www.ComponentsWorld.com | List of Products http://www.componentsworld.com/ Current product information from www.ComponentsWorld.com en-US Copyright 2019 ComponentsWorld.com Wed, 23 Jan 2019 22:21:00 -0600 DVI / DVI-I Male to HDTV [RGB] Video Component Adapter supports Xbox 360 http://www.componentsworld.com/dvi-dvi-i-male-to-hdtv-rgb-video-component-adapter-supports-xbox-360.html Operating System support: Windows XP/ Windows 2000/ Windows Me/ Windows 98/98SE http://www.componentsworld.com/dvi-dvi-i-male-to-hdtv-rgb-video-component-adapter-supports-xbox-360.html Boston Acoustic S60 6.5" Car Audio Component 2-way Speakers http://www.componentsworld.com/boston-acoustic-s60-6.html Nominal Size6-1/2" (165mm)RMS Power Handling55wPeak Power Handling150wFrequency Response (3dB)58Hz-20kHzImpedance4ohmSensitivity (1 watt (2.83v) at 1m)92dBMounting Depth2-1/2" http://www.componentsworld.com/boston-acoustic-s60-6.html House & Garden 1 Component Aarde 1 Liter http://www.componentsworld.com/house-garden-1-component-aarde-1-liter.html House & Garden 1 Component Aarde is an amended soil based nutrient. H&G 1-Component Aarde Base Nutrient is composed of liquid main and trace elements and contains no bulking agents like solid fertilizers. 1-Component Aarde is composed of the purest high-quality nutrients that are available on the market, including Eddha-Fe (Iron). This way, you enable the plant to absorb the nutrients fast and effectively. http://www.componentsworld.com/house-garden-1-component-aarde-1-liter.html 10k Reverse Two-Tone Gold Diamond Chain w/ Yellow Component Necklace (1/4 cttw, I-J Color, I3 Clarity), 48" http://www.componentsworld.com/10k-reverse-two-tone-gold-diamond-chain-w-yellow-component-necklace-1-4-cttw-i-j-color-i3-clarity-48.html 10k Reverse Two-Tone Gold Diamond Chain w/ Yellow Component Necklace (1/4 cttw, I-J Color, I3 Clarity), 48" http://www.componentsworld.com/10k-reverse-two-tone-gold-diamond-chain-w-yellow-component-necklace-1-4-cttw-i-j-color-i3-clarity-48.html Silver-Plated HDTV High-Definition TV Component Cable for Xbox http://www.componentsworld.com/silver-plated-hdtv-high-definition-tv-component-cable-for-xbox.html BRAND NEW FOR THE ORIGINAL XBOX SYSTEM WILL NOT WORK FOR 360 http://www.componentsworld.com/silver-plated-hdtv-high-definition-tv-component-cable-for-xbox.html 8:2 SHINYBOW COMPONENT VIDEO+ANALOG AUDIO MATRIX SWITCH http://www.componentsworld.com/8-2-shinybow-component-video-analog-audio-matrix-switch.html 8:2 SHINYBOW COMPONENT VIDEO+ANALOG AUDIO MATRIX SWITCH http://www.componentsworld.com/8-2-shinybow-component-video-analog-audio-matrix-switch.html Testing and Quality Assurance for Component-Based Software (Artech House Computer Library) http://www.componentsworld.com/testing-and-quality-assurance-for-component-based-software-artech-house-computer-library.html Presenting the state-of-the-art in component-based software testing, this new, cutting-edge resource offers you an in-depth understanding of the current issues, challenges, needs, and solutions in this critical area. The book discusses the very latest advances in component-based testing and quality assurance in an accessible tutorial format, making the material easy to comprehend and benefit from no matter what your professional level. http://www.componentsworld.com/testing-and-quality-assurance-for-component-based-software-artech-house-computer-library.html Compatible replacement print imaging drum kit (not original HP Image drum unit HPWQ3964A, some components are remanufactured) with FREE HP Laser Photo Paper Q8842A (100 sheet,4x6) for Hewlett Packard color laserjet 1500 2500 2550 2550L 2550LN 2550N 2820 2 http://www.componentsworld.com/scanner-page-yield-20-000-page-this-list-listed-by-photosharp-printing-cartridge.html Compatible replacement print imaging drum kit (not original HP Image drum unit HPWQ3964A, some components are remanufactured) with FREE HP Laser Photo Paper Q8842A (100 sheet,4x6) for Hewlett Packard color laserjet 1500 2500 2550 2550L 2550LN 2550N 2820 2840 http://www.componentsworld.com/scanner-page-yield-20-000-page-this-list-listed-by-photosharp-printing-cartridge.html 3 in 1 Out, Component Video (HD Compatible) Optical Audio Active Selector Box and Remote Control. Component Video Cable, Component Video Cable http://www.componentsworld.com/3-in-1-out-component-video-hd-compatible-optical-audio-active-selector-box-and-remote-control.html 3 in 1 Out, Component Video (HD Compatible) Optical Audio Active Selector Box and Remote Control. Component Video Cable, Component Video Cable http://www.componentsworld.com/3-in-1-out-component-video-hd-compatible-optical-audio-active-selector-box-and-remote-control.html Chief CMA-640W - Mounting component ( finishing ring ) for projector - white http://www.componentsworld.com/chief-cma-640w-mounting-component-finishing-ring-for-projector-white.html CMA640W Color: White Visually enhance a suspended ceiling installations by covering the hole where extension column passes through the ceiling tile. The escutcheon ring is hinged to open and available in two finishes. Chief warrants its products (excluding electric, gas cylinder, and one-way bearing mechanisms) to be free of defects in material and workmanship for 10 years. PLEASE NOTE: This item cannot be shipped to Puerto Rico > http://www.componentsworld.com/chief-cma-640w-mounting-component-finishing-ring-for-projector-white.html Eyewitness Science ~ Electronics - Explore the fast-moving world of electronics - how the tiny components that control complex tasks have changed so many aspects of modern life http://www.componentsworld.com/eyewitness-science-electronics-explore-the-fast-moving-world-of-electronics-how-the-tiny-components-that-control-complex-tasks-have-changed-so-many-aspects-of-modern-life.html How do tiny components control complex tasks? How has electronics changed our lives? Find out the answers to these and other questions in this new look at electronics. http://www.componentsworld.com/eyewitness-science-electronics-explore-the-fast-moving-world-of-electronics-how-the-tiny-components-that-control-complex-tasks-have-changed-so-many-aspects-of-modern-life.html Wii Component Cable (10Ft) http://www.componentsworld.com/wii-component-cable-10ft.html Transmit the correct signal from your Nintendo Wii to your High Definition television with this Component Cable from CTA Digital. Unlike most composite cables that carry signals meant for standard televisions, this component cable produces the appropriate signals for your High Definition television. One end of the 10 foot cable connects to your Wii, while the other end has the color coded component audio/video connections. Simply by connecting your Wii to your TV with the corresponding jacks, you are ready for the precise, High Definition game play your HD television was meant to display. http://www.componentsworld.com/wii-component-cable-10ft.html Electronic Components: A Complete Reference for Project Builders http://www.componentsworld.com/electronic-components-a-complete-reference-for-project-builders.html This is an all-in-one guide to electronic component specifications and applications. With this handy benchtop reference, you'll have at your fingertips a one-stop source of practical information on virtually every kind of electronic component. In "Electronic Components: A Complete Reference For Project Builders", Delton T. Horn provides you with the important working characteristics, specifications, and uses for each component listed. Horn, a well-known electronics expert, has divided this book into three parts - passive nonamplifying components; active devices (semiconductor components); and miscellaneous devices (for example, transducers and switches). You'll find a wide range of topics that give you all the data necessary for successful experimentation: wire and solder; capacitors; diodes; linear ICs; resistors; coils and transformers; transistors; and digital ICs. Throughout, Horn presents helpful insights into the theory and operation of components in typical circuit designs, the pros and cons of using devices in various situations, where and how to find parts, and criteria for making substitutions. Armed with this book and a manufacturer's specification sheet, you can be confident that you're choosing the proper components for your circuit designs. http://www.componentsworld.com/electronic-components-a-complete-reference-for-project-builders.html Omnimount G303 Dark Stellar Series 3-Shelf Component Tower http://www.componentsworld.com/omnimount-g303-dark-stellar-series-3-shelf-component-tower.html The G303 is a 3-shelf audio tower perfect for pairing with a matching video table. The G303 is part of the Stellar Series which features a low profile appearance, integrated cable management and a stylish floating shelf design. This popular series is considered a smart choice for large-screen flat panels, DLPs and components. Features: Available in Dark Finish with Black Glass or Grey with Clear Glass 3-shelf audio tower manages multiple components Neatly route and organize wires through cable management post Unique floating shelf design Use with Stellar Series video tables or floor stands High gloss black color complements A,V equipment Specifications: Shelf supports up to: 50 lbs (22.7 kg) each Dimensions: 20.5?w x 27.8?h x 21.5?d (521mm x 706mm x 546mm) http://www.componentsworld.com/omnimount-g303-dark-stellar-series-3-shelf-component-tower.html Hosa MICROPHONE CABLE NEUTRIXXLR3F TO XLR3M 30 FT (Pro Sound & Entertainment / DJ Components) http://www.componentsworld.com/hosa-microphone-cable-neutrixxlr3f-to-xlr3m-30-ft-pro-sound-entertainment-dj-components.html MICROPHONE CABLE NEUTRIXXLR3F TO XLR3M 30 FT. <li>Elite XLR Neutrik microphone cable, perfect for stage or recording applications<li>XLR male to XLR female connectors <li>20 gauge, 2 conductor construction with 95% OFC braid shielding http://www.componentsworld.com/hosa-microphone-cable-neutrixxlr3f-to-xlr3m-30-ft-pro-sound-entertainment-dj-components.html HD Ready Component Video Source Selector Switch (SW201) & a Bonus 6 Foot Component Video Cable (RGBCAB6E) http://www.componentsworld.com/hd-ready-component-video-source-selector-switch-sw201-a-bonus-6-foot-component-video-cable-rgbcab6e.html If you have more component video sources than your HDTV or EDTV can handle then this component audio/video selector is the perfect solution. Connect it to the A/V inputs of your television and connect up to 3 audio/video sources to this unit. Switch between them with the included remote control, and the green LED lights on the switcher will light up, indicating which source is active. This selector supports resolutions of 480i/p, 720p, and 1080i/p, allowing you to connect your HD satellite, HD movie player, and HD video game system all at once and view them with crystal clarity. The switcher supports component cables, RCA audio cables, and fiber optic audio cables. Works with the following audio/video components: High definition television (HD) or enhanced definition television (EDTV), high definition satellite/cable receiver, progressive scan DVD player, HD-DVD player, Blu-ray player, HD hybrid player, Playstation 3, X-BOX 360, Nintendo Wii, HD camcorder, CD player, stereo, MP3 player, and other audio/video sources that support component, RCA audio, or toslink optical connections. This bundle also includes a 6 foot component video cable. http://www.componentsworld.com/hd-ready-component-video-source-selector-switch-sw201-a-bonus-6-foot-component-video-cable-rgbcab6e.html Rockford Fosgate Power T1652-S 6.5" Power T1 Component Speakers http://www.componentsworld.com/rockford-fosgate-power-t1652-s-6.html Rockford Fosgate Power T1652-S 6.5" Power T1 Component Speakers http://www.componentsworld.com/rockford-fosgate-power-t1652-s-6.html Boston Acoustic S50 5.25" Car Audio Component 2-way Speakers http://www.componentsworld.com/boston-acoustic-s50-5.html Nominal Size5-1/4" (130mm)RMS Power Handling55wPeak Power Handling150wFrequency Response (3dB)60Hz-20kHzImpedance4ohmSensitivity (1 watt (2.83v) at 1m)92dBMounting Depth1-7/8" http://www.componentsworld.com/boston-acoustic-s50-5.html 3ft VGA to 3 RCA component video cable (HD15 - 3-RCA) http://www.componentsworld.com/3ft-vga-to-3-rca-component-video-cable-hd15-3-rca.html <BR> Premium Grade cable, ideal for high definition components including HDTV, satellites, and receivers.<BR> High Resolution RG-59/U Coaxial type Cable<BR> 24K Gold plated Connector<BR> Note: This cable is NOT designed to work in anyway with a computer's input or output.<BR> This cable is for Satellite TV, HDTV, Component RGB Video, Y/ Pb /Pr Video and most LCD Projectors. http://www.componentsworld.com/3ft-vga-to-3-rca-component-video-cable-hd15-3-rca.html HD Component AV Cable for Xbox 360 http://www.componentsworld.com/hd-component-av-cable-for-xbox-360.html Connect to the world of Xbox 360 games and graphics through high-definition connections! Experience the ultimate video from your XBox 360 gaming system with this high quality HD Component A/V Cable! http://www.componentsworld.com/hd-component-av-cable-for-xbox-360.html Xbox 360 Component HD AV Cable http://www.componentsworld.com/xbox-360-component-hd-av-cable.html Your Xbox 360 was designed for your HD TV, so don't waste all those precious mega-bytes of graphics processing power on just any old set of cables. You have all you need here to support your HD gaming experience, plus a sweet optical input for digital sound. Gold-plated connectors ensure maximum signal strength. 6-foot, 2-inch cable length. So hook up these bad boys, sit back, get your mind in the game and get ready to whoop'em in crisp high definition! http://www.componentsworld.com/xbox-360-component-hd-av-cable.html XBOX360 HD AV Component Cable - 8ft http://www.componentsworld.com/xbox360-hd-av-component-cable-8ft.html Features: Ultimate HIGH-DEFINITION; HD gaming output up to 1080i; DVD playback in 480p; 8 (2,4m) shielded cable; Gold-plated connectors; 3 component , 1 composite and 2 audio connectors. http://www.componentsworld.com/xbox360-hd-av-component-cable-8ft.html New Pioneer Ts-A1604c 6.5inch Component Set Speakers 400w Max Power 50w Root Mean Square http://www.componentsworld.com/new-pioneer-ts-a1604c-6.html Exceptional customer service and unparalleled product expertise. http://www.componentsworld.com/new-pioneer-ts-a1604c-6.html US Brown Bear DS-B3-Slvr Three Shelf AV Component Wall Mount (Silver) http://www.componentsworld.com/us-brown-bear-ds-b3-slvr-three-shelf-av-component-wall-mount-silver.html This Three Shelf AV Wall Unit provides user-friendly shelving and cable management solutions for your Home Entertainment needs. The triple-shelf do-it-yourself solution features our fully adjustable Super Bear Strength Tempered Glass Shelves and allows you to easily & neatly organize components right under your flat screen, without the need to run the connections through the wall. Can be used with or without a flat screen TV. Holds up to 66lbs/30kgs. Provides Beauty and Strength. http://www.componentsworld.com/us-brown-bear-ds-b3-slvr-three-shelf-av-component-wall-mount-silver.html PYLE PLG5C 5.25-Inch 300 Watt 2-Way Custom Component System http://www.componentsworld.com/pyle-plg5c-5.html Get in gear with the Pyle Gear series! These speakers are designed to provide the best quality sound for the budget-minded enthusiast. Youll be blasting your tunes and rocking the block with this component speaker kit. It includes one pair of 5.25 mid-bass speakers, one pair of 0.5 tweeters, one pair of passive crossover devices, a wiring kit, grills, and installation hardware its a perfect way to upgrade and expand the range of your factory system. The mid-bass speakers pump with 300 watts of power and fit in most OEM locations. The 100-watt, 0.5 silk dome tweeters have three mounting options and a frequency response from 1.3 to 22 kHz. Use the passive crossover networks to separate the signal from your headunit between the mid-bass and tweeter speakers for a richer, more accurate sound. Youll hear everything you were meant to hear with Pyle Gear. http://www.componentsworld.com/pyle-plg5c-5.html 26 X 18 Off-White Fiberglass Component & Food Service Tray http://www.componentsworld.com/26-x-18-off-white-fiberglass-component-food-service-tray.html FIBERGLASS FOOD SERVICE, CONVEYOR, PARTS COMPONENTS TRAY 26" x 18" off-white trays have reinforced edges for strength and are temperature resistant from -60 to 250176;F. Ideal for cafeterias and food handling, as well as for use on conveyors or parts distribution. Click here to see our ESD Safe Conductive Component Trays. http://www.componentsworld.com/26-x-18-off-white-fiberglass-component-food-service-tray.html Gates TCK199 Timing Belt Component Kit http://www.componentsworld.com/gates-tck199-timing-belt-component-kit.html Gates Rubber Company Tck199 2.0l 2.2l Toy Tim Kit http://www.componentsworld.com/gates-tck199-timing-belt-component-kit.html On the Radio Classroom Kit (incl. all components) http://www.componentsworld.com/on-the-radio-classroom-kit-incl.html Welcome to K Y D Z, the radio station that plays the hits while you sing along! Meet disc jockey Marvelous Mike and sidekick Jivin' Judy as they play the oldies, the goodies and all the songs kids have loved throughout the years. From the Depression and WWII to Elvis, the Beatles and disco, the radio is where America hears the songs that become the soundtracks of their lives. This Express musical features 6 top hits with short set-up scenes for up to 25 speaking parts that combine into a show that will appeal to kids and adults alike while requiring minimal rehearsal time! The Teacher Edition includes fully-accompanied songs, choreography and narration. Exciting FULL-COLOR student editions add extra visual appeal, and come in handy 20-paks, sold separately or combined in a classroom kit with the Teacher Edition and performance/accompaniment CD! Performance Time <br /><br />Songs: Hound Dog : Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy : Ain't We Got Fun? : Footloose : On The Radio : Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band http://www.componentsworld.com/on-the-radio-classroom-kit-incl.html Sanus Systems Cfr115-B1 34-Inch 15U Foundations Component Rack http://www.componentsworld.com/sanus-systems-cfr115-b1-34-inch-15u-foundations-component-rack.html Sanus Systems Cfr115-B1 34", 15U Foundations Component Rack http://www.componentsworld.com/sanus-systems-cfr115-b1-34-inch-15u-foundations-component-rack.html Nintendo Wii Audio Video ED Component Cable http://www.componentsworld.com/nintendo-wii-audio-video-ed-component-cable.html Get the highest level graphic output possible from you Nintendo Wii with these Enhanced Definition (480p) Component Video/Stereo Audio cables. These cables provide stunning video and high quality stereo audio. A must for any true gaming enthusiast. * 100% Brand New! * This Component AV cable is exclusively for use with Nintendo Wii console * This cable can be used with any TV that has component video inputs (Y,Cb/Pb.CR/Pr) * This cable will provide you with a much clearer image than the standard AV cable * Enables displays with natural and VIVID Colors * Color of Cable & Connectors: Gray * Length: 6ft http://www.componentsworld.com/nintendo-wii-audio-video-ed-component-cable.html NXG Technology NXG 6M SAPPHIRE SERIES STEREO1/4IN TO 1/4IN SPEAKE CABLE 6M (Pro Sound & Entertainment / DJ Components) http://www.componentsworld.com/nxg-technology-nxg-6m-sapphire-series-stereo1-4in-to-1-4in-speake-cable-6m-pro-sound-entertainment-dj-components.html NXG 6M SAPPHIRE SERIES STEREO1/4IN TO 1/4IN SPEAKE CABLE 6M. <li>Stereo 1/4" male to 1/4" male<li>24-gauge, 2-conductor<li>Retail packaging<li>Lifetime warranty<li>6m http://www.componentsworld.com/nxg-technology-nxg-6m-sapphire-series-stereo1-4in-to-1-4in-speake-cable-6m-pro-sound-entertainment-dj-components.html Chief KTA220B Dual Horizontal Array Pole Clamp - Mounting component ( dual-screen mounting arm ) for monitor - black http://www.componentsworld.com/chief-kta220b-dual-horizontal-array-pole-clamp-mounting-component-dual-screen-mounting-arm-for-monitor-black.html Chief Manufacturing FTA-220 26" Dual Horizontal Array Pole Clamp KTA220B 705 http://www.componentsworld.com/chief-kta220b-dual-horizontal-array-pole-clamp-mounting-component-dual-screen-mounting-arm-for-monitor-black.html Draper Aero Accuset Ceiling Plate - Mounting component ( ceiling plate ) - ceiling mountable http://www.componentsworld.com/draper-aero-accuset-ceiling-plate-mounting-component-ceiling-plate-ceiling-mountable.html 232403 Pipe Size: 1 1/2" This ceiling plate attaches to building structure or can be suspended with threaded rod. Offset design allows cables to exit through top of ceiling plate. -Specify pipe diameter. -Measures 8'' x 6'' x 1 5/8'' (WxLxH). http://www.componentsworld.com/draper-aero-accuset-ceiling-plate-mounting-component-ceiling-plate-ceiling-mountable.html Pure Korean Red Ginseng - Extract (Ginseng Component - 70 Mg/g) http://www.componentsworld.com/pure-korean-red-ginseng-extract-ginseng-component-70-mg-g.html A high purity product obtained by extracting and concentrating 100% of extract from 6 years old Ginseng. It provides the highest concentration of pure Korean Red Ginseng. http://www.componentsworld.com/pure-korean-red-ginseng-extract-ginseng-component-70-mg-g.html Marmot Bastione Component Jacket - Men's http://www.componentsworld.com/marmot-bastione-component-jacket-men-s.html You could encounter cold, wet weather or warmish spring conditions on your backpacking trip, and the Marmot Men's Bastione Component Jacket is ready for both. The insulated liner in this jacket removes so that you can wear the shell on its own for misty, humid spring days, sport just the liner in dry weather, and zip into both when the sun goes down while you're setting up camp. The Angel-Wing Movement design won't expose your lower back as you attach the rain fly, and pitzips help you cool off once you get the campfire going.<br /><br /><b>Product Features</b><ul style="list-style-type: disc; margin-left: 25px;"><li>Material: [Shell] Marmot MemBrain with DWR</li><li>Insulation: [Removable liner] MarmaLoft, DWR finish</li><li>Waterproof Rating: [Shell] water-resistant</li><li>Breathable Rating: [Shell] not specified</li><li>Core Venting: [Shell] pitzips </li><li>Pockets: [Shell] 2 front, 1 internal</li><li>Seam Taped: [Shell] yes, fully </li><li>Powder Skirt: No</li><li>Hood: Yes, removable </li><li>Zip-in Compatibility: Yes, removable liner included </li><li>Weight: </li><li>Recommended Use: Backpacking, hiking, snowsports</li><li>Manufacturer Warranty: Lifetime</li></ul> http://www.componentsworld.com/marmot-bastione-component-jacket-men-s.html Optical Fiber Telecommunications V A & B SET: Optical Fiber Telecommunications V A, Fifth Edition: Components and Subsystems (Optics and Photonics) http://www.componentsworld.com/optical-fiber-telecommunications-v-a-b-set-optical-fiber-telecommunications-v-a-fifth-edition-components-and-subsystems-optics-and-photonics.html <p><i>Optical Fiber Telecommunications V (A&B)</i> is the fifth in a series that has chronicled the progress in the research and development of lightwave communications since the early 1970s. Written by active authorities from academia and industry, this edition not only brings a fresh look to many essential topics but also focuses on network management and services. Using high bandwidth in a cost-effective manner for the development of customer applications is a central theme. This book is ideal for R&D engineers and managers, optical systems implementers, university researchers and students, network operators, and the investment community.<br><br><p>Volume (A) is devoted to components and subsystems, including: semiconductor lasers, modulators, photodetectors, integrated photonic circuits, photonic crystals, specialty fibers, polarization-mode dispersion, electronic signal processing, MEMS, nonlinear optical signal processing, and quantum information technologies. Volume (B) is devoted to systems and networks, including: advanced modulation formats, coherent systems, time-multiplexed systems, performance monitoring, reconfigurable add-drop multiplexers, Ethernet technologies, broadband access and services, metro networks, long-haul transmission, optical switching, microwave photonics, computer interconnections, and simulation tools.<br><br><p><b>Biographical Sketches</b><br><br><p><b>Ivan Kaminow</b> retired from Bell Labs in 1996 after a 42-year career. He conducted seminal studies on electrooptic modulators and materials, Raman scattering in ferroelectrics, integrated optics, semiconductor lasers (DBR , ridge-waveguide InGaAsP and multi-frequency), birefringent optical fibers, and WDM networks. Later, he led research on WDM components (EDFAs, AWGs and fiber Fabry-Perot Filters), and on WDM local and wide area networks. He is a member of the National Academy of Engineering and a recipient of the IEEE/OSA John Tyndall, OSA Charles Townes and IEEE/LEOS Quantum Electronics Awards. Since 2004, he has been Adjunct Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley. <br><br><p><b>Tingye Li</b> retired from AT&T in 1998 after a 41-year career at Bell Labs and AT&T Labs. His seminal work on laser resonator modes is considered a classic. Since the late 1960s, He and his groups have conducted pioneering studies on lightwave technologies and systems. He led the work on amplified WDM transmission systems and championed their deployment for upgrading network capacity. He is a member of the National Academy of Engineering and a foreign member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. He is a recipient of the IEEE David Sarnoff Award, IEEE/OSA John Tyndall Award, OSA Ives Medal/Quinn Endowment, AT&T Science and Technology Medal, and IEEE Photonics Award. <br><br><p><b>Alan Willner</b> has worked at AT&T Bell Labs and Bellcore, and he is Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Southern California. He received the NSF Presidential Faculty Fellows Award from the White House, Packard Foundation Fellowship, NSF National Young Investigator Award, Fulbright Foundation Senior Scholar, IEEE LEOS Distinguished Lecturer, and USC University-Wide Award for Excellence in Teaching. He is a Fellow of IEEE and OSA, and he has been President of the IEEE LEOS, Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE/OSA J. of Lightwave Technology, Editor-in-Chief of Optics Letters, Co-Chair of the OSA Science & Engineering Council, and General Co-Chair of the Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics. <br><br><p><i>For nearly three decades, the OFT series has served as the comprehensive primary resource covering progress in the science and technology of optical fiber telecom. It has been essential for the bookshelves of scientists and engineers active in the field. OFT V provides updates on considerable progress in established disciplines, as well as introductions to new topics. [OFT V]... generates a value that is even higher than that of the sum of its chapters.</i><br>Herwig Kogelnik, Vice President Adjunct, Bell Labs, Alcatel-Lucent <br><br><p><i>... is a comprehensive and authoritative coverage of the latest research advances and development trends in the field, while upholding the highest standards of scholarly exposition and practical perspective. The wealth of material on innovative technologies and advanced applications will serve as an important and timely information resource ... for the advancement of telecommunications world-wide.</i><br>Leping Wei, CTO, China Telecom <br><br><p><i>Lightwave systems constitute the nervous system of the industrial world and continue to evolve as innovations are introduced with enormous economic impact. The editors have very skillfully brought together authoritative chapters written by well known experts, encompassing new technologies that are enabling the rapid advances to their commercial deployment. This is a "must-have" book ...</i><br>Henry Kressel, Managing Director, Warburg Pincus <br><br><p><i>Anyone ... will want to have a copy of this latest edition ... which carries on the tradition of bringing together a wonderful collection of authors, world-renowned experts all, to discuss the most important areas of this rapidly changing technology. ... this volume has evolved to include, not only updates of previous topics, but also considerably more discussion of networks and network services.</i><br>Donald B. Keck, Corning, Inc. (retired) <br><br><p><i>Much has happened since the last edition. ROADM-based metro networks are being widely deployed, optical monitoring is becoming essential, new modulation formats are enabling efficient bandwidth utilization, and deployed FTTH has 1 Gbit/s shared rates. All these ... are expertly reviewed by an impressive set of authors, each highly active, well-known and respected. In all ... a timely, highly valuable, well-written and comprehensive view presented by the world's experts.</i><br>Rod C. Alferness, Chief Scientist, Bell Labs Research, Alcatel-Lucent <br><br>* All the latest technologies and techniques for developing future components and systems<br>* Edited by two winners of the OSA/IEEE John Tyndal award and a President of IEEE Lasers and Electro-optics Society<br>* Written by leading experts in the field, it is the most authoritative and comprehensive reference on optical engineering the market http://www.componentsworld.com/optical-fiber-telecommunications-v-a-b-set-optical-fiber-telecommunications-v-a-fifth-edition-components-and-subsystems-optics-and-photonics.html Wooden Framed Puzzle - NATIVITY SCENE SET - Colored Components http://www.componentsworld.com/wooden-framed-puzzle-nativity-scene-set-colored-components.html # W-1450 This is a product that we have been making for 30 years. It first was designed and on the front cover of the Better Home & Gardens magazine in c.1978. Since then we have tweaked the design to make the item thicker, to give the characters more body. These are 2-1/3 times as thick as the original version. And the original design had no color to the characters, only a clear hand rubbed oil finish. With this design, we have given a color to each item to give it more character and bring it more alive. I believe you will agree that it does just that. The NATIVITY SCENE SET depicts a point in religious time that is very important to Christianity all over the world. This NATIVITY SET will make any holiday decorating a simple way to exhibit your faith and also be an educational tool for young children. This set will display throughout the house in many locations that are befitting of the season. It can be used in churches as holiday decor or especially in the church nursery with the children learning the different members present on that faithful day. Develop dexterity, problem-solving and reasoning skills, hand/eye coordination, color, shape, size identification, and more with these big, bright, multicolored WOODEN PUZZLES COMPONENTS. The individual pieces are light in weight, large in size (about 1-3/4" thick for easy handling). All are precut, safe, sturdy, and water-resistant. The colors are non-toxic stain-like impregnated finishes. The Framed Stable NATIVITY SCENE SET is approximately 11" in High x 14" Wide and 1-7/8" Thick. The finish is a Hand Rubbed Pigmented Impregnated Stain, with the frame in Brown and all of the characters in Multi Colors, depicting all those present on that special Blessed Evening, when Jesus Christ was born. http://www.componentsworld.com/wooden-framed-puzzle-nativity-scene-set-colored-components.html TENNSCO Workbench Components and Accessories - Gray http://www.componentsworld.com/tennsco-workbench-components-and-accessories-gray.html Create a high-quality workbench to fit your specific application. Add these TENNSCO Workbench Components and Accessories to 60" or 72" wide TENNSCO pedestal benches or create your own bench with bench tops, sold separately (search keywords bench tops). 4-drawer pedestals have removable drawers and recessed handles. Cabinet pedestals include one adjustable shelf and keyed lock. NOTE: *Electrical components are pre-installed in electric risers and lower electric panels. NOTE: 4-drawer pedestal, cabinet pedestal, electric riser, lower electric panel, and back and end stops shown with bench top, all sold separately. http://www.componentsworld.com/tennsco-workbench-components-and-accessories-gray.html Code - Component Developer Magazine http://www.componentsworld.com/code-component-developer-magazine.html CoDe : Component Developer Magazine is the answer for your software development information needs. You'll find in-depth explanations of the latest Microsoft technologies, as well as loads of practical development tips! http://www.componentsworld.com/code-component-developer-magazine.html Xbox 360 Monster GameLink Component Video A/V Cable http://www.componentsworld.com/xbox-360-monster-gamelink-component-video-a-v-cable.html Model no. 127507 singlehelix construction dual conductors in a helix configuration rejects emyrfi 24k gold contact tubine connectors silver content solder connections provide high-conductivity connections for optimum transfer of delicate low-level signals heavy-duty double shielding of 100% mylar foil & 95% copper braid high-purity copper stranding patented bandwidth balanced multiple-gauge wire networks 10 ft. http://www.componentsworld.com/xbox-360-monster-gamelink-component-video-a-v-cable.html Kicker 08KS650.2 6-1/2" 2-Way 150W Component Speaker System : KS650.2 http://www.componentsworld.com/2-2-way-150w-component-speaker-system-ks650.html Kicker 08KS650.2 6-1/2" 2-Way 150W Component Speaker System : KS650.2 150W Peak Power 75W RMS Power 4 Ohm Impedance Injection molded polypropylene cone woofer Santoprene surround 1" Aluminum dome tweeter Neodymium magnet with ferrofluid 12 dB/octave high pass crossover 12 dB/octave low pass crossover 3-Position tweeter attenuation Sensitivity 88 dB Frequency Response 35Hz - 21kHz http://www.componentsworld.com/2-2-way-150w-component-speaker-system-ks650.html Numark PROFESSIONAL DJ HARDWARE/SFTWRCONTROLLER SYSTEM (Pro Sound & Entertainment / DJ Components) http://www.componentsworld.com/numark-professional-dj-hardware-sftwrcontroller-system-pro-sound-entertainment-dj-components.html PROFESSIONAL DJ HARDWARE/SFTWRCONTROLLER SYSTEM. <li>High-resolution turntable software controller <li>Direct-drive, motorized turntable platter with high and low-torque settings<li>Features Serato ITCH software, compatible with Serato Scratch LIVE libraries<li>Link two V7s together or use a single unit to control two decks<li>Works with all DJ mixers for custom system configuration<li>Extensive loop, cue, and track-access controls<li>Strip Search virtual needle-drop control<li>Complete effects controls for audio manipulation<li>Audiophile-grade audio circuitry with line inputs, system and cue outs <li>Premium, rugged, all-metal construction with high-end knobs and buttons<li>Includes software controller, turntable platter system, 7" vinyl record, 7" slipmat, spindle wrench and screw, 2 stereo audio cables, link, power and USB cables http://www.componentsworld.com/numark-professional-dj-hardware-sftwrcontroller-system-pro-sound-entertainment-dj-components.html 1.5FT 5-RCA Component Video/Audio Coaxial Cable(RG-59/U) http://www.componentsworld.com/1.html <p> 1.5FT 5-RCA Component Video/Audio Coaxial Cable (RG-59/U)</p><p><p>Component video (Y, Pr, Pb / Y, Cr, Cb) is the among the best analog methods for transferring crisp, vibrant video from your various sources. It will support high definition up to 1080i and progressive scan signals. Monoprice offers both standard and premium grade cables. Both are made with the finest materials and constructed with the best craftsmanship.<BR><BR></p><p>Our standard cables are made with RG-59/u coax cables. Coaxial cables provide excellent shielding from signal interference. The connectors are molded on with a built-in strain relief neck, gold plated tips and are color coded in bright and easy to identify shades of red, green and blue.</p></p><p> 1.5FT 5-RCA Component Video/Audio Coaxial Cable (RG-59/U)</p><p></p><p><P style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt; mso-layout-grid-align: none" class=MsoNormal><SPAN style="FONT-FAMILY: MyriadPro-Regular; COLOR: #231f20; FONT-SIZE: 10pt; mso-bidi-font-family: MyriadPro-Regular">- 3 RCA Video (Y, Pr, Pb) + 2 RCA Audio (Stereo L/R) Connectors</SPAN><BR><P style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt; mso-layout-grid-align: none" class=MsoNormal><SPAN style="FONT-FAMILY: MyriadPro-Regular; COLOR: #231f20; FONT-SIZE: 10pt; mso-bidi-font-family: MyriadPro-Regular"></SPAN><SPAN style="FONT-FAMILY: MyriadPro-Regular; COLOR: #231f20; FONT-SIZE: 10pt; mso-bidi-font-family: MyriadPro-Regular">- Color Coded, Gold Plated, Molded Connectors</SPAN><BR><P style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt; mso-layout-grid-align: none" class=MsoNormal><SPAN style="FONT-FAMILY: MyriadPro-Bold; COLOR: #231f20; FONT-SIZE: 10pt; mso-bidi-font-family: MyriadPro-Bold">Video Cables</SPAN><BR><P style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt; mso-layout-grid-align: none" class=MsoNormal><SPAN style="FONT-FAMILY: MyriadPro-Bold; COLOR: #231f20; FONT-SIZE: 10pt; mso-bidi-font-family: MyriadPro-Bold"></SPAN><SPAN style="FONT-FAMILY: MyriadPro-Regular; COLOR: #231f20; FONT-SIZE: 10pt; mso-bidi-font-family: MyriadPro-Regular">- Heavy-Duty, http://www.componentsworld.com/1.html Marmot Madison Component Jacket - Women's http://www.componentsworld.com/marmot-madison-component-jacket-women-s.html Marmot presents the one-stop-shopping solution to dealing with winter weather: the Women's Madison 3-in-1 Component Jacket. The waterproof breathable MemBrain shell that features two-layer construction and fully taped seams collaborates with the zip-in lightweight insulator jacket collaborate to create a highly versatile jacket that offers rock-solid performance in extreme conditions.<br /><br /><b>Product Features</b><ul style="list-style-type: disc; margin-left: 25px;"><li>Material: [Shell] 100% nylon with MemBrain laminate; [Shell lining] mesh; [Liner shell] 100% polyester ripstop with DWR </li><li>Insulation: [Zip-in liner] Marmaloft </li><li>Shell Fabric Waterproof Rating: 20K</li><li>Shell Fabric Breathability Rating: 20,000g </li><li>Fit: Regular</li><li>Center Back Length: [Med] 26.75in </li><li>Shell Venting: [Shell] Underarm zips </li><li>Pockets: [Shell] 2 front, 1 internal; [Liner] 2 front </li><li>Seams: Fully taped </li><li>Powder Skirt: Fixed </li><li>Hood: Removable </li><li>Zip-in Compatibility: Yes, zip-in liner included </li><li>Recco Reflector: </li><li>Weight: 2lbs (911g)</li><li>Recommended Use: Skiing, snowboarding, winter excursions</li><li>Manufacturer Warranty: Lifetime</li></ul> http://www.componentsworld.com/marmot-madison-component-jacket-women-s.html Paul Components Touring Cantilever Front or Rear Silver http://www.componentsworld.com/paul-components-touring-cantilever-front-or-rear-silver.html The Paul Components Touring Cantilever Brake is designed to work with road or non-linear pull mountain levers. Features: Designed to work with road or non-linear pull mountain levers http://www.componentsworld.com/paul-components-touring-cantilever-front-or-rear-silver.html Chief Speed-Connect CMS-0305W - Mounting component ( extension column ) for projector - aluminum - white http://www.componentsworld.com/chief-speed-connect-cms-0305w-mounting-component-extension-column-for-projector-aluminum-white.html CMS0305W Length: 36" - 60" Focusing on speed of installation, the all-new Speed-Connect Series were designed as an upgrade to the popular CMA Series of ceiling mount accessories. The Speed-Connect Series integrates new easy-to-use features that focus on saving time and maximizing security. The new Speed-Connect adjustable extension columns include a host of new features to make your installations faster and more secure. New design innovations include a continuously adjustable notch for length changes (1'' increments) without disassembly, aluminum construction for easier installation and flow-through cable management with an integrated port (12'' columns or longer) for routing cables. Includes 1-1/2'' NPT threads on both ends (in 6''-12' lengths) and can be used with many of Chief s popular accessories. Features: -Notched adjustment design for length changes without disassembly -Flow-through cable management with an integrated port on one end for routing cables (NOT available on 6''-9'' model) -Aluminum construction for easier installation also saves on shipping costs -All-Points Security System Exclusive locking hardware to protect against theft -Threaded on both ends -1-1/2'' NPT Compatible -Available in black -Weight Capacity: 500 lbs Chief warrants its products (excluding electric, gas cylinder, and one-way bearing mechanisms) to be free of defects in material and workmanship for 10 years. PLEASE NOTE: This item cannot be shipped to Puerto Rico CMS Accessories Instructional Video - InfoComm 2006 About Chief Manufacturing For over a quarter of a century, Chief has been an industry leader in manufacturing total support solutions for presentation systems. Chief's commitment to responding to growing industry needs is evident through a full line of mounts, lifts, and accessories for projectors and flat panels utilizing plasma and LCD technologies. Chief is known for producing the original Roll, Pitch, and Yaw adjustments in 1978 to make projector mount installati http://www.componentsworld.com/chief-speed-connect-cms-0305w-mounting-component-extension-column-for-projector-aluminum-white.html Building the Awesome Organization: Six Essential Components that Drive Entrepreneurial Growth http://www.componentsworld.com/building-the-awesome-organization-six-essential-components-that-drive-entrepreneurial-growth.html <i>Building the Awesome Organization</i> discusses the eight components of an awesome organization. This book will help you to realize the core competencies for growth. It describes the processes, policies and systems that support growth. Find out how to attract and retain awesome peoplea and develop an environment that motivates and empowers people to achieve extraordinary results. Explore the responsibilities of the leader and the expectations others have of the role that the leader of an entrepreneurial company will play. http://www.componentsworld.com/building-the-awesome-organization-six-essential-components-that-drive-entrepreneurial-growth.html Atami B'Cuzz Hydro Component B - 10 Liter http://www.componentsworld.com/atami-b-cuzz-hydro-component-b-10-liter.html B'Cuzz Hydro nutrients are designed to work specifically in hydroponic applications or for those looking for an aggressive feeding program. Growers will experience best results with B'Cuzz Hydro Nutrients when growing in stonewool cubes or slabs, clay pellets, and any other circulating systems. Many growers experience great results with B'Cuzz Hydro Nutrients in conjunction with B'Cuzz 50L loose fill coco. To ensure best results use B'Cuzz bio-stimulants in conjunction with B'Cuzz Hydro Nutrients. http://www.componentsworld.com/atami-b-cuzz-hydro-component-b-10-liter.html America's Flag Company SF2X3NOTX1 2-Foot by 3-Foot Nylon Texas State Flag with Appliqued Star and Sewn Components http://www.componentsworld.com/america-s-flag-company-sf2x3notx1-2-foot-by-3-foot-nylon-texas-state-flag-with-appliqued-star-and-sewn-components.html America's Flag Company SF2X3NOTX1 2-Foot by 3-Foot Nylon Texas State Flag with Appliqued Star and Sewn Components http://www.componentsworld.com/america-s-flag-company-sf2x3notx1-2-foot-by-3-foot-nylon-texas-state-flag-with-appliqued-star-and-sewn-components.html Paul Components Paul E-Lever Left Side Black/Silver http://www.componentsworld.com/paul-components-paul-e-lever-left-side-black-silver.html Specifically designed to keep a clean look on a brake equipped fixie. Ergonomic one finger design. 23.8mm fits the upper flat of the bar next to the bulge, 22.2mm fits standard 7/8" bars. Uses MTB style brake cable (not included). Sold each. http://www.componentsworld.com/paul-components-paul-e-lever-left-side-black-silver.html Computers as Components, Second Edition: Principles of Embedded Computing System Design (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Computer Architecture and Design) http://www.componentsworld.com/computers-as-components-second-edition-principles-of-embedded-computing-system-design-the-morgan-kaufmann-series-in-computer-architecture-and-design.html This book was the first to bring essential knowledge on embedded systems technology and techniques under a single cover. This second edition has been updated to the state-of-the-art by reworking and expanding performance analysis with more examples and exercises, and coverage of electronic systems now focuses on the latest applications. Researchers, students, and savvy professionals schooled in hardware or software design, will value Wayne Wolf's integrated engineering design approach.<br><br>The second edition gives a more comprehensive view of multiprocessors including VLIW and superscalar architectures as well as more detail about power consumption. There is also more advanced treatment of all the components of the system as well as in-depth coverage of networks, reconfigurable systems, hardware-software co-design, security, and program analysis. It presents an updated discussion of current industry development software including Linux and Windows CE. The new edition's case studies cover SHARC DSP with the TI C5000 and C6000 series, and real-world applications such as DVD players and cell phones. <br><br>* Uses real processors (ARM processor and TI C55x DSP) to demonstrate both technology and techniques...Shows readers how to apply principles to actual design practice.<br>* Covers all necessary topics with emphasis on actual design practice...Realistic introduction to the state-of-the-art for both students and practitioners.<br>* Stresses necessary fundamentals which can be applied to evolving technologies...helps readers gain facility to design large, complex embedded systems that actually work. http://www.componentsworld.com/computers-as-components-second-edition-principles-of-embedded-computing-system-design-the-morgan-kaufmann-series-in-computer-architecture-and-design.html Bond 70042 Pulsating Adjustable Sprinkler With Zinc & Brass Components http://www.componentsworld.com/bond-70042-pulsating-adjustable-sprinkler-with-zinc-brass-components.html Bond 70042 Pulsating Adjustable Sprinkler With Zinc & Brass Components http://www.componentsworld.com/bond-70042-pulsating-adjustable-sprinkler-with-zinc-brass-components.html Slendertone Body Toning System - Hand Controller - Required to operate all system components - A16209 01 http://www.componentsworld.com/slendertone-body-toning-system-hand-controller-required-to-operate-all-system-components-a16209-01.html With the Slendertone Body Toning System from ActiveForever you can effectively tone and shape multiple areas of your upper and lower body including your abdominal muscles. Tone both arms at the same time, tone your abs, tone your buttocks, or tone all three areas! It's your choice. Purchase the Arms, Abs, Bottom (Slendertone Mini) or all three toning devices to begin your way to a perfect, firmer physique. Slendertone products from Activeforever use EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) to stimulate your muscles for optimal results. EMS utilizes electrical current to flow to the nerve endings located around core muscle groups. Purchase your Slendertone Body Toning System from ActiveForever today! This is the Hand Controller for the Slendertone System. http://www.componentsworld.com/slendertone-body-toning-system-hand-controller-required-to-operate-all-system-components-a16209-01.html Slick Stixxx Component Cleaning and Detailing System for Automobiles http://www.componentsworld.com/slick-stixxx-component-cleaning-and-detailing-system-for-automobiles.html Detailing shouldn't be a Dirty Word. Slick Stixxx Detailing Component System. Ever wrap a rag around a screwdriver to clean something? Slick Stixxx are a patent pending detailing technology, utilizing a series of various straight and angled component handles and 7 component cleaning heads, and a rag, to help clean tight, hard-to-reach areas that cannot easily be reached using conventional tools or by hand. This kit is much more than a bunch of Q-tips! It is totally re-useable and should last for many seasons. The 4 head cleaner was designed to clean around heads, manifolds, under and around hoses and wires, but will bend 180 degrees to either side and snap back to retain it's original shape and is perfect for flexing around and into areas that you could never get your hands or other tools. Does your chrome grill ring a bell? The cone/pick head is perfect for getting into and around bolts. It's time to make your busted knuckles and scratched chrome a thing of the past!!! Slick Stixxx are safe to use on chrome, billet aluminum, powder coating, and painted surfaces provided they are used as directed. The component handles are made of tempered aluminum coated with chemical resistant vinyl, allowing for a sturdy working device, while providing the safety of a non-marking hand tool. The component heads are made from self-lubricating, non-marking, high-density plastic that is resistant to petroleum and chemicals to insure a quality product and a lasting integrity. Each kit includes: 4 Vinyl Coated Component handles, 7 Non-Marking Component heads, 2 Connectors, 2 Butt-end caps, 1 Slick Bag (tool pouch) and 1 Slick Rag. Slick Stixxx are made in the USA and come with a 30-day money back guarantee. Polishing rag colors may vary. http://www.componentsworld.com/slick-stixxx-component-cleaning-and-detailing-system-for-automobiles.html PlayStation 3 Component Video Cable (8 feet) http://www.componentsworld.com/playstation-3-component-video-cable-8-feet.html Monster Game Component Video and Stereo Audio Cable for Playstation 3 - All-in-one audio/video cable for easy PS3 hookup to HDTVs and home theater. Ideal for Watching 480p DVDs and Blu-ray Disc Movies in High Definition. http://www.componentsworld.com/playstation-3-component-video-cable-8-feet.html Components and Systems: Modular Construction Design, Structure, New Technologies http://www.componentsworld.com/components-and-systems-modular-construction-design-structure-new-technologies.html <P>Construction systems reduced to the smallest possible number of identical elements have long been used by architects to build structures as well as dismantle and change them as quickly, efficiently, and economically as possible. Think of the architecture of the nomads, the Crystal Palace designed by the architect John Paxton for the London World s Fair of 1851, or the modern construction systems of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries in steel, concrete, and wood.</P> <P>Coupled with modern digital planning and production methods, modular precast construction systems that are adaptable for many combinations and capable of being combined with one other will play an increasingly important role in architecture in the future.</P> <P>The volume Components and Systems offers an in-depth and clearly organized presentation of the various types of precast building components from semifinished products to building with components, open and closed systems, and skeleton and panel construction all the way to spatial cell constructions. The systems are accompanied by detailed drawings and color photographs. </P> <P>Discussions of transporting and assembling the various systems round off the topic and make this book an indispensable practical companion.</P> http://www.componentsworld.com/components-and-systems-modular-construction-design-structure-new-technologies.html Playstation 3 Analog AV Multi Out to Component Cable http://www.componentsworld.com/playstation-3-analog-av-multi-out-to-component-cable.html Connect your PS2 or PS3 to component video (YPbPr) and audio inputs. Uses the AV Multi Out port on the Playstation to send analog signal to separate audio and video inputs on NTSC-compatible TV sets or other electronics. Component video supports Progressive Scan and yields sharp, clear images and text. If you've been using composite video, you'll see a great difference!<br />Please note, this is an aftermarket item. http://www.componentsworld.com/playstation-3-analog-av-multi-out-to-component-cable.html Teifoc Assorted Components Brick Construction Set http://www.componentsworld.com/teifoc-assorted-components-brick-construction-set.html Teifoc Assorted Components Brick Construction Set http://www.componentsworld.com/teifoc-assorted-components-brick-construction-set.html Playstation 3 HD Component Cable http://www.componentsworld.com/playstation-3-hd-component-cable.html Ensure you are ready to maximize everything next generation consoles have to offer with the Mad Catz HD Component Cable for the PLAYSTATION 3. Experience vibrant stereo sound and ultra-realistic high-definition images to the fullest on your HDTV and immerse yourself in the world of digital entertainment. Superior sound and graphics enhanced by a premium quality component connection make this cable the premier choice for taking your PS3 gaming to the next level. Mad Catz promises you innovative, quality products for all your gaming needs. http://www.componentsworld.com/playstation-3-hd-component-cable.html Mediabridge - RCA Component Video Cable with Audio - 12ft http://www.componentsworld.com/mediabridge-rca-component-video-cable-with-audio-12ft.html Mediabridge component video cables with left and right stereo audio are ideally suited for connecting video components with video resolutions of 1080i or less as well as stereo audio, Cable TV Converter Boxes, DVR's, DVD Players, Televisions, and Projectors. Mediabridge utilizes a molded design in order to provide a compact design. Jacket is soft and flexible PVC, encased in a high-grade durable nylon sleeve. Connectors are gold plated for ultimate conductivity. The fourth and fifth cables are used to connect left and right stereo audio. http://www.componentsworld.com/mediabridge-rca-component-video-cable-with-audio-12ft.html Sony PDV-184ME DVCAM Metal Evaporated Component Digital Video Tapes With IC Memory Chip http://www.componentsworld.com/sony-pdv-184me-dvcam-metal-evaporated-component-digital-video-tapes-with-ic-memory-chip.html Sony PDV-184ME DVCAM Metal Evaporated Component Digital Video Tapes With IC Memory Chip http://www.componentsworld.com/sony-pdv-184me-dvcam-metal-evaporated-component-digital-video-tapes-with-ic-memory-chip.html Component A http://www.componentsworld.com/component-a.html Component A http://www.componentsworld.com/component-a.html AVF NXS300PB-A Premium AV Component Shelving System (Black) http://www.componentsworld.com/avf-nxs300pb-a-premium-av-component-shelving-system-black.html The AVF Premium AV Component Shelving System (NXS300PB-A) is ideal for supporting various AV components such as Blu-Ray players, DVR's, Cable Boxes, Digital Receivers, etc. http://www.componentsworld.com/avf-nxs300pb-a-premium-av-component-shelving-system-black.html Straitline Components Straitline Silent Guide 32-36t ISCG, Blk w/Grn http://www.componentsworld.com/straitline-components-straitline-silent-guide-32-36t-iscg-blk-w-grn.html Straitline's Silent Guide offers easy installation, adjustment and quiet chain retention. CNC-machined, anodized and laser etched in British Columbia, Canada http://www.componentsworld.com/straitline-components-straitline-silent-guide-32-36t-iscg-blk-w-grn.html 5RCA (Component Video) + 2RCA Audio Cable: 6 ft - by Abacus24-7 http://www.componentsworld.com/5rca-component-video-2rca-audio-cable-6-ft-by-abacus24-7.html 5RCA (Component Video) + 2RCA Audio Cable: 6 ft - by Abacus24-7. Gold-plated component video (green, red, blue) plus stereo (left/right) audio for TVs, cable, DVD & more. - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Savings of up to 60% Off Retail Store / OEM / Genuine comparable products! http://www.componentsworld.com/5rca-component-video-2rca-audio-cable-6-ft-by-abacus24-7.html Morel Maximo 5.25-Inch Component Speaker System http://www.componentsworld.com/morel-maximo-5.html Let the music move you with Morel's affordable Maximo 5 2-way component system. Living up to the standards of the company's renowned speaker systems, the Maximo 5.25-inch 2-way drivers features high-tech advancements that could only come from the leader in loudspeaker technology.</p> <table width="300" cellpadding="20" align="left"> <tr> <td align="center"><img src="http://g-ecx.images-amazon.com/images/G/01/electronics/detail-page-2/B0035FZJEY-1-th.jpg" border="0"> <p><small><b><i>Let the music move you with Morel's affordable Maximo 5 2-way component system. Click to enlarge.</i></b></small> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Efficiency is a Morel trait, one that is also incorporated into the new Maximo bass/mid-range units. At the source is a new ultra-high-grade ferrite magnet that generates increased magnetic flux to motivate the large 1-inch voice coil, thereby increasing power handling and output. At the same time, the smaller yet more powerful magnet (35% smaller than standard ferrite magnets) affords the Maximo to be smaller in size, providing a shallow mounting depth for easy installation in tight places.</p> <p>Maximo is the first in Morel's lineup to use a new proprietary coating called Acudamp. Acudamp is an incredibly lightweight polymer resin applied to the bass/mid-range cone to eliminate cone resonances largely responsible for distortion. This, along with the computer-optimized cone and suspension, results in clean, linear movement during low-frequency reproduction, increased bass dynamics, and natural mid-range response.</p> <p>High frequencies are reproduced by a large-format 25-mm (1-inch) tweeter that employs Morel's External Voice Coil (EVC) technology and a powerful neodymium magnet. The tweeter utilizes a soft textile dome for a non-fatiguing response and that natural "sweet and warm" signature sound Morel is renowned for.</p> <p>Bridging the speakers together, Maximo component speakers are paired with an external 12 dB crossover network built of high-grade film capacitors and large-gauge inductors to minimize distortion. A low crossover point enhances the overall music reproduction in the vehicle by providing exceptional height and breadth to the sound stage. The phase-aligned outboard network was designed so that it provides a natural transition between the woofer and tweeter, regardless of their location, for sonic performance you would only expect from a Morel product.</p> <h2>About the Maximo Series</h2> <p>Morel invested the same passion, engineering, and philosophy that earned its car audio speakers countless awards in the development of the Maximo line. As a result, Maximo inherits several of the company's innovative technologies.</p> <p>Consisting of 2-way component systems and coaxial speakers, the Maximo Series is Morel's solution for those who enjoy a superb-sounding music system that can be easily installed into factory speaker locations and integrated with factory head unit power, or amplified, all at a great value.</p> <p>With Morel's quality craftsmanship, the Maximo 2-way speakers deliver the powerful sound car audio enthusiasts seek but without the ear-fatiguing harshness found in similarly priced speakers.</p> <h2>Maximo Component Tweeter</h2> <p>The foundation for the Maximo tweeter is rooted with the same design principles as Morel's high-end tweeters. Each tweeter uses a proprietary-coated soft textile dome, External Voice Coil (EVC) technology, and a powerful neodymium magnet motor. The extended frequency response provides for a solid front stage and accurate imaging. And the tweeter installation kit further enhances the system's flexibility, offering four different mounting options.</p> <ul> <li><strong>Soft Dome Design</strong><br />The shape of the soft dome tweeter optimizes off-axis performance while minimizing distortion, increasing power handling and improving the overall tonal and dynamic, yet natural, response.</li> <li><strong>25-mm (1-inch) Voice Coil and Powerful Neodymium Motor</strong><br />The large-format voice coil further improves power handling and efficiency while providing superb control for the utmost sonic detail.</li> <li><strong>External Voice Coil Technology (EVC)</strong><br />Larger than in conventional tweeters, the 1-inch voice coil enables detailed sound reproduction regardless of output level.</li> <li><strong>Wide Dispersion</strong><br />The carefully designed, built-in phase-guide helps control the dispersion pattern for superb off-axis response that minimizes high-frequency losses.</li> <li><strong>Tweeter Installation Kit</strong><br />Four different tweeter mounting options enhance system installation flexibility for easy integration into your vehicle.</li> </ul> <table width="300" cellpadding="20" align="right"> <tr> <td align="center"><img src="http://g-ecx.images-amazon.com/images/G/01/electronics/detail-page-2/B0035FZJEY-2.jpg" border="0"> <p><small><b><i>Efficiency, compact size, and versatile mounting are all virtues of the Maximo bass/mid-range units. </i></b></small> </td> </tr> </table> <h2>Maximo Bass/Mid-range Unit</h2> <p>Efficiency, compact size, and versatile mounting are all virtues of the Maximo bass/mid-range units. At the source is an ultra-high-grade ferrite magnet that allows the design to be as much as 35% smaller than standard ferrite-driven motors. This enabled Maximo engineers to build a woofer with a shallow mounting depth for easy installation in tight places.</p> <p>Sound reproduction is natural and virtually distortion free thanks to Morel's proprietary Acudamp-coated paper cones. The result is an efficient 5.25-inch woofer that performs and sounds bigger than it is.</p> <ul> <li><strong>Compact Design and Versatile Basket</strong><br />A shallow mounting depth and versatile mounting options allow Maximo to fit in most vehicles without modification.</li> <li><strong>25MM (1") Voice Coil</strong><br />Larger voice coil provides excellent power handling and dynamic low-frequency response.</li> <li><strong>Acudamp-Coated Paper Cone</strong><br />Eliminates cone distortion for higher power handling while enhancing weather protection.</li> <li><strong>Butyl Rubber Surround</strong><br />FEA computer-designed surround that remains completely linear for the ultimate speaker cone control. Butyl is also an ideal surround material that is extremely durable to promote longevity.</li> <li><strong>Computer-Optimized Cone</strong><br />Results in clean, linear movement during low-frequency reproduction, delivering increased bass dynamics.</li> </ul> <h2>Maximo 2-way Crossover</h2> <p>The outboard crossover network is built using high-grade components commonly found in systems priced twice as much. Featuring film capacitors and large-gauge inductors in their 12 dB filters, power handling is no longer limited by distortion-inducing crossover components. The network's compact dimensions mean that it will fit in locations that most standard crossover cases will not, making installation a breeze.</p> <ul> <li><strong>High-grade Film Capacitors and Large-Gauge Inductors</strong><br />Overbuilt for this level speaker system, these high-quality components keep crossover distortion and power absorption to an absolute minimum.</li> <li><strong>Phase-Optimized Design</strong><br />Naturally bridges the woofer and tweeter, regardless of their location, for a cohesive sonic performance.</li> <li><strong>Small Size</strong><br />Allows crossover to be mounted behind door panels, kick panels, or in the dash--virtually anywhere.</li> </ul> <h2>Technical Details</h2> <p><table width="600" border="0"> <tr bgcolor="#EEEEEE"> <td><strong>Nominal impedance: </strong></td> <td>4 ohms </td> </tr> <tr> <td><strong>Power Handling:</strong></td> <td>80W </td> </tr> <tr bgcolor="#EEEEEE"> <td><strong>Max. Transient Power Handling:</strong></td> <td>160W</td> </tr> <tr> <td><strong>Sensitivity (2.83V/1M): </strong></td> <td>89 dB</td> </tr> <tr bgcolor="#EEEEEE"> <td><strong>Frequency Response: </strong></td> <td>50-20,000Hz</td> </tr> <tr bgcolor="#FFFFFF"> <td><strong>Crossover Point: </strong></td> <td>4,500Hz at 12dB/Octave</td> </tr> <tr bgcolor="#EEEEEE"> <td><strong>Voice Coil Woofer:</strong></td> <td>25mm (1") </td> </tr> <tr bgcolor="#FFFFFF"> <td><strong>Voice Coil Tweeter:</strong></td> <td>25mm (1") </td> </tr> <tr bgcolor="#EEEEEE"> <td><strong>Voice Coil Wire:</strong></td> <td>Copper</td> </tr> <tr bgcolor="#FFFFFF"> <td><strong>Magnet System Woofer:</strong></td> <td>High-Grade Ferrite</td> </tr> <tr bgcolor="#EEEEEE"> <td><strong>Magnet System Tweeter:</strong></td> <td>Neodymium</td> </tr> <tr bgcolor="#FFFFFF"> <td><strong>Mounting Depth:</strong></td> <td>56 mm (2.2") </td> </tr> <tr bgcolor="#EEEEEE"> <td><strong>Net Weight:</strong></td> <td> 2.48 kg ( 5.46 lbs)</td> </tr> </table> </p><br> <table width="200" cellpadding="20" align="left"> <tr> <td align="center"><img src="http://g-ecx.images-amazon.com/images/G/01/electronics/detail-page-2/B0035FZJEO-3.jpg" border="0"></td> </tr> </table> <h2>About Morel</h2> <p>Morel has been at the forefront of loudspeaker technology since the upstart of the company in 1975. Inspired by his love of music, founder Meir Mordechai set out to create the perfect loudspeaker. His lifelong quest has resulted in successive generations of speakers that consistently set new standards for superb sound quality. In fact, the Morel brand has become an annual recipient of "Best of" and "Innovation" awards for sound reproduction worldwide.</p> <p>Loudspeakers are like musical instruments. While there are many producers of musical instruments of all kinds, only a handful succeed in making the sound that captures the essence and magic of music. Morel's in house design, R&D, and manufacturing enable the company to produce loudspeakers that deliver that magical feeling as natural and transparent as the finest instruments themselves.</p> <p>To reach this zenith in audio reproduction, the human touch is an absolute necessity. Each Morel product is assembled by hand and extensively tested, undergoing seven different quality tests to ensure that it meets the highest standards.</p> <p>Morel has dedicated years of R&D to developing unique technologies that overcome the limitations of car audio and offer exceptional performance--from our Maximo line to our flagship Supremo products. The mark of a good speaker is its ability to transform recordings into "live" performances. Morel's car audio systems hit the mark every time.</p> <h2>What's in the Box</h2> <ul> <li>Tweeter: a pair of Maximo 5 2-way tweeters, 2 tweeter grilles, 2 tweeter grille mounting rings, 3 pairs of tweeter mounting options brackets, 4 screws, and 2 metal clip brackets</li> <li>Woofer: a pair of Maximo 5 2-way woofers, 2 woofer grilles, 2 woofer grille mounting rings, 2 crossovers, 8 screws, and 8 nuts</li> <li>User's manual</li> </ul> <h2>Other Morel Maximo Series Products</h2> <table width="100%" border="0"> <tr> <td><div align="center"><img src="http://g-ecx.images-amazon.com/images/G/01/electronics/detail-page-2/B0035FZJEO-link-img.jpg" width="150" height="132" border="0" /><br /> Morel Maximo 6 6-Inch Component Speaker System</div></td> <td><div align="center"><img src="http://g-ecx.images-amazon.com/images/G/01/electronics/detail-page-2/B0035FZJGC-link-img.jpg" width="150" height="150" border="0" /><br /> Morel Maximo 4C 4-Inch Coaxial Speakers</div></td> <td><div align="center"><img src="http://g-ecx.images-amazon.com/images/G/01/electronics/detail-page-2/B0035FZJG2-link-img.jpg" width="150" height="150" border="0" /><br /> Morel Maximo 5C 5-Inch Coaxial Speakers</div></td> <td><div align="center"><img src="http://g-ecx.images-amazon.com/images/G/01/electronics/detail-page-2/B0035FZJFS-link-img.jpg" width="150" height="150" border="0" /><br /> Morel Maximo 6C 6-Inch Coaxial Speakers</div></td> <td><div align="center"><img src="http://g-ecx.images-amazon.com/images/G/01/electronics/detail-page-2/B0035FZJF8-link-img.jpg" width="150" height="150" border="0" /><br /> Morel Maximo 69C 6x9-Inch Coaxial Speakers</div></td> </tr> </table> http://www.componentsworld.com/morel-maximo-5.html Home for the Holidays: Component Album http://www.componentsworld.com/home-for-the-holidays-component-album.html Home for the Holidays: Component Album http://www.componentsworld.com/home-for-the-holidays-component-album.html Universal Hip Orthosis, Universal Pelvic Component, Size: XL; Thigh Proximal Circumference : 26-30& http://www.componentsworld.com/universal-hip-orthosis-universal-pelvic-component-size-xl-thigh-proximal-circumference-26-30.html Universal Hip Orthosis, Universal Pelvic Component, Size: XL; Thigh Proximal Circumference : 26-30'' / 66-76cm; Thigh Distal Circumference : 19-22'' / 48-56cm.Universal low profile hip orthosis accommodates female/male anatomy; Flexible low density polyethylene pelvic and thigh components offers strength without bulk; Unique posterior tongue is slotted to adjust for female/male hip development; Rigid polypropylene posterior tongue minimizes rotation and migration; Pelvic section is universal and low profile with only one build-up for joint; Metal is formed into plastic ensuring screws will not back-out; Soft foam terrycloth lined pads offer increased comfort and hygiene.This is a prescription product and we are only permitted to ship it to the office of a licensed medical practioner or a health care facility authorized to dispense and fit the products. We regret that the product can NOT be directly shipped to patients. Product photo may not exactly match the product offered for sale. Please refer to the product description. http://www.componentsworld.com/universal-hip-orthosis-universal-pelvic-component-size-xl-thigh-proximal-circumference-26-30.html music components rev.2 http://www.componentsworld.com/music-components-rev.html music components rev.2 http://www.componentsworld.com/music-components-rev.html Sony RK-C310 Audio Connecting Cable for Audio Component to Amplifier (1 meter) http://www.componentsworld.com/sony-rk-c310-audio-connecting-cable-for-audio-component-to-amplifier-1-meter.html 10-22-2007 - Brand New Item. Description - SONY RKC310 STEREO AUDIO CABLES (1 M; 3.28 FT) http://www.componentsworld.com/sony-rk-c310-audio-connecting-cable-for-audio-component-to-amplifier-1-meter.html Gates KS12724 Timing Component Seal http://www.componentsworld.com/gates-ks12724-timing-component-seal.html Gates Rubber Company Ks12724 Timing Component Kit Seal http://www.componentsworld.com/gates-ks12724-timing-component-seal.html High Resolution Component Input VGA Box for Wii, Ps3, Xbox 360, PSP 2000, and More http://www.componentsworld.com/high-resolution-component-input-vga-box-for-wii-ps3-xbox-360-psp-2000-and-more.html Now you can connect your Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and other video devices at high resolution right on your LCD or CRT monitor! The High Resolution Component Input VGA Box allows you to hook up your favorite gaming systems to your LCD or CRT monitor using component connectors. The High Resolution Component Input VGA Box converts your component input devices and outputs it to 1600 x 1200 SXGA resolution. The input button on the VGA Box seamlessly enables you to switch between your PC and your gaming system. Enjoy the convenience of having one PC monitor for your everyday PC usage and gaming needs with the High Resolution Component Input VGA Box. Note: PS2 Not Compatible http://www.componentsworld.com/high-resolution-component-input-vga-box-for-wii-ps3-xbox-360-psp-2000-and-more.html Army Reserve Components, National Guard-MEDAL http://www.componentsworld.com/army-reserve-components-national-guard-medal.html Army Reserve Components, National Guard-MEDAL http://www.componentsworld.com/army-reserve-components-national-guard-medal.html New Cablestogo 40697 6 X 2 Component Video Matrix Selector http://www.componentsworld.com/new-cablestogo-40697-6-x-2-component-video-matrix-selector.html 100% safe & secure shopping; Superior customer service. http://www.componentsworld.com/new-cablestogo-40697-6-x-2-component-video-matrix-selector.html Pair of Brand New Nitro Bmw-326 500 Watt Component Tweeters with Neodymium Magnet and 1" Voice Coil http://www.componentsworld.com/pair-of-brand-new-nitro-bmw-326-500-watt-component-tweeters-with-neodymium-magnet-and-1-voice-coil.html PAIR OF BRAND NEW NITRO BMW-326 500 WATT COMPONENT TWEETERS WITH NEODYMIUM MAGNET AND 1" VOICE COILFeatures:1" PEI Dome Neodimium tweeter Neo Magnets are light-weight, yet strong, and can handle heat 500 watt output pair of component tweeters Priced per pair Frequency Response: 3.5 KHz - 20000 Hz Sensitivity: 97 dB Impedance: 4 Ohms Easy to install No amplifier needed Works with factory radio or aftermarket radio1" big voice coils handles extreme powerMounts either flush mounted or angle mounted http://www.componentsworld.com/pair-of-brand-new-nitro-bmw-326-500-watt-component-tweeters-with-neodymium-magnet-and-1-voice-coil.html Nady NADY OCTAGON 4 HEADLED PRO STAGE LIGHT LED PRO STAGE LIGHT (Pro Sound & Entertainment / DJ Components) http://www.componentsworld.com/nady-nady-octagon-4-headled-pro-stage-light-led-pro-stage-light-pro-sound-entertainment-dj-components.html NADY OCTAGON 4 HEADLED PRO STAGE LIGHT LED PRO STAGE LIGHT. <li>4-color LED, red, green, blue and white<li>5-channel DMX control, strobe, dimmer, color macro, red and green<li>Auto sound activation and scan function<li>Up to 100,000 hours of use<li>Easy to set-up and program<li>Includes mounting brackets http://www.componentsworld.com/nady-nady-octagon-4-headled-pro-stage-light-led-pro-stage-light-pro-sound-entertainment-dj-components.html Component which Doesn't Fit to any Machine http://www.componentsworld.com/component-which-doesn-t-fit-to-any-machine.html Component which Doesn't Fit to any Machine http://www.componentsworld.com/component-which-doesn-t-fit-to-any-machine.html Technics TECHNICS 2-PACK SLIP PADYELLOW YELLOW (Pro Sound & Entertainment / DJ Components) http://www.componentsworld.com/technics-technics-2-pack-slip-padyellow-yellow-pro-sound-entertainment-dj-components.html TECHNICS 2-PACK SLIP PADYELLOW YELLOW. <li>Made of anti-static processing felt<li>Diameter 11.8"<li>2 pack http://www.componentsworld.com/technics-technics-2-pack-slip-padyellow-yellow-pro-sound-entertainment-dj-components.html Paul Components Campy thumbies shifter mounts, blk pair http://www.componentsworld.com/paul-components-campy-thumbies-shifter-mounts-blk-pair.html Transforms Shimano bar-end shifters into top-mounts. (Shifters not included) For use with bar-end shifters to create top mount shifters Compatible with 8, 9 and 10 speed indexed bar end shifters 22.2mm (7/8"") clamp for mountain bars (not on bulge). Shifters not included Chose between Campagnolo, Shimano, or SRAM http://www.componentsworld.com/paul-components-campy-thumbies-shifter-mounts-blk-pair.html Passive Components (Original Mix) http://www.componentsworld.com/passive-components-original-mix.html Passive Components (Original Mix) http://www.componentsworld.com/passive-components-original-mix.html Atami B'Cuzz Soil Component A - 1 Liter http://www.componentsworld.com/atami-b-cuzz-soil-component-a-1-liter.html B'Cuzz Soil nutrients are designed to work specifically in growing media that already contain nutrient value. B'cuzz Soil nutrient ensures biological balance in soil media. To ensure best results use B'Cuzz bio-stimulants in conjunction with B'Cuzz Hydro Nutrients.Component "A" Only http://www.componentsworld.com/atami-b-cuzz-soil-component-a-1-liter.html Creature Components http://www.componentsworld.com/creature-components.html RPR03334 Creature Components Minature Figures Dark Heaven Legends by Reaper Miniatures<br /><br />Creature Components Minature Figures Dark Heaven Legends by Reaper Miniatures<br /><br />Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required. http://www.componentsworld.com/creature-components.html Marmot Ridgetop Component Jacket - Men's http://www.componentsworld.com/marmot-ridgetop-component-jacket-men-s.html From deep winter ski days to stormy summer backpacking trips, the Marmot Men's Ridgetop Component Jacket gives you dynamic protection from the elements. This three-in-one jacket features a waterproof breathable Membrain shell and a zip-in, 200-weight fleece that can be used together or individually depending on the conditions.<br /><br /><b>Product Features</b><ul style="list-style-type: disc; margin-left: 25px;"><li>Material: [Shell] nylon Membrain; [Shell lining] nylon </li><li>Insulation:[Zip-in liner] 100% polyester fleece </li><li>Shell Fabric Waterproof Rating: </li><li>Shell Fabric Breathability Rating: </li><li>Fit: Regular</li><li>Center Back Length:</li><li>Shell Venting: Underarm vents </li><li>Pockets: [Shell] 2 front, 1 chest, 1 internal; [Liner] 2 front </li><li>Seams: Fully taped </li><li>Powder Skirt: No</li><li>Hood: Removable</li><li>Zip-in Compatibility: Yes, zip-out liner included </li><li>Recco Reflector: No</li><li>Weight: 2lb 14oz (1.3kg)</li><li>Recommended Use: Skiing, snowboarding, hiking, backpacking</li><li>Manufacturer Warranty: Lifetime</li></ul> http://www.componentsworld.com/marmot-ridgetop-component-jacket-men-s.html Pro ASP.NET 3.5 Server Controls and AJAX Components http://www.componentsworld.com/pro-asp-net-3.html <p><em>Pro ASP.NET 3.5 Server Controls and AJAX Components</em> is a reference for the serious ASP.NET developer who understands the benefits of objectoriented development and wants to apply those principles to ASP.NET 3.5, ASP.NET AJAX, and server control development. This book also covers SharePoint and targets the latest version of Visual Studio (2008) and the .NET Framework (3.5). Highlights include the following:</p> <ul> <li>Covers the new features in ASP.NET 3.5 and ASP.NET AJAX technology</li> <li>Describes the ASP.NET server control architecture in Visual Studio 2008/ASP.NET 3.5 covering state management, events, rendering, cross-platform support, control life cycle, localization, and deployment.</li> <li>Demonstrates how to integrate clientside development technologies such as DHTML and JavaScript with server control technology to create powerful interactive controls </ul><h3>What youll learn</h3><ul> <li>Create a powerful suite of interactive controls using ASP.NET 3.5 and ASP.NET AJAX.</li> <li>Enrich the designtime experience when building custom server controls.</li> <li>Integrate clientside development technologies such as DHTML and JavaScript with server control technology.</li> <li>Develop SharePoint server controls.</li> <li>Learn the background on user controls as compared to server controls.</li> <li>Work with the new mobile controls in ASP.NET 3.5. </ul><h3>Who this book is for</h3><p>The serious ASP.NET developer who understands the benefits of object7ndash;oriented development and wants to apply those principles to ASP.NET 3.5 and server control development.</p> http://www.componentsworld.com/pro-asp-net-3.html Armless Wall Street Modular Component with Chrome Finish Base (Part of Love Seat or Sofa) (Black) http://www.componentsworld.com/armless-wall-street-modular-component-with-chrome-finish-base-part-of-love-seat-or-sofa-black.html Armless Wall Street Modular Component with Chrome Finish Base (Part of Love Seat or Sofa) (Black)The Intelligent Choice for Any Home or OfficeWork Smart provides an intelligent choice for office seating, multi-purpose folding tables and more. From plush gathered leather executive chairs, to sleek ergonomic selections in tightly fitted easy care fabrics, the Work Smart collection provides quality and value second to none. What s more, the Work Smart collection provides one of the industry s widest selections of styles and finishes to complement any office setting. Reception Seating - Wall Street Armless ChairFeatures: Covered in High Performace, Easy Care Faux Leather Box Spring Seat for Durability and Comfort Available in Espresso Faux Leather (-E34) and Black Faux Leather (-B18) Chrome Finish BaseSpecs:Max. Overall Size: 23 x 28 x 30 inchesCube: 7.32Carton Dimensions: 24 x 28.5 x 18.5 inchesWeight: 38 lbs.Container Qty. 40 HQ: 330 Product photo may not exactly match the product offered for sale. Please refer to the product description. http://www.componentsworld.com/armless-wall-street-modular-component-with-chrome-finish-base-part-of-love-seat-or-sofa-black.html Component - AV Cable Set for PlayStation 3 & PS 2 http://www.componentsworld.com/component-av-cable-set-for-playstation-3-ps-2.html 1 x Component AV Cable set for Sony PS3. http://www.componentsworld.com/component-av-cable-set-for-playstation-3-ps-2.html Cables To Go Velocity™ RCA Component Video Cable, 25 ft 27084 http://www.componentsworld.com/cables-to-go-velocity-rca-component-video-cable-25-ft-27084.html "Improve the performance of your progressive scan video sources by providing a much better cable than ""out of the box"" cables included with most consumer electronics products. The oxygen-free copper center conductor and foam PE dielectric maintain a 75 Ohm characteristic impedance, and offer efficient signal transmission to deliver exceptional video detail, color and brightness. The dual braided oxygen-free copper shields and 100% aluminum foil sheath protect against environmental noise and interference. The 24K gold-plated, heavy duty connectors ensure long-lasting, highly conductive signal connections; fully molded connectors provide excellent strain relief. The color-coded molded connectors attach to an ultra-flexible jacket, and enable easy installation and identification" http://www.componentsworld.com/cables-to-go-velocity-rca-component-video-cable-25-ft-27084.html Component Cable for AV Output from Sony PSP to HDTV http://www.componentsworld.com/component-cable-for-av-output-from-sony-psp-to-hdtv.html Use this cable to share your picture and video files, and play games on your HDTV from your PSP. Connects to your HDTV's component jacks. Cable length is 2.2m / 7.2ft.Color-coded connectors make connecting easy.Please note: ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH PSP 2000. http://www.componentsworld.com/component-cable-for-av-output-from-sony-psp-to-hdtv.html Pyle PYLE 8CH PROFESSIONALPA MIXER AMPLIFIER PA MIXER AMPLIFIER (Pro Sound & Entertainment / DJ Components) http://www.componentsworld.com/pyle-pyle-8ch-professionalpa-mixer-amplifier-pa-mixer-amplifier-pro-sound-entertainment-dj-components.html PYLE 8CH PROFESSIONALPA MIXER AMPLIFIER PA MIXER AMPLIFIER. <li>400 watts total power <li>8-channel mono inputs, balanced line input and XLR input<li>2 stereo input channels <li>Peak LED mono and stereo channels<li>7-band mono or stereo equalizer<li>Balanced TRS jacks<li>1/2" AUX effects send/return loop<li>10 7/32" W x 17 5/16" H x 10 13/16" D http://www.componentsworld.com/pyle-pyle-8ch-professionalpa-mixer-amplifier-pa-mixer-amplifier-pro-sound-entertainment-dj-components.html Optical Propagation in Linear Media: Atmospheric Gases and Particles, Solid-State Components, and Water (Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory Series in Science & Engineering) http://www.componentsworld.com/optical-propagation-in-linear-media-atmospheric-gases-and-particles-solid-state-components-and-water-johns-hopkins-university-applied-physics-laboratory-series-in-science-engineering.html A typical optical system is composed of three basic components: a source, a detector, and a medium in which the optical energy propagates. Many textbooks cover sources and detectors, but very few cover propagation in a comprehensive way, incorporating the latest progress in theory and experiment concerning the propagating medium. This book fulfills that need. It is the first comprehensive and self-contained book on this topic. It will be a useful reference book for researchers, and a textbook for courses like Laser Light Propagation, Solid State Optics, and Optical Propagation in the Atmosphere. http://www.componentsworld.com/optical-propagation-in-linear-media-atmospheric-gases-and-particles-solid-state-components-and-water-johns-hopkins-university-applied-physics-laboratory-series-in-science-engineering.html Component Hardware 4" Stainless Steel Adjustable Leg Leveler http://www.componentsworld.com/component-hardware-4-stainless-steel-adjustable-leg-leveler.html Component Hardware 4" Stainless Steel Adjustable Leg Leveler. All legs are furnished with a 3-1/2" (89mm) square removable mounting plate and a hex shaped adjustable foot http://www.componentsworld.com/component-hardware-4-stainless-steel-adjustable-leg-leveler.html Component Video Cable for MP160/MP180 http://www.componentsworld.com/component-video-cable-for-mp160-mp180.html 3M MP160/180 Adapter Cable for Apple3M MPro Adapter Cable for Apple (iPod, iTouch, iPhone)FITS mPRO 160/180 ONLY. http://www.componentsworld.com/component-video-cable-for-mp160-mp180.html Monster ULT V800 CV-4 Ultra 800 Component Video Cables (4 feet) http://www.componentsworld.com/monster-ult-v800-cv-4-ultra-800-component-video-cables-4-feet.html Use this cable to transfer high definition video from your DVD, HDDVD, Blu-ray, DVR, Satellite/Cable Box, etc. to your TV. The Monster THX Ultra 800 includes many of Monster Cable's patented technical innovations for significant performance improvements over lesser brands. <ul> <Li>High-purity copper conductor for high-frequency response and low attenuation</li> <li>Color coding for easy installation</li> <li>Patented Nitrogen-injected dielectric for optimum signal strength</li> <li>Full-coverage double shielding with 100% foil and 95% copper braiding for maximum rejection of interference</li> <Li>8-Cut 24k Gold contact Turbine' connectors with Heavy Duty Strain Relief and Monster Design' Split-Tip center pins for optimal contact pressure and surface area</li> <li>Silver content solder connections for exact transfer of delicate signals</li> <li>Precision 75-Ohm Impedance Design for ultra low-loss high performance video and THX Certification</li> </ul> http://www.componentsworld.com/monster-ult-v800-cv-4-ultra-800-component-video-cables-4-feet.html High Quality 3 RCA (Component Video) + 2 RCA (Audio), 25 ft. Component Video Cable, Component Video Cable http://www.componentsworld.com/high-quality-3-rca-component-video-2-rca-audio-25-ft.html High Quality 3 RCA (Component Video) + 2 RCA (Audio), 25 ft. Component Video Cable, Component Video Cable http://www.componentsworld.com/high-quality-3-rca-component-video-2-rca-audio-25-ft.html Components of the Practice http://www.componentsworld.com/components-of-the-practice.html Components of the Practice http://www.componentsworld.com/components-of-the-practice.html HD Video Component Cable for AIPTEK HD camcorders http://www.componentsworld.com/hd-video-component-cable-for-aiptek-hd-camcorders.html Replacment HD Video Component Cable for AIPTEK High Definition Camcorders http://www.componentsworld.com/hd-video-component-cable-for-aiptek-hd-camcorders.html JVC UX-PL5 CD Micro Component System http://www.componentsworld.com/jvc-ux-pl5-cd-micro-component-system.html CD Micro Component System http://www.componentsworld.com/jvc-ux-pl5-cd-micro-component-system.html Audio-Technica AUDIOTECHNICA REPLACEMENSTLUS - AT-PL50 STLUS - AT-PL50 (Pro Sound & Entertainment / DJ Components) http://www.componentsworld.com/audio-technica-audiotechnica-replacemenstlus-at-pl50-stlus-at-pl50-pro-sound-entertainment-dj-components.html AUDIOTECHNICA REPLACEMENSTLUS - AT-PL50 STLUS - AT-PL50. <li>Fits Audio-Technica AT-PL50 and Sony PS-LX200 turntables http://www.componentsworld.com/audio-technica-audiotechnica-replacemenstlus-at-pl50-stlus-at-pl50-pro-sound-entertainment-dj-components.html Recoton TSVG361 Component Video Cable Set ? 6 Feet http://www.componentsworld.com/recoton-tsvg361-component-video-cable-set-6-feet.html Color coded for easy installation24k gold-plated connectors6' http://www.componentsworld.com/recoton-tsvg361-component-video-cable-set-6-feet.html Learning Joomla! 1.5 Extension Development: Creating Modules, Components, and Plugins with PHP http://www.componentsworld.com/learning-joomla-1.html <P>A practical tutorial for creating your first Joomla! 1.5 extensions with PHP </p> <P><b>In Detail</b></p> <P>Joomla! is the world's hottest open-source content management system, and the winner of the 2006 Open Source CMS Prize.</p> <P>While Joomla! is packed with features, its greatest quality is that it is extremely extensible, allowing any number of complex applications to be cleanly integrated. Shopping carts, forums, social networking profiles, job boards, and real estate listings are all examples of extensions developers have written for Joomla!. All of these can run off one Joomla! site, while only one database, template, and core need to be maintained. When you build an extension to Joomla!, it will inherit the look and feel of the overall site. Any type of program that can be coded in PHP is a potential component waiting to be written!</p> <P>If you're eager to start creating extensions for Joomla!, this book is for you. Walk through the development of complete Joomla! components and modules with this tutorial for PHP programmers. Written for Joomla! version 1.5 and tested against pre-final releases, this book will get you started coding your first extensions as quickly as possible, and adds the features that will make your work look professional!</p> <P>The book builds example extensions to create, find, promote, and cross-link restaurant reviews. A component will handle common data items seen across all reviews such as price range, reservations, cuisine type, and location. Your visitors will be able to search and sort through the reviews; adding their own criteria to zero in on their dining options for the evening.</p> <P>Your modules will highlight new reviews, drawing the attention of frequent visitors. Finally, plugins will pull pieces of the reviews into feature articles and others will integrate them into searches. Even if you don't own a restaurant, you will still find the code applicable to your own development projects, and the skills you develop will make you a Joomla! developer to be reckoned with!</p> <P><b>What you will learn from this book?</b></p> <ul> <li> Code Joomla! components, modules, and plugins from the ground up </li><li> Create toolbars, list screens, and menu items </li><li> Maintain a consistent look and reduce repetitive code using HTML functions </li><li> Automate database record management </li><li> Validate input and resist hack attempts </li><li> Configure your modules through XML parameters </li><li> Package and distribute your extensions</li></ul> <P><b>Approach</b></p> <P>A practical tutorial, based around the development of coherent example throughout the book. Each chapter walks you through the steps to add a required feature to the extension.</p> <P><b>Who this book is written for?</b></p> <P>This book is suitable for PHP programmers who want to take their first step in customizing and extending the features of Joomla! through custom PHP development. It is not a reference guide for advanced Joomla! developers.</p> <P>You need only the basics of PHP programming; no experience of developing Joomla! extensions is assumed. You are expected to be familiar with the general operation of Joomla!</p> http://www.componentsworld.com/learning-joomla-1.html Soul 5 Components http://www.componentsworld.com/soul-5-components.html Soul 5 Components http://www.componentsworld.com/soul-5-components.html Component Video and Stereo Audio Kit 500 AV Kit - Component Video Analog Audio A/V Kit http://www.componentsworld.com/component-video-and-stereo-audio-kit-500-av-kit-component-video-analog-audio-a-v-kit.html Component Video and Stereo Audio Kit 500 AV Kit - Component Video Analog Audio A/V Kit http://www.componentsworld.com/component-video-and-stereo-audio-kit-500-av-kit-component-video-analog-audio-a-v-kit.html Bretford Basics Cathedral Ceiling Bracket TVCCB-BK - mounting component http://www.componentsworld.com/bretford-basics-cathedral-ceiling-bracket-tvccb-bk-mounting-component.html TVCCB-BK The Cathedral Ceiling Bracket is designed for angled ceiling installations on TV and LCD Mounts. Used with extension pipe. For use with wood support beams and joists. Uses gravity to hang at the proper angle. Black. Overall Dimensions: 3'' W x 7 1/2'' L http://www.componentsworld.com/bretford-basics-cathedral-ceiling-bracket-tvccb-bk-mounting-component.html Rocketfish - Game console audio / video cable - component / composite video / audio / digital audio - 8 ft - double shielded http://www.componentsworld.com/rocketfish-game-console-audio-video-cable-component-composite-video-audio-digital-audio-8-ft-double-shielded.html <ul><li>Gold plated connectors provides maximum signal transfer</li><li>Dual shielded for minimal external interference</li><li>Includes Toslink optical output for digital audio connections</li> http://www.componentsworld.com/rocketfish-game-console-audio-video-cable-component-composite-video-audio-digital-audio-8-ft-double-shielded.html The Five Components of Self Esteem - One Bite At a Time http://www.componentsworld.com/the-five-components-of-self-esteem-one-bite-at-a-time.html Gail Dusa specializes in practical strategies for building self-esteem, increasing personal confidence, goal setting, and group facilitation.Her strategies are adaptable on the personal level, or in a school or business setting. http://www.componentsworld.com/the-five-components-of-self-esteem-one-bite-at-a-time.html American Standard 4027.016.021 Cadet-3 14-Inch Rough-In Toilet Tank with Coupling Components, Bone (Tank Only) http://www.componentsworld.com/american-standard-4027-016.html American Standard 4027.016.021 Cadet 3 Toilet Tank, BoneAmerican Standard 4027.016.021 Cadet 3 Toilet Tank, Bone Features:; Vitreous china; The Cadet 3 is classified as a low-consumption toilet(6.0 Lpf/1.6 gpf); 14" (305mm) rough; Permanent Everclean; surface; Featuring the Flush Right; System; Close-coupled tank with flat tank cover for superior storage; Oversized 3" flush valve with chemical resistant flapper; Chrome trip lever; New Speed Connect; tank-to-bowl coupling system; New sanitary dam on bowl with four point tank stabilization http://www.componentsworld.com/american-standard-4027-016.html Independent Component Analysis: A Tutorial Introduction (Bradford Books) http://www.componentsworld.com/independent-component-analysis-a-tutorial-introduction-bradford-books.html Independent component analysis (ICA) is becoming an increasingly important tool for analyzing large data sets. In essence, ICA separates an observed set of signal mixtures into a set of statistically independent component signals, or source signals. In so doing, this powerful method can extract the relatively small amount of useful information typically found in large data sets. The applications for ICA range from speech processing, brain imaging, and electrical brain signals to telecommunications and stock predictions.<br /> <br /> In <i>Independent Component Analysis</i>, Jim Stone presents the essentials of ICA and related techniques (projection pursuit and complexity pursuit) in a tutorial style, using intuitive examples described in simple geometric terms. The treatment fills the need for a basic primer on ICA that can be used by readers of varying levels of mathematical sophistication, including engineers, cognitive scientists, and neuroscientists who need to know the essentials of this evolving method.<br /> <br /> An overview establishes the strategy implicit in ICA in terms of its essentially physical underpinnings and describes how ICA is based on the key observations that different physical processes generate outputs that are statistically independent of each other. The book then describes what Stone calls "the mathematical nuts and bolts" of how ICA works. Presenting only essential mathematical proofs, Stone guides the reader through an exploration of the fundamental characteristics of ICA.<br /> <br /> Topics covered include the geometry of mixing and unmixing; methods for blind source separation; and applications of ICA, including voice mixtures, EEG, fMRI, and fetal heart monitoring. The appendixes provide a vector matrix tutorial, plus basic demonstration computer code that allows the reader to see how each mathematical method described in the text translates into working Matlab computer code. http://www.componentsworld.com/independent-component-analysis-a-tutorial-introduction-bradford-books.html Playstation 3 Monster Component Audio Video Cable http://www.componentsworld.com/playstation-3-monster-component-audio-video-cable.html Monster Component Audio Video Cable for PlayStation3. If youre like most gamers, you invested in your Playstation 3 so you could both play games and watch movies in high definition. So, why settle for an A/V connection that doesnt maximize the capabilities of your PS3. Monster GameLink features heavy duty double shielding and a nitrogen gas injected dielectric for maximum signal transfer, so you never miss a detail or nuance in todays 3D games and Blu ray Disc movies. Plus, SingleHelix construction and specially wound high purity copper stranding for enhanced clarity and sonic impact. Your PS3 was an investment. Get more from it with Monster GameLink. http://www.componentsworld.com/playstation-3-monster-component-audio-video-cable.html 6FT 4 in 1 Component Cable for Xbox 360, Wii, PS3 and PS2 http://www.componentsworld.com/6ft-4-in-1-component-cable-for-xbox-360-wii-ps3-and-ps2.html Product Description<p></p>Fully Compatible with Xbox 360TM, WiiTM, PS3TM , PS2TM and any TV system with component input. The Final High-Definition Solution for all your Next Generation Gaming Consoles. Avoid the Hassle of switching cables behind your television or dealing with tangled cables from all your Consoles, not to mention the saving from buying 1 cable instead of 3. Support D2 (480i/480P); (720i/720P) & D4 (1080 i/ 1080 P) technology. Actual resolution displayed will be determined by the technology supported by the Console in use. http://www.componentsworld.com/6ft-4-in-1-component-cable-for-xbox-360-wii-ps3-and-ps2.html Cables To Go - 40216 - 100ft Sonicwave Component Video plus Digital Audio Cable http://www.componentsworld.com/cables-to-go-40216-100ft-sonicwave-component-video-plus-digital-audio-cable.html Cables To Go SonicWave Component Video Plus Digital Audio Interconnect 40216 Cables http://www.componentsworld.com/cables-to-go-40216-100ft-sonicwave-component-video-plus-digital-audio-cable.html Nintendo Wii AV and S-Video Component Cable http://www.componentsworld.com/nintendo-wii-av-and-s-video-component-cable.html Show off your Nintendo Wii with better graphics, better sound and better quality on your TV! The Nintendo Wii S-Video Cable gives you much higher picture quality compared to the standard RCA/composite cable included with the Nintendo Wii. http://www.componentsworld.com/nintendo-wii-av-and-s-video-component-cable.html Pro JSF and Ajax: Building Rich Internet Components http://www.componentsworld.com/pro-jsf-and-ajax-building-rich-internet-components.html Pro JSF and Ajax shows you how to leverage the full potential of JavaServer Faces (JSF) and Ajax. This is not an entry-level tutorial, but a book about building Ajax-enabled JSF components for sophisticated, enterprise-level Rich Internet Applications. Written by JSF experts and verified by established community figures--including Adam Winer (member of the JSF Expert Group, Java Champion), Kito D. Mann (JSFCentral.com and JSF in Action), and Matthias Weendorf (MyFaces)--this JSF 1.2-compatible book provides reliable and groundbreaking JSF components to help you exploit the power of JSF in your Java web applications. <P>This book provides a blueprint for building custom JSF UI components and shows how to leverage the best browser technologies, such as AJAX, Mozilla XUL and Microsoft HTC, to deliver Rich Internet Applications. <P>This book covers standard best practices for behavioral and renderer-specific component classes, renderers, events and event listeners, and JSP tag handlers for each. It also covers advanced techniques such as dynamic content type negotiation, JAR-based resource delivery, and dynamic render kit selection. <P>"Does the world really and truly need another JavaServer Faces book? <P>I was fairly well convinced the answer could only be a resounding "no"! After all, there's a good half dozen books out in stores today, by a whole host of web luminaries, and I've even personally helped as a technical reviewer on half of those. So what more could really be said on the subject? <P>But when I thought about this a bit more, it became clear that all of these books only go so far. They'll show you how to use what JSF gives you out of the box, throw you a bone for writing your own components and renderers, maybe even a bit more. But none that I've seen get to the heart of why JSF is really and truly cool and important technology; they make JSF look like YAMVCF (Yet Another Model-View-Controller Framework) for HTML - more powerful here and there, easier to use in many places, a bit harder to use in others, but really nothing major. And certainly nothing that takes us beyond the dull basics of building ordinary-looking web applications. <P>This book goes a lot further. It'll cover the basics, of course, and show you how to build components, but then it keeps going: on to AJAX, on to HTC, on to XUL - and how you can wrap this alphabet soup up underneath the heart of JSF, its component model, and how you can leverage it to finally develop web applications that don't need radical re-architecting every time the winds of client technologies blow in a different direction. Along the way, you'll learn a wide array of open source toolkits that make web magic practical even when you're not a Javascript guru. <P>So, heck, I'm convinced. The world does need another JSF book." <P>Adam Winer, Architect ADF Faces, JSF Expert Group Member, and Java Champion (From the Foreword) http://www.componentsworld.com/pro-jsf-and-ajax-building-rich-internet-components.html Straitline Components Straitline Levers for Hope Moni Mini/M4/M6, Gold http://www.componentsworld.com/straitline-components-straitline-levers-for-hope-moni-mini-m4-m6-gold.html Straitline Shimano blades fit many models of pre-2008 and current city hydraulic master cylinders Fits Shimano M556/585/756/755/765/800 hydraulic levers Not compatible with http://www.componentsworld.com/straitline-components-straitline-levers-for-hope-moni-mini-m4-m6-gold.html Visual Factory Management & Control (VFM) Technology Case: An Introduction and Overview of Factory Automation Components & Systems http://www.componentsworld.com/visual-factory-management-control-vfm-technology-case-an-introduction-and-overview-of-factory-automation-components-systems.html This publication is a professional quality DVD video covering Festo factory automation components and systems in a Visual Factory Management & Control (VFM) framework. VFM is an integrated set of methods and technologies for the purpose of reducing waste at all levels, improving profitability, increasing lean production control, product & process quality, productivity, safety, on-demand / just-in-time (JIT) production / delivery, and employee morale in a factory, or virtually in any business. In this DVD video we focus on factory automation components & systems, including ISO & NFPA standard cylinders, guide & slide units, rotary actuators, rodless linear actuators & displacement encoders, pneumatic grippers, precision parallel grippers, grippers for harsh environments, swivel grippers, and others, air filtering, air diagnostics, Rockwell Automation integration solutions with Fieldbus, Ethernet / IP and other technologies, plug-and-play valve manifold I/O for Ethernet / IP enabled controllers, remote device / system monitoring & troubleshooting over the web, Festo CPV valve terminals for DeviceNet, fast switching valves, fluid muscle cylinders, servo valves to control the hard stop, various integrated systems, and other factory automation & control solutions. VFM and factory automation typically begins by following an integrated process, requirements, and risk analysis method, embedded into a statistical analysis and multimedia framework. As a result, the team will have a clear picture about what needs to be done, when, and how. The next step is typically the implementation of a 'Five S', a 'Lean Six-Sigma', and a 'Monozukuri' program. (See more about these methods and technologies in Professor Ranky's Library.) System Requirements: DVD-ROM: NTSC standard definition (SD) DVD video player for TV, or computer. Approximate length 33 minutes, in 16:9 widescreen format, also playable on a 4:3 regular screen, or any good computer screen (800 x 600 resolution, or better) http://www.componentsworld.com/visual-factory-management-control-vfm-technology-case-an-introduction-and-overview-of-factory-automation-components-systems.html SANUS SYSTEMS CASBP3-B1 Component Foundations Steel Flat Blanking Panel (3U) http://www.componentsworld.com/sanus-systems-casbp3-b1-component-foundations-steel-flat-blanking-panel-3u.html SANUS SYSTEMS CASBP3-B1 Component Foundations Steel Flat Blanking Panel (3U) http://www.componentsworld.com/sanus-systems-casbp3-b1-component-foundations-steel-flat-blanking-panel-3u.html Precision Power PPI S2.65C 6.5-In Sedona Series 130 watts Component System http://www.componentsworld.com/precision-power-ppi-s2-65c-6.html # 6-1/2" Sedona Series 2-way Car Component Speakers# Power Handling:* Peak: 200 watts per set * RMS: 100 watts per set# Zirconium coated, polypropylene cone woofer# Rubber surround# 1/2" Mylar bullet tweeter# Rubber magnet boot# Surface and flush-mountable tweeter# Zolon coated low-resonance basket# 4 ohms impedance# 1" Aluminum voice coil# 20oz Magnet structure# Top-mount depth: 2-1/4"# White terminal connections# Includes speaker grilles http://www.componentsworld.com/precision-power-ppi-s2-65c-6.html Hobart 770192 Standard Replacement Components Lens, Clear, 4-1/2-Inch http://www.componentsworld.com/hobart-770192-standard-replacement-components-lens-clear-4-1-2-inch.html <p> The Hobart 770192 is a clear 4-1/2 x 5-1/4-Inch Arc Welding Helmet Replacement Lenses for use with the Hobart 770264, 770567, 770578 and 770003 model welding helmets. The 770192 lenses offer high-quality eye protection for all types of arc welding as well as protection against ultraviolet rays.</p> <h3> Features:</h3> <ul> <li> Replacement protective lenses for 770264, 770567, 770578 and 770003 welding helmets</li> </ul> <h3> What's In The Box:</h3> <ul> <li> Hobart 770192 Clear Polycarbonate 4-1/2 x 5-1/4-Inch Welding Helmet Replacement Lens</li> </ul> http://www.componentsworld.com/hobart-770192-standard-replacement-components-lens-clear-4-1-2-inch.html Symmetrical Components for Power Systems Engineering (Electrical and Computer Engineering) http://www.componentsworld.com/symmetrical-components-for-power-systems-engineering-electrical-and-computer-engineering.html Emphasizing a practical conception of system unbalances, basic circuits, and calculations, this essential reference/text presents the foundations of symmetrical components with a review of per unit (percent), phasors, and polaritykeeping the mathematics as simple as possible throughout. http://www.componentsworld.com/symmetrical-components-for-power-systems-engineering-electrical-and-computer-engineering.html Hosa HOSA STD 1/4IN PHONEPLUG W/LARGE HOLE PLUG W/LARGE HOLE (Pro Sound & Entertainment / DJ Components) http://www.componentsworld.com/hosa-hosa-std-1-4in-phoneplug-w-large-hole-plug-w-large-hole-pro-sound-entertainment-dj-components.html HOSA STD 1/4IN PHONEPLUG W/LARGE HOLE PLUG W/LARGE HOLE. http://www.componentsworld.com/hosa-hosa-std-1-4in-phoneplug-w-large-hole-plug-w-large-hole-pro-sound-entertainment-dj-components.html America's Flag Company SF4X6P2TX1 4-Foot by 6-Foot Commercial Polyester Texas State Flag with Appliqued Star and Sewn Components http://www.componentsworld.com/america-s-flag-company-sf4x6p2tx1-4-foot-by-6-foot-commercial-polyester-texas-state-flag-with-appliqued-star-and-sewn-components.html America's Flag Company SF4X6P2TX1 4-Foot by 6-Foot Commercial Polyester Texas State Flag with Appliqued Star and Sewn Components http://www.componentsworld.com/america-s-flag-company-sf4x6p2tx1-4-foot-by-6-foot-commercial-polyester-texas-state-flag-with-appliqued-star-and-sewn-components.html Package: Brand New SPL Spc-60 6.5" Injection Pp Cone Component Speakers with Titanium Tweeters + Pair Crunch Grp62cx 600 Watt 2-way Speakers http://www.componentsworld.com/package-brand-new-spl-spc-60-6.html Package: Brand New SPL SPC-60 6.5" Injection PP Cone Component Speakers with Titanium Tweeters + Pair Crunch GRP62CX 600 Watt 2-Way SpeakersFeatures:6-1/2" 2-way Component Speakers SystemRMS Power handling: 150 watts per set / 75 watts each sideButyl rubber surroundsPlatinum screw terminalsFrequency Response: 50 hz - 8000 hzTwo-way crossover: 80 hz - 6000 hzTweeter frequency response: 3000 hz - 20000 hzImpedance: 4 OhmImpedance balancing network12 dB/ Octave Roll off1" Silk Dome Tweeter30 oz. Strontium Magnet1" Kapton Voice CoilNeodymium MagnetFerro fluid cooledThree way mountingSize 6.5" Low Profile 2.28" mounting depth to fit into almost all carsBuilt in internal capacitor crossover eliminates unwanted noises from the woofer and tweeterFreq. Response 59Hz -21kHz Sensitivity: 88 dB Speaker Impedance 4-Ohms Woofer Cone Material: Alpha cellulose Silver Laminated Butyl Rubber Woofer Surrounds eliminates distortion 1" Dome Tweeters Soft Mylar Material Neodymium Tweeter Magnet 600 watts total system output 300 Watts Max Power each 120 Total RMS Output 60 RMS Each Tight fit long lasting speaker terminals ensure long life Raised T-YokeSold In Pairs http://www.componentsworld.com/package-brand-new-spl-spc-60-6.html Time Components http://www.componentsworld.com/time-components.html Time Components http://www.componentsworld.com/time-components.html Behringer MIC2200 Component Rack http://www.componentsworld.com/behringer-mic2200-component-rack.html High-Precision Vacuum Tube Microphone/Line Preamplifier http://www.componentsworld.com/behringer-mic2200-component-rack.html Cables To Go 98036 Premium Component Video Cable (8 Feet, Black/Gray) http://www.componentsworld.com/cables-to-go-98036-premium-component-video-cable-8-feet-black-gray.html Cables To Go Premium component video cables will improve the performance of your progressive scan video sources by providing a much better interconnect solution than the throw away cables that are included with most consumer electronics products. The oxygen-free copper center conductor and foamed PE dielectric work to maintain 75-ohm characteristic impedance. The dual braided oxygen-free copper shields and aluminum foil sheath offer protection from environmental noise and interference. Robustly constructed using color-coded molded connectors that attach to an ultra-flexible jacket, Cables To Go cables are the epitome of easy installation and identification. 24K gold plated heavy-duty connectors ensure long-lasting, highly conductive signal connections. http://www.componentsworld.com/cables-to-go-98036-premium-component-video-cable-8-feet-black-gray.html PS3/PS2 Component-AV Gold Plated Cable http://www.componentsworld.com/ps3-ps2-component-av-gold-plated-cable.html The Playstation 3 Gold Plated Component Cable deliver you the best picture quality compared to the standard RCA/composite cable include with the Playstation 3 system. The Playstation Gold Plated Component Cable utilizes high quality 24K gold electroplate connectors, so that you can achieve the best picture quality on your HDTV. The Playstation 3 Gold Plated Component Cable by Hyperkin supports Dolby Stereo, Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1 sound systems. http://www.componentsworld.com/ps3-ps2-component-av-gold-plated-cable.html PSP Component AV Cable http://www.componentsworld.com/psp-component-av-cable.html Your PSP 2000 is more than just a gaming machine, it's a complete handheld entertainment center. Now you can connect your PSP 2000 to your TV and enjoy movies and games on a larger screen, with the best picture quality available. Simply connect the 12 foot long cable to your PSP 2000 component outputs, connect to your TV's input and you're all set for gaming, movies or pictures. http://www.componentsworld.com/psp-component-av-cable.html Sony PDV-64N Standard DVCAM Metal Evaporated Component Digital Video Tapes Without IC Memory Chip http://www.componentsworld.com/sony-pdv-64n-standard-dvcam-metal-evaporated-component-digital-video-tapes-without-ic-memory-chip.html SONY 64 NEW PDV-64N http://www.componentsworld.com/sony-pdv-64n-standard-dvcam-metal-evaporated-component-digital-video-tapes-without-ic-memory-chip.html Walnut Wood Laser Cut Steampunk Gear Cog Wheel Pendant Component 1 Inch http://www.componentsworld.com/walnut-wood-laser-cut-steampunk-gear-cog-wheel-pendant-component-1-inch.html <div align="center" class="isub">Natural Walnut Wood <br>Steampunk Series Laser Cut Gear Cog <br>Lightweight Pendant Component <br>1 Inch Diameter <br>Quantity Of 1</div><ul class="ilist"><li>Natural Walnut wood is laser cut into a gear shape. Remarkably light weight. </li><li> Lightly varnished in a satin finish. </li><li>Great for steampunk themed jewelry and altered art projects. </li><li>The etched gear in the center of this piece is exactly the same size as our "1/2 Inch Small Gear Cog Wheel" component. Try layering with a contrasting wood color for an interesting look. </li><li>This wooden component has a hole in the center, which can be used to attach other components. Mix and match materials and use wooden components with metal parts. </li><li>Approximate Measurements: 25.5mm (1 inch) in diameter, and is 2.4mm thick. </li><li>Center hole is 3mm in diameter. Outer holes are 3.9mm in diameter. </li><li>Quantity: 1 Pendant.</li></ul> http://www.componentsworld.com/walnut-wood-laser-cut-steampunk-gear-cog-wheel-pendant-component-1-inch.html Audio-Technica A-T LP TO DIG TURNTABLE W/USBNOT AVAILABLE UNTIL 1 (Pro Sound & Entertainment / DJ Components) http://www.componentsworld.com/audio-technica-a-t-lp-to-dig-turntable-w-usbnot-available-until-1-pro-sound-entertainment-dj-components.html A-T LP TO DIG TURNTABLE W/USBNOT AVAILABLE UNTIL 1. <li>Create MP3, WAV, WMA flies and more from LPs <li>Automatic stereo turntable with built-in switchable phono pre-amps<li>Selectable 33 and 45 RPM speed settings<li>Metal platter and integrated cartridge<li>Includes 45 RPM adapter, replaceable conical stylus and RCA to mini-plug cable http://www.componentsworld.com/audio-technica-a-t-lp-to-dig-turntable-w-usbnot-available-until-1-pro-sound-entertainment-dj-components.html Digital HD TV Media Player For USB Drives and SD/SDHC/MMC Flash Cards - Plays MPEG1/2/4, DivX, Xvid, RMVB, AVI, MOV, MP3, MP4, (White), With Bonus Component Video Cable (For 720p Video Output) http://www.componentsworld.com/digital-hd-tv-media-player-for-usb-drives-and-sd-sdhc-mmc-flash-cards-plays-mpeg1-2-4-divx-xvid-rmvb-avi-mov-mp3-mp4-white-with-bonus-component-video-cable-for-720p-video-output.html Product Feature:* Supports the video output: 720P* Supports popular video formats such as RMVB, RM, AVI, and MPEG* Supports SD cards, USB Flash Drive, and External USB hard drive* Compatible with all TV types (NTSC/PAL) from older CRT TVs, Projectors to Plamas/LCD HDTVs* Provides thumbnail and list views of photos and videos* Includes an easy-to-use remote control. With the standard control buttons on top of media player* The high-speed USB2.0 interface supports hot plugging and enables connections with equipment such as digital cameras, printers and portable hard drivesSpecification:* Video format: AVI, MP4, MOV, VOB, DAT, MPEG, MPG, RM, RMVB, 3GP* Video codec: MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, Divx, Xvid, RealVideo and MJPEG* Maximun video resolution: 720 x 576* Audio format: MP3, WMA, WAV* Picture format: JPG, BMP, GIF, Motion JPEG* Support NTSC, PAL* Output: AV/RCA/Composite, YPbPr, Stereo output* Power: DC 5V, 1A* Support slide show with music backgroudPackage Content:* 1x NBOX digital media player* 1x IR remote control* 1x AV cable* 1x Component video cables* 1x Power adapter* 1x User's manual http://www.componentsworld.com/digital-hd-tv-media-player-for-usb-drives-and-sd-sdhc-mmc-flash-cards-plays-mpeg1-2-4-divx-xvid-rmvb-avi-mov-mp3-mp4-white-with-bonus-component-video-cable-for-720p-video-output.html Grohe 46298IE0 Part / Component http://www.componentsworld.com/grohe-46298ie0-part-component.html Grohe Ladylux Plus Spray head for pull-out faucets. http://www.componentsworld.com/grohe-46298ie0-part-component.html Pair of Brand New Boston Acoustics Pro50 Se Professional Special Edition 5.25" Component Speakers with Special Crossovers for Extreme Sound Quality, and Ability to Handle a Ton of Power! http://www.componentsworld.com/pair-of-brand-new-boston-acoustics-pro50-se-professional-special-edition-5.html Pair of brand new Boston Acoustics Pro50 SE professional special edition 5.25" component speakers with special crossovers for extreme sound quality, and ability to handle a ton of power!Features:5-1/4" Boston Acoustics Competition Grade 2-Way Component System Pro series offers extreme power handling and incredibly clean soundPeak Power : 500 watts per pair / 250 watts each RMS Power : 250 watts per pair / 125 watts each Copolymer cone woofer Butyl surround type 1" Anodized alloy dome tweeters Axis-, flush-, and surface-mount optionsDockable crossover with bi-wire and bi-amp optionsCast Aluminum Woofer Basket Twin Stage And Radial Vent VariMount Adapter Rings 3 ohms impedance will give you 50 % more power from almost any 4 channel car amp1-1/2" High performance voice coil Neodymium magnet Grills includedSensitivity: 90 dBFrequency response: 60-22,000 HzTop-mount depth: 2-5/16" http://www.componentsworld.com/pair-of-brand-new-boston-acoustics-pro50-se-professional-special-edition-5.html Numark NUMARK PRO DJ HARDWARESOFTWARE SYSTEM SOFTWARE SYSTEM (Pro Sound & Entertainment / DJ Components) http://www.componentsworld.com/numark-numark-pro-dj-hardwaresoftware-system-software-system-pro-sound-entertainment-dj-components.html NUMARK PRO DJ HARDWARESOFTWARE SYSTEM SOFTWARE SYSTEM. <li>2 adjustable high-torque, direct-drive motors with 7" vinyl <li>2-in, 4-out, 24-bit USB 2.0 audio interfaces <li>High-speed, double-precision MIDI controls <li>Extension looping, cue point and track selection controls <li>Built-in ITCH software by Serato http://www.componentsworld.com/numark-numark-pro-dj-hardwaresoftware-system-software-system-pro-sound-entertainment-dj-components.html Sanus Systems DFV49-MO1 Designer Series 52-Inch A/V Component Stand http://www.componentsworld.com/sanus-systems-dfv49-mo1-designer-series-52-inch-a-v-component-stand.html Sanus Systems Dfv49-Mo1 Designer Series 52-Inch A/V Component Stand http://www.componentsworld.com/sanus-systems-dfv49-mo1-designer-series-52-inch-a-v-component-stand.html Component Video Wall Plate w/ Stereo Audio RCA Couplers http://www.componentsworld.com/component-video-wall-plate-w-stereo-audio-rca-couplers.html <h3>Now you can own a custom speaker plate for your home theater system while saving some money!<p>This listing is for the components to make (1) Component Video Wall Plate w/ Stereo Audio RCA Couplers.<p>You will receive the parts:<br><br><center><image SRC="http://images.channeladvisor.com/Sell/SSProfiles/20062921/Images/spkrpltgroup250.jpg"></center><br><br>and then you can assemble it as you build your system. Our thinking is if you are building your home theater system you can certainly build your own speaker plate and save money in the process.<p>You will receive:<p>1 Single RCA Coupler Female/Female Blue<br>1 Single RCA Coupler Female/Female Green<br>2 Single RCA Coupler Female/Female Red<br>1 Single RCA Coupler Female/Female White<br>1 Single F Female/F Female Gold Plated<br>1 Single Gang White Decorator Wall Plate<br>1 6 Cavity Decorator Style Insert<p>The connections on the rear of the plate are the same as the front. No soldering is required.<ul><li>Gold plated brass construction<li>Easy to tighten thumb screw terminals on the binding posts<li>Hex lock molded in the plates to prevent connector spin while tightening the posts<li>All jacks are color coded<li>Item #SPKRPLT25</ul>Weight: 1 pound http://www.componentsworld.com/component-video-wall-plate-w-stereo-audio-rca-couplers.html BRAND-NEW BELKIN COMPONENTS. BELKIN 10FT VGA MONITOR CABLE3.5MM AUDIO. HIGH-QUALITY http://www.componentsworld.com/brand-new-belkin-components-belkin-10ft-vga-monitor-cable3-5mm-audio.html Notice: $50 charge per refused shipment unless the refusal is based on our error. Customers should thoroughly inspect all cartons for damage before signing for the shipment. Damage: Must be reported within 15 days from delivery date. Shortage/Fallout: Must be reported within 15 days from delivery date. Loss: Must be reported within 30 days from ship-date. If you have any other questions about the product, please contact us any time. http://www.componentsworld.com/brand-new-belkin-components-belkin-10ft-vga-monitor-cable3-5mm-audio.html Planar - Mounting component ( ceiling plate cover ) for projector http://www.componentsworld.com/planar-mounting-component-ceiling-plate-cover-for-projector.html False Ceiling Mount For Commercial Projectors http://www.componentsworld.com/planar-mounting-component-ceiling-plate-cover-for-projector.html Marine Kit - JL Audio M4300 Amplifier & 2 Sets Of M770-CCS-CG-WH Components Combo Package http://www.componentsworld.com/marine-kit-jl-audio-m4300-amplifier-2-sets-of-m770-ccs-cg-wh-components-combo-package.html M4300 - JL Audio 4 Channel 300W Marine Amplifier<br> * 4-channel marine amplifier * 45 watts RMS x 4 at 4 ohms (75 watts RMS x 4 at 2 ohms) * 140 watts RMS x 2 bridged output at 4 ohms (4-ohm stable in bridged mode) * Differential-balanced inputs * Selectable low- or high-pass filter (50-200 Hz, 12 dB/octave) * Bass boost (6 dB at 48 Hz) * Optional wired remote bass boost * Class A/B amplifier design with Absolute Symmetry circuitry * MOSFET power and output stages * Speaker- and preamp-level inputs * Preamp outputs * 13-13/16"W x 2-1/2"H x 9-1/4"D * Number Of Channels: 4 * Maximum Power: 4x45 Watts * Low Frequency response: 20 Hz * High Frequency Response: 20000 Hz * Built In Crossovers: Yes * Channel Separation: Yes<br><br>M770-CCS - JL Audio Marine Cockpit Component System<br> * Marine Cockpit Component System * 7.70 in. woofers with separate 1.0 in. dome tweeters * Woofers: Injection-molded, mica-filled polypropylene cone bodies with UV inhibitors, 1.25-inch (32 mm) voice coils, low-profile / progressive-roll spiders and synthetic rubber surrounds. DMA-optimized, long excursion design for enhanced output and bass response. Centrex UV-resistant polymer baskets * Tweeters: 1-inch (25 mm) treated silk dome tweeter, neodymium magnet, ferrofluid cooled and damped. Flush mount capability. Centrex UV-resistant polymer housings * Crossover Networks: True 2-way networks with 1st order low-pass and 2nd order high-pass circuits. Polyswitch solid-state tweeter protection * Continuous Power Handling: 100W * Recommended Amp Power: 40 - 175 Watts * System Efficiency: 91.0 dB @ 1W/1m * System Nominal Impedance: 4 ohm * System Frequency Response: 45 Hz - 25 KHz 3 dB http://www.componentsworld.com/marine-kit-jl-audio-m4300-amplifier-2-sets-of-m770-ccs-cg-wh-components-combo-package.html 3RCA (Component Video) Wall Plate - White - by Abacus24-7 http://www.componentsworld.com/3rca-component-video-wall-plate-white-by-abacus24-7.html 3RCA (Component Video) Wall Plate - White - by Abacus24-7. Wall plate for your pre-installed component video home theater connections. - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Savings of up to 60% Off Retail Store / OEM / Genuine comparable products! http://www.componentsworld.com/3rca-component-video-wall-plate-white-by-abacus24-7.html Music Components http://www.componentsworld.com/music-components.html Rebotini is one of the originators of dance music in France. He attained world recognition when he formed Black Strobe in the early 2000's and conquered dance floors with such hits as "Innerstrings" and "Me And Madonna". This solo effort aims to recapture the excitement of early live dance music without resorting to any laptop or external sequencer. The result is an album of romantic and timeless loops that return to the hot and groovy sounds of his first productions, playing his vintage synths with an unrelenting aggressive spirit that whipped the dance floor masses into sweating frenzies. http://www.componentsworld.com/music-components.html OmniMount MWFS Adjustable 2-Shelf Component Wall System with Cable Management http://www.componentsworld.com/omnimount-mwfs-adjustable-2-shelf-component-wall-system-with-cable-management.html MWFS TV Mount Not Included With a growing line of elegantly designed wall furniture, OmniMount provides consumers better shelving and cable management solutions for flat panels. Moda's unique modular design offers the ultimate combination of aesthetics and functionality for your home entertainment needs. Features: -Modular design for custom applications -Integrated cable management -Wenge wood veneer -Tempered glass shelves -40 lbs (18.1kg) per shelf capacity Specifications: -One 8'' (20.3cm) tall wall panel with an 18'' (45.8) deep and 24'' (61cm) wide shelf -One 8'' (20.3cm) tall wall panel with an 11'' (27.5cm) deep and 24'' (61cm) wide shelf -One 8'' (20.3cm) tall wall panel http://www.componentsworld.com/omnimount-mwfs-adjustable-2-shelf-component-wall-system-with-cable-management.html Taylor Cable 48100 Aluminum Battery Box and Hold Down Component http://www.componentsworld.com/taylor-cable-48100-aluminum-battery-box-and-hold-down-component.html This aluminum battery box is ideal for racing, street rod, and custom applications. This 3-piece 0.040 aluminum box allows full access to the battery without having to remove it from the box and hard mounts the battery to the frame of the vehicle. It complies with NHRA Rule 8:1 and includes a heavy duty battery hold down and all necessary spacers and mounting hardware. http://www.componentsworld.com/taylor-cable-48100-aluminum-battery-box-and-hold-down-component.html Highlander Weather Station Plan and Components http://www.componentsworld.com/highlander-weather-station-plan-and-components.html This package contains the plans and hardware to build a Highlander weather station, which includes clock, barometer, hygrometer and Galileo thermometer tube. All you need is the wood and finish to complete this beautiful piece. The instrument bezels are 2-3/4" and require a 2-3/8" diameter hole. The clock movement requires an "N" battery, not included. http://www.componentsworld.com/highlander-weather-station-plan-and-components.html Reiko iPod and iPhone 3G Component Video Cable 32-Pin to V-Cable http://www.componentsworld.com/reiko-ipod-and-iphone-3g-component-video-cable-32-pin-to-v-cable.html Reiko iPod and iPhone 3G Component Video Cable 32-Pin to V-Cable RCA connectors with integrated cable strain relief are clearly labeled for easy installation. http://www.componentsworld.com/reiko-ipod-and-iphone-3g-component-video-cable-32-pin-to-v-cable.html Belkin Component Video and RCA Audio Cable Siamese 6 ft. http://www.componentsworld.com/belkin-component-video-and-rca-audio-cable-siamese-6-ft.html Belkin's component RCA audio kit delivers a consistent, accurate picture by providing maximum bandwidth through true 75 ohm impedance. Supports high-definition (720p to 1080p) and standard video (480i to 480p). http://www.componentsworld.com/belkin-component-video-and-rca-audio-cable-siamese-6-ft.html Nintendo Wii High Resolution AV / HDTV / EDTV Component Cable http://www.componentsworld.com/nintendo-wii-high-resolution-av-hdtv-edtv-component-cable.html Enjoy the best gaming experience from your Wii with this high-quality cable. It supports the highest-possible resolution modes for the best sound & video output.Please note: this is an aftermarket item. To get the best quality to you at the best price, this cable is sold without unnecessary packaging. http://www.componentsworld.com/nintendo-wii-high-resolution-av-hdtv-edtv-component-cable.html What Makes News? Role Play Discussion Demonstrating the Decision Making Process for International News (A Video Component of Global Questions: Exploring World Media Issues) http://www.componentsworld.com/what-makes-news-role-play-discussion-demonstrating-the-decision-making-process-for-international-news-a-video-component-of-global-questions-exploring-world-media-issues.html What Makes News? challenges how news is selected from around the world through a lively role play debate involving media professionals. Designed for use in schools, churches, adult education or community groups. http://www.componentsworld.com/what-makes-news-role-play-discussion-demonstrating-the-decision-making-process-for-international-news-a-video-component-of-global-questions-exploring-world-media-issues.html HDMI to Component Video + Stereo Audio AV Cable (DO NOT SUPPORT SIGNAL FROM VCR, COMPUTER OR LAPTOP OUTPUT) http://www.componentsworld.com/hdmi-to-component-video-stereo-audio-av-cable-do-not-support-signal-from-vcr-computer-or-laptop-output.html * Connects your HDMI-equipped device to your TV, such high-definition DVD player, HDTV receiver, projector, A/V receiver, Playstation system. * Input Connector: HDMI Male (24K Gold plated) * Output Connector: Component Video (3 x RCA Male) and Audio (2 x RCA Male) * Cable Length: 5ft * Conductor: Copper * Color: Black * Cable supports 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p and 480i resolutions * NOTE: DO NOT SUPPORT SIGNAL FROM VCR, COMPUTER OR LAPTOP OUTPUT http://www.componentsworld.com/hdmi-to-component-video-stereo-audio-av-cable-do-not-support-signal-from-vcr-computer-or-laptop-output.html Black Satin Cord Necklace - finished with Sterling Components http://www.componentsworld.com/black-satin-cord-necklace-finished-with-sterling-components.html <BR>Perfect black satin cord necklace for you to add your favorite pendant to - 16 inch red satin cord finished with quality sterling silver components.<BR> http://www.componentsworld.com/black-satin-cord-necklace-finished-with-sterling-components.html Cool Components VS-CV-BLK Cabinet Vent 3" Black http://www.componentsworld.com/cool-components-vs-cv-blk-cabinet-vent-3-black.html A must for any cabinet! The VS-CV-BLK cabinet vent is perfect for any equipment rack it is self contained, so no tubing or other parts are needed to install it. Simply drill a 3-1/4" hole, mount the vent, connect the power, and enjoy a cooler equipment cabinet. The fan is a brushless levitation fan with a superior bearing system to reduce noise. The fan is reversible to either pull air out or draw air into a cabinet. Using a universal AC adapter allows the fan speed to be adjusted to meet specific needs. Use the CA-TR-100 power supply (not included). Specifications: *Enclosure: PVC *Fan: Reversible brushless levitation fan with a special bearing system *Air flow: 10.2 CFM max *Noise: ~22 dB max *Power connection: 2.1mm jack (center pin positive) *Voltage: 7 to 12 VDC *Current: 40 mA max *Power consumption: .5W max *Dimensions: 3-5/8" W x 3-5/8" H x 2-5/8" D. http://www.componentsworld.com/cool-components-vs-cv-blk-cabinet-vent-3-black.html