compartments, you can easily stash your unclean delicates, lights, and darks independently in one handy hamper. By separating your your clothing initially, you can prevent little accidents like mixing that red shirt with all of your white undies! http://www.componentsworld.com/triple-component-mesh-hamper.html Official Wii Component Video Cable http://www.componentsworld.com/official-wii-component-video-cable.html Nintendo Component Video Cable RVLAKC1 A/V Device Cables http://www.componentsworld.com/official-wii-component-video-cable.html Universal Hip Orthosis, Universal Pelvic Component, Size: L; Thigh Proximal Circumference : 23-27&# http://www.componentsworld.com/universal-hip-orthosis-universal-pelvic-component-size-l-thigh-proximal-circumference-23-27.html Universal Hip Orthosis, Universal Pelvic Component, Size: L; Thigh Proximal Circumference : 23-27'' / 58-69cm; Thigh Distal Circumference : 17-20'' / 43-51cm.Universal low profile hip orthosis accommodates female/male anatomy; Flexible low density polyethylene pelvic and thigh components offers strength without bulk; Unique posterior tongue is slotted to adjust for female/male hip development; Rigid polypropylene posterior tongue minimizes rotation and migration; Pelvic section is universal and low profile with only one build-up for joint; Metal is formed into plastic ensuring screws will not back-out; Soft foam terrycloth lined pads offer increased comfort and hygiene.This is a prescription product and we are only permitted to ship it to the office of a licensed medical practioner or a health care facility authorized to dispense and fit the products. We regret that the product can NOT be directly shipped to patients. Product photo may not exactly match the product offered for sale. Please refer to the product description. http://www.componentsworld.com/universal-hip-orthosis-universal-pelvic-component-size-l-thigh-proximal-circumference-23-27.html Extech 380193 Passive Component LCR Meter http://www.componentsworld.com/extech-380193-passive-component-lcr-meter.html Simultaneous 20,000/10,000 count display of the primary parameter (L, C or R) with the secondary parameter of Q (quality), D (dissipation) or R (resistance) Max/Min/Avg recording Builtin test fixture or use external test leads Open and Short Zero removes unwanted stray impedances from the measurement Relative mode with zero reference or user supplied reference Auto power off Automatic blown fuse indication Powered by 9V battery or optional AC adaptor http://www.componentsworld.com/extech-380193-passive-component-lcr-meter.html Belkin Components Products - Surge Protect., w/Coaxial, 8 Outlets, 6'Cable, 3550 Joules, Gray - Sold as 1 EA - The 8-outlet SurgeMaster Surge Protector offers three-line AC surge protection for your high-end computers, peripherals, phone/fax, DSL/cable mo http://www.componentsworld.com/fax-3390-joule-energy-rating-provides-maximum-protection-of-all-your-sensitive-electronic-devices.html <B>Belkin Components Products - Surge Protect., w/Coaxial, 8 Outlets, 6'Cable, 3550 Joules, Gray - Sold as 1 EA</B><BR><BR>The 8-outlet SurgeMaster Surge Protector offers three-line AC surge protection for your high-end computers, peripherals, phone/fax, DSL/cable modems and more with telephone line (RJ11) and coaxial protection. Surge protection includes 1-in, 2-out RJ11 telephone/fax. 3390 Joule energy rating provides maximum protection of all your sensitive electronic devices. Surge protector filters EMI/RFI noise up to 58 dB reduction. 6' power cord delivers optimal, safe AC power through a 14-gauge heavy-duty cord. Design includes coaxial protection, four AC block space outlets, right-angle plug, detachable cable management and sliding safety covers.<BR><LI>Sold as 1 EA<LI>Manufacturer: Belkin Components<LI>Total percentage of recycled content: 0<LI>Post Consumer Waste: 0<LI>Country of origin: CN<LI> http://www.componentsworld.com/fax-3390-joule-energy-rating-provides-maximum-protection-of-all-your-sensitive-electronic-devices.html Sterling Silver Charm Component/Pendant with Black Cubic Zirconia http://www.componentsworld.com/sterling-silver-charm-component-pendant-with-black-cubic-zirconia.html Detailed sterling silver charm handcrafted in Bangkok, Thailand. Silver content is .925% http://www.componentsworld.com/sterling-silver-charm-component-pendant-with-black-cubic-zirconia.html MB Quart Premium PVI216 6.5" 2-Way Component/Convertible Coaxial Speakers http://www.componentsworld.com/mb-quart-premium-pvi216-6.html 6.5" 2-Way Component/Convertible Coaxial Speakers with 70-140 Watt Power Rating and 38Hz-32kHz Frequency. Founded in the early 60's in Obrigheim, Germany, MB Quart is known worldwide for designing and manufacturing innovative and technically advanced audio products. From car, marine and home loudspeakers, MB Quart products exemplify "German Engineering." The Premium line of speakers provides superior sound quality and the promise of above and beyond high-end performance. The unique convertible feature lets the removable tweeter to be used in both coax and component applications. MB Quart most recently revolutionized the mobile loudspeaker industry with WideSphere technology that emits extra-wide sound dispersion to listeners in order to enjoy the full range of music from almost any seating position in a vehicle. Audio and marine loudspeaker systems are put through stringent tests under the most extreme environmental conditions. Decades of refinement with meticulous attention to detail and tolerances in hand-built components have earned MB Quart a distinguished reputation for quality manufacturing, unmatched reliability and extraordinary performance. Praised by countless world-wide audio press awards and critical listeners around the world, MB Quart brings extraordinary engineering expertise, experience and design philosophy to a truly global Maxxsonics brand. Parent company, Maxxsonics USA, offers decades of combined experience and distinction with four brands MB QUART, Hifonics, Autotek and Crunch. We independently support and maintain these best-in-class brands to bring you some of the biggest, baddest and coolest products in the car, marine and home audio industry. Maxxsonics designers and engineers take great care and satisfaction in producing only the finest quality products to exceed your needs. Look for the stylized blue "M" on your product and packaging. It stands for quality, performance and power you can only get from Maxxsonics. http://www.componentsworld.com/mb-quart-premium-pvi216-6.html Adjustable Component Shelf for A/v Equipment http://www.componentsworld.com/adjustable-component-shelf-for-a-v-equipment.html PS200 A versatile solution that not only looks great, but let s you easily incorporate A/V components into virtually any environment. This flexible and space-saving shelf gets A/V components organized and out of the way. It offers a low-profile solution that mounts to two studs allowing you to center components under the screen, completing the picture-perfect installation. Features: -Accommodates even the largest receivers or multi-disk DVD players -Double-stud installation allows A/V equipment to be centered directly underneath flat panel TV -Compact design is ideal for smaller spaces or A/V closets -Decorative snap-on covers conceal all mounting hardware -Leveling feature ensures equipment is always level -Embossed arms with screw holes secure components to shelf -Comes in high gloss piano black Specifications -Weight capacity: 100 lbs -Adjustable width: up to 18 -Adjustable depth range: 15 to 23 -Overall dimensions: 4.25'' H x 20.24'' x 17.22'' - 25.36'' D PS-200 Installation Instructions PS-200 Technical Data http://www.componentsworld.com/adjustable-component-shelf-for-a-v-equipment.html Highlander Weather Station Plan and Components http://www.componentsworld.com/highlander-weather-station-plan-and-components.html This package contains the plans and hardware to build a Highlander weather station, which includes clock, barometer, hygrometer and Galileo thermometer tube. All you need is the wood and finish to complete this beautiful piece. The instrument bezels are 2-3/4" and require a 2-3/8" diameter hole. The clock movement requires an "N" battery, not included. http://www.componentsworld.com/highlander-weather-station-plan-and-components.html Hosa HOSA RT ANGLE 1/4IN PHNEPLUG PLUG (Pro Sound & Entertainment / DJ Components) http://www.componentsworld.com/hosa-hosa-rt-angle-1-4in-phneplug-plug-pro-sound-entertainment-dj-components.html HOSA RT ANGLE 1/4IN PHNEPLUG PLUG. <li>Nickel finish http://www.componentsworld.com/hosa-hosa-rt-angle-1-4in-phneplug-plug-pro-sound-entertainment-dj-components.html Magnasonic MAG-MDVHD360 Upconverting HD 1080p DVD Player with HDMI/Component Video, MP3/MPEG4/JPEG Playback & Karaoke Function http://www.componentsworld.com/magnasonic-mag-mdvhd360-upconverting-hd-1080p-dvd-player-with-hdmi-component-video-mp3-mpeg4-jpeg-playback-karaoke-function.html Experience HD quality when watching your DVD collection with the Upconverting 1080p DVD Player. This unit will display your DVDs in full 1080p resolution, allowing for superior picture quality when compared to regular DVD players.<p><b>Upconverting DVD Player with HDMI:</b> The DVD player in this system is capable of upconverting your DVDs to near-HD quality. 1080p DVD upscaling offers the highest possible resolution your HDTV is capable of displaying with an HDMI connection.</p><p><b>Plug and Play Installation with All the Connections You Need:</b> This unit is easy to set up with simple plug and play connections. Outputs include HDMI, composite video, component video, RCA audio left/right and digital coaxial audio.</p><p><b>Remote Control Included:</b> Fully control nearly all aspects of the DVD player with the included remote control.<p><b>Play Your CD and MP3 Collection:</b> In addition to DVDs, you can enjoy your entire CD collection on this system. It is also compatible with recordable media, allowing you to play mixed CDs. Compatible audio media includes: CD, CD+-R/RW, MP3 CD.</p><p><b>Display Your Digital Photos on your TV Screen:</b> This DVD player can read digital pictures from a compatible CD and display them on your TV. Compatible media includes: JPEG CD.</p><p><b>Karaoke Playback with Microphone Input:</b> Simply connect a microphone (not included) to the front input of the DVD player, and pop in a CD-G karaoke disc to sing along to all your favorite songs.</p><p><b>Dolby Digital Sound:</b> This DVD player can play Dolby Digital DVDs and CDs.</p><p><b>Multitude of DVD Playback Options/Settings:</b> The dynamic range volume option will reduce large variations in volume for night-time listening. Downmix mode will convert the audio to make it sound more like a movie theater setting (on supported discs). </p>List of Contents: DVD Player, remote control, 2 AAA batteries for remote, A/V cable, manual, 1 year manufacturer's direct warranty http://www.componentsworld.com/magnasonic-mag-mdvhd360-upconverting-hd-1080p-dvd-player-with-hdmi-component-video-mp3-mpeg4-jpeg-playback-karaoke-function.html Cool Components VS-HFS-BLK HiFlo Vent System Black Grills http://www.componentsworld.com/cool-components-vs-hfs-blk-hiflo-vent-system-black-grills.html The HiFlo vent system is perfect for circulating air in a room or closet. Often times, when components are installed in a closet, or even in the room where they are installed, the entire room or closet requires venting to circulate the warm air. This unit is perfect for room to room venting and can be easily retrofit by an AV installer. This system is easily installed and extremely effective. It is however critical that the installer uses proper judgment prior to installing the product to limit damage or complications that may occur (hitting studs, etc.). This Package Includes: *Vent System w/Dual Fans & Grills (White Grills) *1 Temperature Controller *1 Power Extension Cable *1 Universal Transformer (500mA). Available in 3 kits with either: 2 white grills, 2 black grills, or 1 white and 1 black grill. http://www.componentsworld.com/cool-components-vs-hfs-blk-hiflo-vent-system-black-grills.html Galco S1H Shoulder Holster Component - Right Hand - Tan 126 http://www.componentsworld.com/galco-s1h-shoulder-holster-component-right-hand-tan-126.html Galco S1H Shoulder Holster Component - Right Hand - Tan 126 http://www.componentsworld.com/galco-s1h-shoulder-holster-component-right-hand-tan-126.html Pro JSF and Ajax: Building Rich Internet Components http://www.componentsworld.com/pro-jsf-and-ajax-building-rich-internet-components.html Pro JSF and Ajax shows you how to leverage the full potential of JavaServer Faces (JSF) and Ajax. This is not an entry-level tutorial, but a book about building Ajax-enabled JSF components for sophisticated, enterprise-level Rich Internet Applications. Written by JSF experts and verified by established community figures--including Adam Winer (member of the JSF Expert Group, Java Champion), Kito D. Mann (JSFCentral.com and JSF in Action), and Matthias Weendorf (MyFaces)--this JSF 1.2-compatible book provides reliable and groundbreaking JSF components to help you exploit the power of JSF in your Java web applications. <P>This book provides a blueprint for building custom JSF UI components and shows how to leverage the best browser technologies, such as AJAX, Mozilla XUL and Microsoft HTC, to deliver Rich Internet Applications. <P>This book covers standard best practices for behavioral and renderer-specific component classes, renderers, events and event listeners, and JSP tag handlers for each. It also covers advanced techniques such as dynamic content type negotiation, JAR-based resource delivery, and dynamic render kit selection. <P>"Does the world really and truly need another JavaServer Faces book? <P>I was fairly well convinced the answer could only be a resounding "no"! After all, there's a good half dozen books out in stores today, by a whole host of web luminaries, and I've even personally helped as a technical reviewer on half of those. So what more could really be said on the subject? <P>But when I thought about this a bit more, it became clear that all of these books only go so far. They'll show you how to use what JSF gives you out of the box, throw you a bone for writing your own components and renderers, maybe even a bit more. But none that I've seen get to the heart of why JSF is really and truly cool and important technology; they make JSF look like YAMVCF (Yet Another Model-View-Controller Framework) for HTML - more powerful here and there, easier to use in many places, a bit harder to use in others, but really nothing major. And certainly nothing that takes us beyond the dull basics of building ordinary-looking web applications. <P>This book goes a lot further. It'll cover the basics, of course, and show you how to build components, but then it keeps going: on to AJAX, on to HTC, on to XUL - and how you can wrap this alphabet soup up underneath the heart of JSF, its component model, and how you can leverage it to finally develop web applications that don't need radical re-architecting every time the winds of client technologies blow in a different direction. Along the way, you'll learn a wide array of open source toolkits that make web magic practical even when you're not a Javascript guru. <P>So, heck, I'm convinced. The world does need another JSF book." <P>Adam Winer, Architect ADF Faces, JSF Expert Group Member, and Java Champion (From the Foreword) http://www.componentsworld.com/pro-jsf-and-ajax-building-rich-internet-components.html RCA Ultimate Performance Collection PD6DC - Video cable - component video - RCA (M) - RCA (M) - 6 ft - shielded http://www.componentsworld.com/rca-ultimate-performance-collection-pd6dc-video-cable-component-video-rca-m-rca-m-6-ft-shielded.html General Information: Product Type: Video Cable. . Technical Information: Conductor: Copper. http://www.componentsworld.com/rca-ultimate-performance-collection-pd6dc-video-cable-component-video-rca-m-rca-m-6-ft-shielded.html Belkin Components 6in USB Ab Device Daisy Chain for USB Hub http://www.componentsworld.com/belkin-components-6in-usb-ab-device-daisy-chain-for-usb-hub.html Belkin Pro Series USB 2.0 Device Cable F3U133-06INCH Cables http://www.componentsworld.com/belkin-components-6in-usb-ab-device-daisy-chain-for-usb-hub.html School Smart - Base Ten Components - Plastic Units 1 x 1 x 1 cm - Pack of 100 http://www.componentsworld.com/school-smart-base-ten-components-plastic-units-1-x-1-x-1-cm-pack-of-100.html Base Ten blocks help children learn counting, grouping, place value, numeration, equivalent value, rounding and other basic concepts. This set of 100 1-cm units can be used alone, or to replace pieces missing from your base ten sets. http://www.componentsworld.com/school-smart-base-ten-components-plastic-units-1-x-1-x-1-cm-pack-of-100.html Highest Resolution Component AV Cable For Nintendo Wii http://www.componentsworld.com/highest-resolution-component-av-cable-for-nintendo-wii.html This Component AV Cable will give you the highest resolution connection (480P) between the Nintendo Wii Console and your TV. This Component AV Cable splits the signal into three separate channels of video and two for left and right stereo audio. Cable length 6ft./ 1.8m This cable can only used with Wii console. It's brand new and in retail box. http://www.componentsworld.com/highest-resolution-component-av-cable-for-nintendo-wii.html CablesToBuyâ„¢ 6 Ft (1.8 m ) Premium Component to VGA Breakout Cable http://www.componentsworld.com/cablestobuy-6-ft-1.html The price is for 50 pieces.<BR>A breakout cable for use with TV's, HDTV's, Plasma screens, LCD displays, Projectors, Video processors and much more. This cable was designed to transmit the best picture possible in comparison to other cables. By utilizing a triple shield technology on each one of three signal carriers, Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) conductors - this cable will reject a maximum amount of interference and will keep connectors tight and in place. Because of OFC conductor, it also features low signal loss and degradation, low electric resistance and good signal transmission.<BR><BR>Applications: <BR>Connect TV's, Video Scalers, SAT and Cable Receivers and more. (Note: made to work for any application that uses RGB type connection, would not work with RGBHV, RGBS and RGsB.) <BR><BR>Specs: <BR>Triple RCA male to RGB male <BR>Oxygen Free Copper conductor <BR>High-density triple shielding for max rejection of EMI and RFI <BR>1.950mm insulation made of polymers of vinyl/chloride (PVC). <BR>8mm PVC jacket.<BR><BR>Premium Grade HD15 (SVGA) Male / RCA x 3 Male, Double-Shielded, (HD15 to Component Video), 6 ft -- Not For Computer Use.<BR><BR>CAUTION: This premium grade cable will allow you to connect component video devices to certain specific projectors that have VGA inputs. This cable will not display a picture if used to connect a computer to a TV or any device to a computer monitor. http://www.componentsworld.com/cablestobuy-6-ft-1.html Pimp Stixxx Component Cleaning and Detailing System for Motorcycles http://www.componentsworld.com/pimp-stixxx-component-cleaning-and-detailing-system-for-motorcycles.html Ever wrap a rag around a screwdriver to clean something? Pimp out your Ride with Pimp Stixxx Detailing Component System. Pimp Stixxx are a patent pending detailing technology, utilizing a series of various straight and angled component handles, 7 component cleaning heads, and a cloth, to help clean tight, hard-to-reach areas that cannot easily be reached using conventional tools or by hand. This kit is much more than a bunch of Q-tips! It is totally re-useable and should last for many seasons. The 4 head cleaner was designed to clean and polish between the cooling fins of the heads, but will bend 180 degrees to either side and snap back to retain it's original shape and is perfect for flexing around valve lifters, behind the oil filter and top of the oil tank, and around the starter, wires, and transmission. The cone/pick head is perfect for getting into and around bolts. Chisel and Block cleaning heads are great for cleaning and polishing the motor around the exhaust pipes and the top of the rocker boxes. It's time to make your busted knuckles and scratched chrome a thing of the past!!! Pimp Stixxx are safe to use on chrome, billet aluminum, powder coating, and painted surfaces provided they are used as directed. The component handles are made of tempered aluminum coated with chemical resistant vinyl, allowing for a sturdy working device, while providing the safety of a non-marking hand tool. The component heads are made from self-lubricating, non-marking, high-density plastic that is resistant to petroleum and chemicals to insure a quality product and a lasting integrity. Each kit includes: 4 Vinyl Coated Component handles, 7 Non-Marking Component heads, 2 Connectors, 2 But-end Caps, 1 Pimpin' Bag (tool pouch) and 1 Pimpin' Rag. Pimp Stixxx are made in the USA and come with a 30-day money back guarantee. http://www.componentsworld.com/pimp-stixxx-component-cleaning-and-detailing-system-for-motorcycles.html Component Hardware 4" Stainless Steel Adjustable Leg Leveler http://www.componentsworld.com/component-hardware-4-stainless-steel-adjustable-leg-leveler.html Component Hardware 4" Stainless Steel Adjustable Leg Leveler. All legs are furnished with a 3-1/2" (89mm) square removable mounting plate and a hex shaped adjustable foot http://www.componentsworld.com/component-hardware-4-stainless-steel-adjustable-leg-leveler.html SSL GS65C GS Series 6.5" Component Speaker System, 350W http://www.componentsworld.com/ssl-gs65c-gs-series-6.html Sound Storm Laboratories has developed a third line of speakers that will perform beautifully with both EVOLUTION and FORCE amplifiers. The GS series of speakers is a more aggressive and more comprehensive line with a size to fit almost any mobile audio application. The silver poly injection cones give the GS series the versatility to accurately reproduce sound while the butyl rubber surrounds allow them to stand up to a beating over and over. The GS series of speakers were also endowed with cool, protective mesh grilles. For technical questions about this product please visit our website, www.soundstormlab.com, or call a technician at 888.38.STORM. Let us prove to you that when it comes to building an impressive and affordable home-quality theater in your vehicle, Sound Storm is your mobile entertainment solutionand everything else is just noise. http://www.componentsworld.com/ssl-gs65c-gs-series-6.html 253506IV VGA to 3 Connector (RCA) Component Video DB HD15 to 3RCA http://www.componentsworld.com/253506iv-vga-to-3-connector-rca-component-video-db-hd15-to-3rca.html 6' VGA to RGB Componet Video Cable http://www.componentsworld.com/253506iv-vga-to-3-connector-rca-component-video-db-hd15-to-3rca.html 2 meter Sapphire Series Component Video Cable http://www.componentsworld.com/2-meter-sapphire-series-component-video-cable.html 2 meter Sapphire Series Component Video Cable http://www.componentsworld.com/2-meter-sapphire-series-component-video-cable.html DVI TO 3 COMPONENT HDTV ADAPTER http://www.componentsworld.com/dvi-to-3-component-hdtv-adapter.html DVI To 3 Component HDTV Adapter http://www.componentsworld.com/dvi-to-3-component-hdtv-adapter.html Universal Component Video Cable http://www.componentsworld.com/universal-component-video-cable.html Don't mess up your game by using cheap cables. A good component cable is all you need for a completely immersive gaming experience. This cable can be used with TV's, PC monitors and projectors equipped with component inputs, and features an 8-foot cable. http://www.componentsworld.com/universal-component-video-cable.html JL Audio C5-650 6-1/2" Evolution C5 Series 2-way Component System (Pair) http://www.componentsworld.com/jl-audio-c5-650-6-1-2-evolution-c5-series-2-way-component-system-pair.html * Two 6 1/2" diameter speakers * Two 0.75" dome tweeters (19mm) * Two Crossover Networks * Overall Frequency Response: 48Hz - 25kHz * Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohms * Power Handling (continuous): 75W * Power Handling (peak music): 225W * Recommended power range (per channel): 25W - 150W * Efficiency: 89.5 dB * Driver Mount Diameter: 5.56" * Driver Mount Depth: 2.59" http://www.componentsworld.com/jl-audio-c5-650-6-1-2-evolution-c5-series-2-way-component-system-pair.html Speakman S-2590 Versatile Shower Component-10" Pivoting Shower Arm, Chrome http://www.componentsworld.com/speakman-s-2590-versatile-shower-component-10-pivoting-shower-arm-chrome.html Speakman S-2590 Versatile Shower Component-10" Pivoting Shower Arm, ChromeSpeakman Versatile Chrome Shower Component-10" Pivoting Shower Arm are designed with you in mind! Standard fittings and deluxe design allow for optimal integration into any setting.Speakman S-2590 Shower Component-10" Pivoting Shower Arm Specifications:; Chrome; 1/2" NPTF x 1/2" NPTM; Raises or lowers the shower arm over a 20" range; 10" pivoting extension shower arm http://www.componentsworld.com/speakman-s-2590-versatile-shower-component-10-pivoting-shower-arm-chrome.html Straitline Components Straitline Levers for Hope Moni Mini/M4/M6, Gold http://www.componentsworld.com/straitline-components-straitline-levers-for-hope-moni-mini-m4-m6-gold.html Straitline Shimano blades fit many models of pre-2008 and current city hydraulic master cylinders Fits Shimano M556/585/756/755/765/800 hydraulic levers Not compatible with http://www.componentsworld.com/straitline-components-straitline-levers-for-hope-moni-mini-m4-m6-gold.html Teak Louvered Door Components Dowels-Package Of 8 1/2"X1-1/2" http://www.componentsworld.com/teak-louvered-door-components-dowels-package-of-8-1-2-x1-1-2.html Dimensions of side rails and stiles: 4 L x 1- 7/8 W x 7/8 D<BR> Dimensions of louver slat: 4 L x 1- 3/16 W x 3/16 D http://www.componentsworld.com/teak-louvered-door-components-dowels-package-of-8-1-2-x1-1-2.html 2 Meter DVI-I M To RCA M X3 Component Video Cable http://www.componentsworld.com/2-meter-dvi-i-m-to-rca-m-x3-component-video-cable.html Connect your analog monitor to your DVI video card with this adapter cable. It requires the video card to output sync-on-green analog component video and the monitor to accept it through 3 RCA (phono) jacks (red, green with sync, blue). Please note, this cable is not directly compatible with standard analog outputs unless specifically stated by your video card manufacturer. Does not support YCrCb component signals. http://www.componentsworld.com/2-meter-dvi-i-m-to-rca-m-x3-component-video-cable.html Media Player Component Cable http://www.componentsworld.com/media-player-component-cable.html HV355, HV356T, MH720, HV256T Component Cable (Blue, Red, Green) http://www.componentsworld.com/media-player-component-cable.html Sterling Silver Heart Charm Component/Pendant with White Cubic Zirconia http://www.componentsworld.com/sterling-silver-heart-charm-component-pendant-with-white-cubic-zirconia.html Detailed sterling silver charm handcrafted in Bangkok, Thailand. Silver content is .925% http://www.componentsworld.com/sterling-silver-heart-charm-component-pendant-with-white-cubic-zirconia.html Dayco 84104 Timing Belt Component Kit http://www.componentsworld.com/dayco-84104-timing-belt-component-kit.html Dayco 84104 Timing Belt Component Kit http://www.componentsworld.com/dayco-84104-timing-belt-component-kit.html SANUS SYSTEMS CASBP2-B1 Component Foundations Steel Flat Blanking Panel (2U) http://www.componentsworld.com/sanus-systems-casbp2-b1-component-foundations-steel-flat-blanking-panel-2u.html SANUS SYSTEMS CASBP2-B1 Component Foundations Steel Flat Blanking Panel (2U) http://www.componentsworld.com/sanus-systems-casbp2-b1-component-foundations-steel-flat-blanking-panel-2u.html Hosa HOSA 30FT SPEAKER CABLE1/4IN PH TO 1/4IN PH 1/4in PH TO 1/4in PH (Pro Sound & Entertainment / DJ Components) http://www.componentsworld.com/hosa-hosa-30ft-speaker-cable1-4in-ph-to-1-4in-ph-1-4in-ph-to-1-4in-ph-pro-sound-entertainment-dj-components.html HOSA 30FT SPEAKER CABLE1/4IN PH TO 1/4IN PH 1/4in PH TO 1/4in PH. <li>1/4" to 1/4"<li>14 AWG x 2<li>30' http://www.componentsworld.com/hosa-hosa-30ft-speaker-cable1-4in-ph-to-1-4in-ph-1-4in-ph-to-1-4in-ph-pro-sound-entertainment-dj-components.html Packing: Bags to Trunks (Chic Simple Components) http://www.componentsworld.com/packing-bags-to-trunks-chic-simple-components.html Text by Walter Thomas, photographs by James Wojcik http://www.componentsworld.com/packing-bags-to-trunks-chic-simple-components.html Bose VCS-30 Center/Surround - Speaker Package, home theater sound for component systems - Black http://www.componentsworld.com/bose-vcs-30-center-surround-speaker-package-home-theater-sound-for-component-systems-black.html Includes a 4-driver center channel and two surround speakers, with mounting brackets / Complements any existing stereo system http://www.componentsworld.com/bose-vcs-30-center-surround-speaker-package-home-theater-sound-for-component-systems-black.html Music Components-Ltd. http://www.componentsworld.com/music-components-ltd.html Music Components-Ltd. http://www.componentsworld.com/music-components-ltd.html MYOPENPC DOMA Pro PCI Black Transparent Acrylic Open Computer Case for ATX/mATX/ITX Mainboards, compatible with ATX/mATX PSU - PC components not included http://www.componentsworld.com/myopenpc-doma-pro-pci-black-transparent-acrylic-open-computer-case-for-atx-matx-itx-mainboards-compatible-with-atx-matx-psu-pc-components-not-included.html This beautiful computer case is made of heat tempered acrylic material.This computer chassis is suitable for open test bench for PC internal components, showing off internal components, overclocking and/or gaming.There are one 5.25" bay and two 3.5" bays.This case comes with moving handle, front USB and audio jacks.MyOpenPC has a history of more than 10 years as a PC case manufacturer specialized in acrylic computer cases.This case is the No. 1 bestseller of acrylic cases in Japan.This case is very easy to assemble and overcomes the obstacles that other similar products used to have. For example, you have the freedom to choose ATX or mATX PSU.The strength of the tempered acryl material and its open style shows outstanding performances on cooling, compatibility, scalability and maintenance.This case also has enough space for any big sized parts needed for the high performance PC. http://www.componentsworld.com/myopenpc-doma-pro-pci-black-transparent-acrylic-open-computer-case-for-atx-matx-itx-mainboards-compatible-with-atx-matx-psu-pc-components-not-included.html Panasonic DMW-HDC2 Component Cable Adapter http://www.componentsworld.com/panasonic-dmw-hdc2-component-cable-adapter.html Panasonic Component Video Cable DMW-HDC2 A/V Device Cables http://www.componentsworld.com/panasonic-dmw-hdc2-component-cable-adapter.html Understanding SCA (Service Component Architecture) http://www.componentsworld.com/understanding-sca-service-component-architecture.html <P style="MARGIN: 0px"><B>Use SCA to Simplify the Development and Delivery of Service-Based Applications </B></P> <P style="MARGIN: 0px"></P> <P style="MARGIN: 0px">Service Component Architecture (SCA) is a new programming model that enables developers to build distributed applications more efficiently and effectively than previous technologies. In <I>Understanding SCA (Service Component Architecture)</I>, two leading experts offer the first complete and independent guide to SCA. Drawing on extensive experience both developing the SCA standards and implementing large-scale SCA applications, Jim Marino and Michael Rowley provide an insider's perspective for developers and technical managers tasked with architecting and implementing enterprise systems. Rather than simply providing a technology overview, the authors draw on their practical experiences with SCA, explaining </P> <UL> <LI> <DIV style="MARGIN: 0px">The full history behind SCA</DIV></LI> <LI> <DIV style="MARGIN: 0px">How SCA fits with other enterprise technologies such as JEE, .NET, Web Services, and BPEL</DIV></LI> <LI> <DIV style="MARGIN: 0px">All the major SCA concepts including composition, policy, wires, and bindings</DIV></LI> <LI> <DIV style="MARGIN: 0px">Best practices for designing SCA applications</DIV></LI> <LI> <DIV style="MARGIN: 0px">Using SCA with Web Services, Message-Oriented Middleware, BPEL, JPA, and Servlets</DIV></LI></UL> <P style="MARGIN: 0px"><I>Understanding SCA (Service Component Architecture)</I> provides the background necessary to make informed decisions about when and how to best use SCA to build enterprise applications.</P> <P style="MARGIN: 0px"></P> http://www.componentsworld.com/understanding-sca-service-component-architecture.html Chief PAC-400 - Mounting component ( wall plate, adapter plate ) for flat panel http://www.componentsworld.com/chief-pac-400-mounting-component-wall-plate-adapter-plate-for-flat-panel.html PAC400 Chief's PAC-400 is the ideal accessory for projects that need a large flat panel to easily rotate from landscape to portrait. The PAC-400 easily installs into Chief's patented 14'' x 14'' Q-Latch Plasma Mounting System and offers the smoothest rotation on the market. Adjustable Rotation Friction can easily be set to customer preference. Rotates from landscape to portrait (90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise) with little effort and no tools necessary and has 2 degrees of over-travel for easy leveling of screen. Cable management holes on front plate prevent binding or damaging of cables. Bracket adds 19 lbs. and 1.0625'' depth to installation (be sure additional weight does not extend plasma mount weight capacity). The PAC 400 works with any of Chief's mounts which use a PSB bracket. It is not compatible with the PSM series, or with ceiling mounts or any lifts. It does work with the PST, and the articulating wall arms. Chief warrants its products (excluding electric, gas cylinder, and one-way bearing mechanisms) to be free of defects in material and workmanship for 10 years. PLEASE NOTE: This item cannot be shipped to Puerto Rico PAC-400 Plasma Swivel Adapter Installation Instructions About Chief Manufacturing For over a quarter of a century, Chief has been an industry leader in manufacturing total support solutions for presentation systems. Chief's commitment to responding to growing industry needs is evident through a full line of mounts, lifts, and accessories for projectors and flat panels utilizing plasma and LCD technologies. Chief is known for producing the original Roll, Pitch, and Yaw adjustments in 1978 to make projector mount installation and registration quick and easy. Today, Chief continues to provide innovative mount features, including the first-ever seismic-rated LCD and plasma wall mounts. For the highest quality in AV mounting, no name is trusted more than Chief. All Chief products are designed and manufactured at Chief's main headquar http://www.componentsworld.com/chief-pac-400-mounting-component-wall-plate-adapter-plate-for-flat-panel.html 6 1/2 Component Speakers Custom Car Enclosure Pod Mount http://www.componentsworld.com/6-1-2-component-speakers-custom-car-enclosure-pod-mount.html Brand New! 3DLogics Universal Fit Component Set / Separates Speaker Enclosures - Get the custom install look and sound yourself at a fraction of the price audio shops charge!Allows for adding additional speakers to your vehicle, (most commonly used on door panels, rear deck / storage tray, or under dash at the kick panels), and improving existing speaker locations with proper imaging.Features:Constructed of heavy duty 1/8" ABS with automotive textured finish Accepts speakers up to 6 1/2" diameter, 2 3/4" mounting depth and tweeters up to 2 1/2" diameter.Can be used in automotive applications, RV's, Boats, and UTV's Smooth, contoured design attractively compliments your vehicles interiorEasily trimmed with common tools to conform to almost any uneven surfaceCan be covered with carpet, vinyl, or painted to match any interior!These pods are used by top custom audio shops all over the worldMake great base forms for fiberglass projects - saves time and money!Important Notes:Recommended for 6 1/2 component sets (not included with enclosures)Measures approximately (at base) 11" Long, 8 1/2" Wide, 3" Tall Uses your speaker mounting screws to attach the enclosure to the mounting surface (not included with pods, can be picked up at any hardware store) Pods come in a "blank" format - there are no speaker holes cut in the top of the pod (speaker hole size depends on your choice of speaker - most speakers come with a template to cut the proper size hole) Wholesale quantities available by requestWhats Included in the Box:One pair of 3D Logics universal component set speaker pods.Installation guide with helpful tips http://www.componentsworld.com/6-1-2-component-speakers-custom-car-enclosure-pod-mount.html OmniMount ECSB Component Shelf for CRT TVs & Video Accessories http://www.componentsworld.com/omnimount-ecsb-component-shelf-for-crt-tvs-video-accessories.html ECS B Features: -Glass wall shelf. -Color: Black with clear glass. -Pivoting arm for side-to-side movement. -Designed to hold a cable box. -DVD player or most any other component that needs to be located next to a mounted television. -Double pivot system for maximum viewing angles. -Integrated cable management hides wires. -Black nylon stabilizing strap. -Wall plate hides bolts. -10mm tempered glass shelf. -Includes complete hardware kit. -Assembly required. -Pans left and right. Specifications: -Supports up to 30 lbs. -Mounting: Single-stud mounting. Brochure http://www.componentsworld.com/omnimount-ecsb-component-shelf-for-crt-tvs-video-accessories.html Premium Component Audio Video Cable for Sony PSP Go http://www.componentsworld.com/premium-component-audio-video-cable-for-sony-psp-go.html This component cable is specifically designed to provide the sharpest video and sound for your PSP Go.Enjoy games, movies, videos, music, and photos on your TV. Connect to your HDTV (High-Definition TV) or EDTV (Enhanced-Definition TV) and enjoy the most stunning graphics available from your SONY PSP Go.Ultra thick and flexible PVC jacket with color coded connectors help to simplify installation. AV Cable Type: Audio / Video Cable.Connector: PSP Go AV Plug to Component Y / Pr / Pb, L-channel, R-channel. Color: Black.Compatible With Sony: PSP Go http://www.componentsworld.com/premium-component-audio-video-cable-for-sony-psp-go.html Music Components http://www.componentsworld.com/music-components.html Rebotini is one of the originators of dance music in France. He attained world recognition when he formed Black Strobe in the early 2000's and conquered dance floors with such hits as "Innerstrings" and "Me And Madonna". This solo effort aims to recapture the excitement of early live dance music without resorting to any laptop or external sequencer. The result is an album of romantic and timeless loops that return to the hot and groovy sounds of his first productions, playing his vintage synths with an unrelenting aggressive spirit that whipped the dance floor masses into sweating frenzies. http://www.componentsworld.com/music-components.html Cables To Go 42159 RapidRun DB9 + Component Video Flying Lead (6 Feet, Black) http://www.componentsworld.com/cables-to-go-42159-rapidrun-db9-component-video-flying-lead-6-feet-black.html Use your RapidRun system to control your audio/video equipment with component video outputs; 1080p resolution! http://www.componentsworld.com/cables-to-go-42159-rapidrun-db9-component-video-flying-lead-6-feet-black.html Pair of Brand New Diesel Audio Ns119tw 300 Watt Component Tweeters with Built in Crossover http://www.componentsworld.com/pair-of-brand-new-diesel-audio-ns119tw-300-watt-component-tweeters-with-built-in-crossover.html Pair of brand new Diesel Audio NS119TW 300 watt component tweeters with built in crossoverFeatures:300 watt output pair of component tweeters Priced per pair Includes tweeters w/ built in crossovers + self adhesive pads + support clips + mounting screwsFrequency Response: 2 KHz - 20000 Hz Sensitivity: 92 dB Impedance: 4 Ohms Built in crossover network: 4.7 uf / 50V capacitor No magnetic fiels Fits in most places Easy to install No amplifier needed Works with factory radio or aftermarket radio http://www.componentsworld.com/pair-of-brand-new-diesel-audio-ns119tw-300-watt-component-tweeters-with-built-in-crossover.html A Component of the Devil (Original Mix) http://www.componentsworld.com/a-component-of-the-devil-original-mix.html A Component of the Devil (Original Mix) http://www.componentsworld.com/a-component-of-the-devil-original-mix.html Ross Provimin Protein Vitamin Mineral Formula Component W/Iron Powder 5.3 Oz Can - Case of 6 http://www.componentsworld.com/iron-powder-5.html Ross Provimin Protein Vitamin Mineral Formula Component W/Iron Powder 5.3Oz Can - Case of 6 - Model 50260 http://www.componentsworld.com/iron-powder-5.html Hyperion Compatible LJ2500 Drum Unit, Xfer Belt,Component, Yield 20k Blk, 5k Clr Per Unit http://www.componentsworld.com/hyperion-compatible-lj2500-drum-unit-xfer-belt-component-yield-20k-blk-5k-clr-per-unit.html LJ2500 Drum Unit, Xfer Belt,Component, Yield 20k Blk, 5k Clr http://www.componentsworld.com/hyperion-compatible-lj2500-drum-unit-xfer-belt-component-yield-20k-blk-5k-clr-per-unit.html Nintendo Wii HD component Cable http://www.componentsworld.com/nintendo-wii-hd-component-cable.html You won't regret your purchase!!! http://www.componentsworld.com/nintendo-wii-hd-component-cable.html RCA DT6CHP Digital Combination Component Video & Optical Cable (6 FT) http://www.componentsworld.com/rca-dt6chp-digital-combination-component-video-optical-cable-6-ft.html Only RCA could make connecting your entertainment devices this simple! Our combination audio/video cables simplify the hookup process and reduce the number of cables behind your entertainment center to make hook-up a lot easier! Take advantage of your investment in today's entertainment technology select the high-performance cable from RCA that suits your needs! Features: Multi-layer shielded component video cable includes pure copper conductor for clean signal transfer. 100 percent foil and braided shielding encased in high-grade clear PVC for overall cable flexibility and maximum performance. Optical-grade polished transmitter provides maximum conductivity. 24K gold-plated studio-grade connectors with integrated labels and mechanically precision-machined connectors provide conductivity for low signal loss. Anti-kink spring wraps provide strain relief and strength. Independent component video Y (green), Pr (red), and Pb (blue) and optical audio connectors and cable branches for ease and flexibility during hook-up. http://www.componentsworld.com/rca-dt6chp-digital-combination-component-video-optical-cable-6-ft.html 10k Two-Tone Gold Diamond Chain w/ White Component Necklace (1/5 cttw, I-J Color, I3 Clarity), 36" http://www.componentsworld.com/10k-two-tone-gold-diamond-chain-w-white-component-necklace-1-5-cttw-i-j-color-i3-clarity-36.html Layer on an elegant look with this vintage-inspired two-tone station necklace made from 10 karat white and yellow gold. Diamond-shaped stations are framed by rope-textured circle links and shimmer with tiny diamond accents. The total diamond weight is approximately 1/5 carat. The 36-inch necklace is finished with a spring-ring clasp. http://www.componentsworld.com/10k-two-tone-gold-diamond-chain-w-white-component-necklace-1-5-cttw-i-j-color-i3-clarity-36.html Recoton TSVG361 Component Video Cable Set ? 6 Feet http://www.componentsworld.com/recoton-tsvg361-component-video-cable-set-6-feet.html Color coded for easy installation24k gold-plated connectors6' http://www.componentsworld.com/recoton-tsvg361-component-video-cable-set-6-feet.html Belkin Components Stanley 6 Outlet Power Strip 4ft-cord http://www.componentsworld.com/belkin-components-stanley-6-outlet-power-strip-4ft-cord.html Item #: BLKSTP160. This multipower strip features five regular outlets and one transformer-spaced outlet. Master illuminated On/Off switch. 14-gauge, power cord, three prong ground plug. 15 amp circuit breaker. U.L. listed. <br>Customers also search for: 4' Cord; 15 Amp; 3 Prong Plug;Belkin Components,Surge Protectors,Power Strips,Electrical Cords,Extension Cords,6 Outlets,Six Outlets http://www.componentsworld.com/belkin-components-stanley-6-outlet-power-strip-4ft-cord.html Sony XS-GTX6931 GTX Series 6"x9" Component Speakers http://www.componentsworld.com/sony-xs-gtx6931-gtx-series-6-x9-component-speakers.html Sony XS-GTX6931 GTX Series Amplifier http://www.componentsworld.com/sony-xs-gtx6931-gtx-series-6-x9-component-speakers.html Chief LSB-101 - Mounting component ( ceiling mount, bracket ) for projector - black http://www.componentsworld.com/chief-lsb-101-mounting-component-ceiling-mount-bracket-for-projector-black.html LATERAL SHIFT BRACKET FOR RPM WITH Q-LOCK http://www.componentsworld.com/chief-lsb-101-mounting-component-ceiling-mount-bracket-for-projector-black.html Atami B'Cuzz Hydro Component B - 5 Liter http://www.componentsworld.com/atami-b-cuzz-hydro-component-b-5-liter.html B'Cuzz Hydro nutrients are designed to work specifically in hydroponic applications or for those looking for an aggressive feeding program. Growers will experience best results with B'Cuzz Hydro Nutrients when growing in stonewool cubes or slabs, clay pellets, and any other circulating systems. Many growers experience great results with B'Cuzz Hydro Nutrients in conjunction with B'Cuzz 50L loose fill coco. To ensure best results use B'Cuzz bio-stimulants in conjunction with B'Cuzz Hydro Nutrients. http://www.componentsworld.com/atami-b-cuzz-hydro-component-b-5-liter.html Cool Components TC-ALT Temperature Controller http://www.componentsworld.com/cool-components-tc-alt-temperature-controller.html This unit is microprocessor-based which provides for extreme sensitivity and reliability. This unit features two jumper selectable set points for automated control of the fans. The first setting for closet applications turns the fans on at 80 degrees F and off at 77F with full speed achieved at 100F. The second setting, which is appropriate for cabinet applications, turns the fans on at 88F and off at 85F with full speed achieved at 105F. Specifications: *Set point (low): On at 80F and off at 77F *Set point (high): On at 88F and off at 85F *Dimensions: 1/2" Dia. X 3" L *Power: 12VDC (using Cool Components PS-500) http://www.componentsworld.com/cool-components-tc-alt-temperature-controller.html StarTech HD15CPNTMF 6-Inch HD15 to Component 3 RCA Breakout Cable Adapter M/F http://www.componentsworld.com/startech-hd15cpntmf-6-inch-hd15-to-component-3-rca-breakout-cable-adapter-m-f.html This 6in HD15 to Component RCA Breakout Cable Adapter features a male VGA (HD15) connector and female Component video connectors, converting a VGA output port for connection to a display/monitor that uses Component video input. Constructed of only top quality materials and expertly designed for reliable performance, the HD15 to Component RCA breakout cable adapter is backed by StarTech 's Lifetime Warranty. This cable requires a video converter or output device that can process a YPbPr signal through an HD15 (VGA) port. http://www.componentsworld.com/startech-hd15cpntmf-6-inch-hd15-to-component-3-rca-breakout-cable-adapter-m-f.html Developmental Components of Eye-Hand Coordination in the Child w Special Needs [VHS] http://www.componentsworld.com/developmental-components-of-eye-hand-coordination-in-the-child-w-special-needs-vhs.html An occupational therapist evaluates visual and hand skills to determine missing component of eye-hand skills in a preschool child with cerebral palsy. Treatment ideas and implications for function in home and school environments are discussed with the child and his parents during the assessment process. Finally, an example of intervention in a novel community context is illustrated by consultation with the family at a children's museum. This video is unique because it shows how a child with physical limitations can participate in a community setting with other children, simply by sensible adaptations of body and hand positioning to get optimal eye-hand coordination during the different museum activities such as: driving (simulated) a school bus, operating a real crane, and shopping for plastic fruit and vegetables in the grocery corner. Also available in DVD format. http://www.componentsworld.com/developmental-components-of-eye-hand-coordination-in-the-child-w-special-needs-vhs.html Cables To Go 42073 RapidRun Component Video + Stereo Audio Flying Lead (6 Feet, Black) http://www.componentsworld.com/cables-to-go-42073-rapidrun-component-video-stereo-audio-flying-lead-6-feet-black.html Use with receivers, projectors, HDTVs or applications requiring a component video plus stereo audio connection; 1080p resolution! http://www.componentsworld.com/cables-to-go-42073-rapidrun-component-video-stereo-audio-flying-lead-6-feet-black.html Nintendo Wii Audio Video ED Component Cable http://www.componentsworld.com/nintendo-wii-audio-video-ed-component-cable.html Get the highest level graphic output possible from you Nintendo Wii with these Enhanced Definition (480p) Component Video/Stereo Audio cables. These cables provide stunning video and high quality stereo audio. A must for any true gaming enthusiast. * 100% Brand New! * This Component AV cable is exclusively for use with Nintendo Wii console * This cable can be used with any TV that has component video inputs (Y,Cb/Pb.CR/Pr) * This cable will provide you with a much clearer image than the standard AV cable * Enables displays with natural and VIVID Colors * Color of Cable & Connectors: Gray * Length: 6ft http://www.componentsworld.com/nintendo-wii-audio-video-ed-component-cable.html second transcendental component http://www.componentsworld.com/second-transcendental-component.html second transcendental component http://www.componentsworld.com/second-transcendental-component.html MuxLab 500050 Video Ease Component Video Digital Audio Balun http://www.componentsworld.com/muxlab-500050-video-ease-component-video-digital-audio-balun.html Many new homes and office buildings already contain structured cabling systems of not only electrical and phone wiring, but also inexpensive cat. 5 twisted pair cable, which is commonly used as a data line. Now you can take maximum advantage of this existing wiring by adding baluns to each end. This small transformer converts audio and video signals from unbalanced to balanced and vice versa, making the necessary impedance adjustments for A/V signal transmission between different wiring systems. This means that you can run your signal over inexpensive cat. 5 wiring, rather than rewiring your home in order to send these signals from room to room. This Component Video/Digital Audio Balun is designed for use with HDTV component video and/or digital audio equipment, sending component video and digital audio transmission up to 1000 feet. The Component Video/Digital Audio Balun is designed to work in pairs, but each is sold separately. An RCA audio connecting cord is required for digital audio signal transmission and is sold separately. http://www.componentsworld.com/muxlab-500050-video-ease-component-video-digital-audio-balun.html Taco Bell Home Originals Components Taco Shells 12 Ct 4.5-oz http://www.componentsworld.com/taco-bell-home-originals-components-taco-shells-12-ct-4.html ComponentsTaco Shells 12 Ct http://www.componentsworld.com/taco-bell-home-originals-components-taco-shells-12-ct-4.html RELIUS SOLUTIONS Decorator Wire Shelving Components - Slate http://www.componentsworld.com/relius-solutions-decorator-wire-shelving-components-slate.html Designer-color shelving provides superior ventilation and chemical resistance while looking great in your shop or office. Components allow you to build the exact shelving unit you need. Shelves slide over split sleeves along 1" dia. posts. A basic unit requires 4 shelves and 4 stationary posts. For mobile units, pick mobile posts instead of stationary posts and add push-stem casters (mobile unit's capacity is limited by caster's capacity). Shelves adjust in 1" increments. Epoxy-paint finish. NOTE: Posts and shelves are sold separately. http://www.componentsworld.com/relius-solutions-decorator-wire-shelving-components-slate.html 3RCA (Component Video) Male to Male Cable: 6 ft - by Abacus24-7 http://www.componentsworld.com/3rca-component-video-male-to-male-cable-6-ft-by-abacus24-7.html 3RCA (Component Video) Male to Male Cable: 6 ft - by Abacus24-7. Gold-plated component video cable (green, red, blue) for TVs, cable, DVD & more. - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Savings of up to 60% Off Retail Store / OEM / Genuine comparable products! http://www.componentsworld.com/3rca-component-video-male-to-male-cable-6-ft-by-abacus24-7.html Computers as Components, Second Edition: Principles of Embedded Computing System Design (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Computer Architecture and Design) http://www.componentsworld.com/computers-as-components-second-edition-principles-of-embedded-computing-system-design-the-morgan-kaufmann-series-in-computer-architecture-and-design.html This book was the first to bring essential knowledge on embedded systems technology and techniques under a single cover. This second edition has been updated to the state-of-the-art by reworking and expanding performance analysis with more examples and exercises, and coverage of electronic systems now focuses on the latest applications. Researchers, students, and savvy professionals schooled in hardware or software design, will value Wayne Wolf's integrated engineering design approach.<br><br>The second edition gives a more comprehensive view of multiprocessors including VLIW and superscalar architectures as well as more detail about power consumption. There is also more advanced treatment of all the components of the system as well as in-depth coverage of networks, reconfigurable systems, hardware-software co-design, security, and program analysis. It presents an updated discussion of current industry development software including Linux and Windows CE. The new edition's case studies cover SHARC DSP with the TI C5000 and C6000 series, and real-world applications such as DVD players and cell phones. <br><br>* Uses real processors (ARM processor and TI C55x DSP) to demonstrate both technology and techniques...Shows readers how to apply principles to actual design practice.<br>* Covers all necessary topics with emphasis on actual design practice...Realistic introduction to the state-of-the-art for both students and practitioners.<br>* Stresses necessary fundamentals which can be applied to evolving technologies...helps readers gain facility to design large, complex embedded systems that actually work. http://www.componentsworld.com/computers-as-components-second-edition-principles-of-embedded-computing-system-design-the-morgan-kaufmann-series-in-computer-architecture-and-design.html Army Reserve Components Achievement-MINI MEDAL http://www.componentsworld.com/army-reserve-components-achievement-mini-medal.html Army Reserve Components Achievement-MINI MEDAL http://www.componentsworld.com/army-reserve-components-achievement-mini-medal.html Infinity Reference 5020cs 5.25-Inch Two-Way Component System (Silver/Black) http://www.componentsworld.com/infinity-reference-5020cs-5.html The Infinity Reference 5020cs is a 5 1/4-inch Two-Way component System with very advanced features for a speaker in this price range. Our Reference Series represents perhaps the best value of any premium brand in its price range. These speakers will drop in to the factory location of a 5 1/4-inch speaker and can be driven by either a factory OEM radio or an aftermarket radio. It utilizes Plus One technology which gives you improved bass response. The Edge-driven textile-dome tweeter provides outstanding high frequencies and excellent reliability. This speaker can be driven with a 2 ohm impedance amplifier which gives you improved low frequency performance and louder sound. They can also be driven by a 4 ohm radio or amplifier. Infinity Systems is a leader in loudspeaker design for both car and home speaker systems and is part of Harman International. These speakers come with a one year parts and labor warranty. http://www.componentsworld.com/infinity-reference-5020cs-5.html HD Video Component Cable for AIPTEK HD camcorders http://www.componentsworld.com/hd-video-component-cable-for-aiptek-hd-camcorders.html Replacment HD Video Component Cable for AIPTEK High Definition Camcorders http://www.componentsworld.com/hd-video-component-cable-for-aiptek-hd-camcorders.html AVF PS933PB-C Wall Mounted Glass Shelving System for TV and AV Components (Black) http://www.componentsworld.com/avf-ps933pb-c-wall-mounted-glass-shelving-system-for-tv-and-av-components-black.html The AVF Wall Mounted Glass Shelving System for TV's and AV Components (PS933PB-C) was designed to accommodate up to a 46" flat panel TV and AV components. The included safety strap secures your TV to the shelving unit for peace of mind. The shelves are height-adjustable to accomodate various AV components such as DVD player, Blu-Ray Player, HD Receiver, etc. http://www.componentsworld.com/avf-ps933pb-c-wall-mounted-glass-shelving-system-for-tv-and-av-components-black.html Mediabridge - RCA Component Video Cable with Audio - 12ft http://www.componentsworld.com/mediabridge-rca-component-video-cable-with-audio-12ft.html Mediabridge component video cables with left and right stereo audio are ideally suited for connecting video components with video resolutions of 1080i or less as well as stereo audio, Cable TV Converter Boxes, DVR's, DVD Players, Televisions, and Projectors. Mediabridge utilizes a molded design in order to provide a compact design. Jacket is soft and flexible PVC, encased in a high-grade durable nylon sleeve. Connectors are gold plated for ultimate conductivity. The fourth and fifth cables are used to connect left and right stereo audio. http://www.componentsworld.com/mediabridge-rca-component-video-cable-with-audio-12ft.html 2 Components http://www.componentsworld.com/2-components.html 2 Components http://www.componentsworld.com/2-components.html Atami B'Cuzz Soil Component B - 20 Liter http://www.componentsworld.com/atami-b-cuzz-soil-component-b-20-liter.html B'Cuzz Soil nutrients are designed to work specifically in growing media that already contain nutrient value. B'cuzz Soil nutrient ensures biological balance in soil media. To ensure best results use B'Cuzz bio-stimulants in conjunction with B'Cuzz Hydro Nutrients.Component "B" Only http://www.componentsworld.com/atami-b-cuzz-soil-component-b-20-liter.html Kenwood Kfc-P509Ps 5.25-Inch Performance Series Component Speaker System http://www.componentsworld.com/kenwood-kfc-p509ps-5.html Kenwood Kfc-P509Ps 5.25" Performance Series Component Speaker System http://www.componentsworld.com/kenwood-kfc-p509ps-5.html Sony VMC-30FC Component AV Cable http://www.componentsworld.com/sony-vmc-30fc-component-av-cable.html Connects your Handycam camcorder directly to your TV for viewing of your videos. Gold-plated plugs provide optimal connectivity. Generous 10-foot (3 meter) length. R/G/B component video and composite audio L/R. http://www.componentsworld.com/sony-vmc-30fc-component-av-cable.html