www.ComponentsWorld.com | List of Products http://www.componentsworld.com/ Current product information from www.ComponentsWorld.com en-US Copyright 2021 ComponentsWorld.com Fri, 22 Jan 2021 20:42:02 +0000 Teifoc Assorted Components Brick Construction Set http://www.componentsworld.com/teifoc-assorted-components-brick-construction-set.html Teifoc Assorted Components Brick Construction Set http://www.componentsworld.com/teifoc-assorted-components-brick-construction-set.html Hosa HOSA LINE MATCH XFORMR3.5MM M/XLRF 3.5MM M/XLRF (Pro Sound & Entertainment / DJ Components) http://www.componentsworld.com/xlrf-3.html HOSA LINE MATCH XFORMR3.5MM M/XLRF 3.5MM M/XLRF. <li>600-ohm low-Z to 2500-ohm medium-Z<li>Matches microphones with XLR connectors to 3.5mm inputs http://www.componentsworld.com/xlrf-3.html Handcrafted Wire Findings: Techniques and Designs for Custom Jewelry Components http://www.componentsworld.com/handcrafted-wire-findings-techniques-and-designs-for-custom-jewelry-components.html <DIV><BR>Add personal style at minimal cost with custom-made findings.<BR><BR>Why spend hundreds of dollars stocking up on expensive manufactured clasps, jump rings, ear wires, bails, and more when you can make exactly what you need for a fraction of the cost? Making custom findings enables jewelry makers to affordably create just the right component to complement their own jewelry designs.<BR><BR><I>Handcrafted Wire Findings</I> looks at your wire stash and focuses on how to create custom, professional-quality findings. With fundamental skills for beginners that progress to more sophisticated designs, this book covers techniques such as basic wirework, texturizing, silver fusing, adding patina, and traditional finishes.<BR><BR>Included are over 30 projects for making custom wire findings, each accompanied by step-by-step photographs and directions to ensure success.<BR></DIV> http://www.componentsworld.com/handcrafted-wire-findings-techniques-and-designs-for-custom-jewelry-components.html 1-Component Soil Nutrient - 1 liter http://www.componentsworld.com/1-component-soil-nutrient-1-liter.html House & Garden 1-Component Aarde is easily identified as a top class plant nutrient all over Europe. Over the last few years, this top seller has generated a high degree of customer satisfaction. Due to its unique composition and simplicity in use, for many customers this nutrient is by far the best there is. H&G 1-Component Aarde Base Nutrient is composed of liquid main and trace elements and contains no bulking agents like solid fertilizers. 1-Component Aarde is composed of the purest high-quality nutrients that are available on the market, including Eddha-Fe Iron. This way, you enable the plant to absorb the nutrients fast and effectively. So, in short, if you want the best for your plants, House & Garden 1-Component Aarde is an excellent solution and a great basis for a successful harvest. Application When preparing the nutrient container, fill it two-thirds with water. Add 1-Component Aarde; circulate well. Harmonize the pH-value of the nutrient with pH- Down or pH+ Up. Top up the container with water. Add any root, growth or flowering stimulators. Your nutrient mixture is ready to water. All House & Garden Nutrients are made in their own fertilizer plant in Holland, which has many advantages. The production process can be checked from start to finish. The benefit for you is that we can guarantee: The use of only the highest quality components at all times; Constant nutrient values at all times; Immediate product delivery at all times http://www.componentsworld.com/1-component-soil-nutrient-1-liter.html Component Video and Optical Audio Cable http://www.componentsworld.com/component-video-and-optical-audio-cable.html RCA's component video with optical audio is designed for today's home theaters. For pristine high definition signal transfer, 24k gold plated, studio-grade RCA connectors with integrated labels are mechanically precision machined for low loss; multi-layered shielding that incorporates pure copper provides superior noise rejection. A Toslink optical audio cable ensures pure audio reproduction with both 2-channel and surround sound. 9 ft. length. http://www.componentsworld.com/component-video-and-optical-audio-cable.html 15-PRS6V2 - Memphis 6.5" 2-Way Power Reference Component Speakers http://www.componentsworld.com/15-prs6v2-memphis-6.html MAGNET SIZE: 10oz, MOUNTING DEPTH: 2.5", RMS/PEAK: 50/100, SENSITIVITY: 88 dB, SIZE: 6.5/1" http://www.componentsworld.com/15-prs6v2-memphis-6.html Wii ezGold HD Pro Component AV Cable http://www.componentsworld.com/wii-ezgold-hd-pro-component-av-cable.html ezGear Video Cables for Wii are made with gold connectors and high quality shielding to bring top quality sound and image to your Wii experience. HD Pro Component Cable - Ensure you are ready to maximize everything the Wii has to offer. Experience realistic images to the fullest on your standard or HD TV. Bringing you high resolution graphics, this cable is ideal for standard or HD TVs and brings stereo sound to your game. http://www.componentsworld.com/wii-ezgold-hd-pro-component-av-cable.html Cables To Go Value Series 40959 Component Video RCA Type Cable (25 Feet, Black) http://www.componentsworld.com/cables-to-go-value-series-40959-component-video-rca-type-cable-25-feet-black.html Value Series Component Video Cables are the ideal choice for connecting high definition DVD players and high-end televisions. These cost-conscious cables are high quality and deliver a crisp, clear picture for less. The cable's shielding helps reduce unwanted noise and distortion. Nickel plated connectors ensure long lasting, corrosion-free connections to your equipment. The color-coded molded connectors attach to an ultra-flexible jacket allowing for easy installation and identification. Component Video Cables are able to bypass the TVs Y/C separator and color decoder, routing the color (Y Pr Pb ) information directly into the TVs matrix decoder. By sending the pure DVD component video signal directly to a component video input-equipped display device, the DVD signal forgoes the extra processing that normally would degrade the image. The result is a vastly increased image quality, with incredibly lifelike colors and crisp detail. http://www.componentsworld.com/cables-to-go-value-series-40959-component-video-rca-type-cable-25-feet-black.html Wera Stainless 3950 PKL/9 Ball-point Metric Hex-Plus Ergonomic L-Key Set with Two-Component Storage Clip, 9-Piece http://www.componentsworld.com/wera-stainless-3950-pkl-9-ball-point-metric-hex-plus-ergonomic-l-key-set-with-two-component-storage-clip-9-piece.html Wera 9 Piece 3950 PKL/9 Stainless Metric Hex Key set is designed to keep rust at bay. Weras Stainless tool line is manufactured from 100% Stainless steel, preventing extraneous rust caused by use of conventional tools contaminating stainless fasteners. Weras unique vacuum ice-hardened process gives the necessary hardness for industrial applications. Wera Hex-Plus technology prevents the rounding of screws caused by sharp edges of conventional tools gradually wearing the screw head. Hex-Plus tools provide more surface contact transferring up to 20% more torque. Features ballpoint on long-arm of L-key to insert the tool quickly into screw and work at an angle in confined spaces. Weras non-wearing material ensures L-keys stay fixed even after frequent removal. Handy fold-over clip with sliding switch opens easy for quick insert and removal of tools. Each L-key is laser engraved with the size of each tool for easy locating. Limited Life Time Warranty. Set contains 9 Hex-Plus Stainless L-keys - 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm. Wera The Best Tools For The Job! http://www.componentsworld.com/wera-stainless-3950-pkl-9-ball-point-metric-hex-plus-ergonomic-l-key-set-with-two-component-storage-clip-9-piece.html Peerless Spider Universal Mounting Component ( Adapter Plate ) for Projector http://www.componentsworld.com/peerless-spider-universal-mounting-component-adapter-plate-for-projector.html <p>Peerless adapter plate for projectors allow users to choose between Peerless wide array of applications and accessories to mount a projector anywhere.</p> <p><b>Main Features</b><li><b>Manufacturer</b>: Peerless Industries, Inc<li><b>Manufacturer Part Number</b>: PAP-UNV-S<li><b>Manufacturer Website Address</b>: www.peerlessindustries.com<li><b>Product Type</b>: Interface Plate</p> http://www.componentsworld.com/peerless-spider-universal-mounting-component-adapter-plate-for-projector.html Intec G5628 Nintendo Wii Component Cable, 8 Ft (Video Game Access / Hook-Up Accessories) http://www.componentsworld.com/intec-g5628-nintendo-wii-component-cable-8-ft-video-game-access-hook-up-accessories.html INTEC G5628 NINTENDO WII COMPONENT CABLE, 8 FT. PROVIDES PICTURE CLARITY,UNIT IS COMPATIBLE WITH TVS, PC MONITORS & PROJECTORS EQUIPPED WITH COMPONENT INPUTS,PLUG & PLAY,8 FT http://www.componentsworld.com/intec-g5628-nintendo-wii-component-cable-8-ft-video-game-access-hook-up-accessories.html Chief PAC-140 Q-Clamp - Mounting component ( clamp ) http://www.componentsworld.com/chief-pac-140-q-clamp-mounting-component-clamp.html Q-Clamps for added stability for PWP, PWL, PWS, PDS, PFS, PTS Large Flat Panel Display mounts. Comes as standard on other 2000 Series Q-Latch products for Large Flat Panel Displays. Kit includes two clamps. http://www.componentsworld.com/chief-pac-140-q-clamp-mounting-component-clamp.html Sony XSGTX1620S 6.5-Inch GTX Series Component Speakers http://www.componentsworld.com/sony-xsgtx1620s-6.html Megagoods#44; Inc is a distributor of consumer electronics. We pride ourselves on reliable fulfillment and superb customer service:Great Selection of Brand Name Items Fast and Efficient Processing Our goal is to dedicate ourselves to providing you with excellent service and quality merchandise. The Sony XS-GTX1620S component speakers use premium components#44; offer great power handling and will produce clear#44; crisp#44; and memorable audio experiences. Frequency Response - 40-20#44;000 Hz Impedance - 4 ohm Sensitivity (db) - 88 dB/1W/1m Diameter (Approx.) - 6 1/2 Dimensions (Approx) Depth - 2 1/4 Dimensions (Approx.) - 6 1/2 * 6 1/2 HOP Woofer Cone * Ferrite / Neodymium Magnet * Soft Dome Tweeter * 12 dB/Octave Crossover Slope * 260W Max Power (60W Rated) http://www.componentsworld.com/sony-xsgtx1620s-6.html High-Frequency Magnetic Components, Solutions Manual http://www.componentsworld.com/high-frequency-magnetic-components-solutions-manual.html If you are looking for a complete study of the fundamental concepts in magnetic theory, read this book. No other textbook covers magnetic components of inductors and transformers for high-frequency applications in detail. <p> This unique text examines design techniques of the major types of inductors and transformers used for a wide variety of high-frequency applications including switching-mode power supplies (SMPS) and resonant circuits. It describes skin effect and proximity effect in detail to provide you with a sound understanding of high-frequency phenomena. As well as this, you will discover thorough coverage on: <ul> <li>integrated inductors and the self-capacitance of inductors and transformers, with expressions for self-capacitances in magnetic components; <li>criteria for selecting the core material, as well as core shape and size, and an evaluation of soft ferromagnetic materials used for magnetic cores; <li>winding resistance at high frequencies; <li>expressions for winding and core power losses when non-sinusoidal inductor or transformer current waveforms contain harmonics. </ul> <p> Case studies, practical design examples and procedures (using the <i>area product method</i> and the <i>geometry coefficient method)</i> are expertly combined with concept-orientated explanations and student-friendly analysis. Supplied at the end of each chapter are summaries of the key concepts, review questions, and problems, the answers to which are available in a separate solutions manual. <p> Such features make this a fantastic textbook for graduates, senior level undergraduates and professors in the area of power electronics in addition to electrical and computer engineering. This is also an inimitable reference guide for design engineers of power electronics circuits, high-frequency transformers and inductors in areas such as (SMPS) and RF power amplifiers and circuits. http://www.componentsworld.com/high-frequency-magnetic-components-solutions-manual.html Paul Components Campy thumbies shifter mounts, blk pair http://www.componentsworld.com/paul-components-campy-thumbies-shifter-mounts-blk-pair.html Transforms Shimano bar-end shifters into top-mounts. (Shifters not included) For use with bar-end shifters to create top mount shifters Compatible with 8, 9 and 10 speed indexed bar end shifters 22.2mm (7/8"") clamp for mountain bars (not on bulge). Shifters not included Chose between Campagnolo, Shimano, or SRAM http://www.componentsworld.com/paul-components-campy-thumbies-shifter-mounts-blk-pair.html UNIVERSAL COMPONENT VIDEO CABLE FOR Wii, PS2, PS3, & XBOX 360 http://www.componentsworld.com/universal-component-video-cable-for-wii-ps2-ps3-xbox-360.html UNIVERSAL-WORKS WITH PS2, PS3, Wii, & XBOX 360. ENGINEERED FOR THE MOST ACCURATE AUDIO AND VIDEO SIGNAL DELIVERY GIVING YOU THE TRUEST REAL-TIME REPRESENTATION OF WHAT'S HAPPENING IN YOUR VIRTUAL SURROUNDINGS. NOT DESIGNED FOR SIMULTANEOUS USE. http://www.componentsworld.com/universal-component-video-cable-for-wii-ps2-ps3-xbox-360.html Belkin Component Gaming Cable for Wii - Game console audio / video cable - component video / audio - Nintendo Wii AV Multi Out connector (M) - RCA (M) - 8 ft http://www.componentsworld.com/belkin-component-gaming-cable-for-wii-game-console-audio-video-cable-component-video-audio-nintendo-wii-av-multi-out-connector-m-rca-m-8-ft.html Belkin Component Audio/Video Cable - 96" AV21002-08-WII A/V Device Cables http://www.componentsworld.com/belkin-component-gaming-cable-for-wii-game-console-audio-video-cable-component-video-audio-nintendo-wii-av-multi-out-connector-m-rca-m-8-ft.html Gates TCK199 Timing Belt Component Kit http://www.componentsworld.com/gates-tck199-timing-belt-component-kit.html Gates Rubber Company Tck199 2.0l 2.2l Toy Tim Kit http://www.componentsworld.com/gates-tck199-timing-belt-component-kit.html Playstation 3 Monster Component Audio Video Cable http://www.componentsworld.com/playstation-3-monster-component-audio-video-cable.html Monster Component Audio Video Cable for PlayStation3. If youre like most gamers, you invested in your Playstation 3 so you could both play games and watch movies in high definition. So, why settle for an A/V connection that doesnt maximize the capabilities of your PS3. Monster GameLink features heavy duty double shielding and a nitrogen gas injected dielectric for maximum signal transfer, so you never miss a detail or nuance in todays 3D games and Blu ray Disc movies. Plus, SingleHelix construction and specially wound high purity copper stranding for enhanced clarity and sonic impact. Your PS3 was an investment. Get more from it with Monster GameLink. http://www.componentsworld.com/playstation-3-monster-component-audio-video-cable.html Kicker 07DS6502 DS-Series 6.5-Inch Component System with 20mm Tweeter Pair http://www.componentsworld.com/kicker-07ds6502-ds-series-6.html Looking for exceptional sound at a great value? Look no further than the new-for-2007 DS-Series Component Systems, engineered to provide a solid complement to your bass without breaking the bank. <table width="300" cellpadding="20" align="left"> <tr> <td align="center"><img src="http://images.amazon.com/images/G/01/electronics/detail-page/B0013TVALA-1-th.jpg" border="0"> <p><small><b><i>A great sounding set of component speakers at an affordable price. Click to enlarge.</i></b></small> </td> </tr> </table> <table width="250" cellpadding="10" align="right"> <tr> <td align="center"><img src="http://images.amazon.com/images/G/01/electronics/detail-page/B0013TVALA-2.jpg" border="0"> <p><small><b><i>Midrange speakers utilize a high-tech cone, heavy-duty voice coils, and ribbed surround. </i></b></small> </td> </tr> <tr> <td align="center"><img src="http://images.amazon.com/images/G/01/electronics/detail-page/B0013TVALA-3.jpg" border="0"> <p><small><b><i>Over-engineered, titanium-domed tweeters blend perfectly with the mids. </i></b></small> </td> </tr> </table> <p>Superb mids and highs complete the musical quality of your ride. If you are in search of a great sounding set of component speakers at an affordable price, KICKER DS-Series four-speaker Systems excel like no others. DS System midrange speakers utilize a high-tech cone, heavy-duty voice coils, and ribbed surround, yet retain a reduced mounting depth for easy upgrades in a vehicle's doors or kick panels. <p>Over-engineered, titanium-domed tweeters blend perfectly with the mids, thanks to a solid two-way crossover/protection network, basically providing you front-row seats at the concert of your choice. Selectable tweeter attenuation and the slight mounting depth are just a couple of DS Component System features commonly found in higher-end systems. <p>If size is an issue in your ride, then there should be no problems here. Three sizes of DS Component Systems are available, including the DS600.2 System with 6-inch midrange speakers, the DS650.2 System with 6.5-inch mids, and the DS680.2 System with a handy 6x8-inch mid design specially made for Ford, DaimlerChrysler, and European vehicles. <p><b>DS600.2</b><br> <ul> <li>Smooth balanced sound at an entry level price point <li>External attenuation switch on component crossover <li>Perfect for OEM upgrade </ul> <p><b>What's in the Box</b><br> 2 Speakers, 2 Grilles, 2 Tweeters, 2 Crossovers, Mounting hardware and cables, User's manual http://www.componentsworld.com/kicker-07ds6502-ds-series-6.html Cmple - Component Video Audio Wall Plate 5-RCA Gold Connectors http://www.componentsworld.com/cmple-component-video-audio-wall-plate-5-rca-gold-connectors.html <h3>5 RCA Component Video Wall Plate plus 2 RCA Audio - Gold - Custom Home Theater Decora Style</h3><p> Decorative RCA type wall plates from Cmple.com. Run your Home Theater through the walls without the mess! Mount in standard electrical boxes or mud rings and finish off with a standard decorative wallplate. With RCA type jacks on the front and a screw-terminal block on the back, these wallplates are simple to install and use. These wallplates are ideal for any Video applications.<p> <li>1 Component Video Input <li>1 Anolog Audio Input <li>Fits standard electrical boxes and is compatible with Leviton Decora Brand wallplates <li>Use for office, home theater <li>Includes mounting hardware <li>Gold plated <li>Brand New http://www.componentsworld.com/cmple-component-video-audio-wall-plate-5-rca-gold-connectors.html Monster ULT V800 CV-4 Ultra 800 Component Video Cables (4 feet) http://www.componentsworld.com/monster-ult-v800-cv-4-ultra-800-component-video-cables-4-feet.html Use this cable to transfer high definition video from your DVD, HDDVD, Blu-ray, DVR, Satellite/Cable Box, etc. to your TV. The Monster THX Ultra 800 includes many of Monster Cable's patented technical innovations for significant performance improvements over lesser brands. <ul> <Li>High-purity copper conductor for high-frequency response and low attenuation</li> <li>Color coding for easy installation</li> <li>Patented Nitrogen-injected dielectric for optimum signal strength</li> <li>Full-coverage double shielding with 100% foil and 95% copper braiding for maximum rejection of interference</li> <Li>8-Cut 24k Gold contact Turbine' connectors with Heavy Duty Strain Relief and Monster Design' Split-Tip center pins for optimal contact pressure and surface area</li> <li>Silver content solder connections for exact transfer of delicate signals</li> <li>Precision 75-Ohm Impedance Design for ultra low-loss high performance video and THX Certification</li> </ul> http://www.componentsworld.com/monster-ult-v800-cv-4-ultra-800-component-video-cables-4-feet.html 6 1/2 Component Speakers Custom Car Enclosure Pod Mount http://www.componentsworld.com/6-1-2-component-speakers-custom-car-enclosure-pod-mount.html Brand New! 3DLogics Universal Fit Component Set / Separates Speaker Enclosures - Get the custom install look and sound yourself at a fraction of the price audio shops charge!Allows for adding additional speakers to your vehicle, (most commonly used on door panels, rear deck / storage tray, or under dash at the kick panels), and improving existing speaker locations with proper imaging.Features:Constructed of heavy duty 1/8" ABS with automotive textured finish Accepts speakers up to 6 1/2" diameter, 2 3/4" mounting depth and tweeters up to 2 1/2" diameter.Can be used in automotive applications, RV's, Boats, and UTV's Smooth, contoured design attractively compliments your vehicles interiorEasily trimmed with common tools to conform to almost any uneven surfaceCan be covered with carpet, vinyl, or painted to match any interior!These pods are used by top custom audio shops all over the worldMake great base forms for fiberglass projects - saves time and money!Important Notes:Recommended for 6 1/2 component sets (not included with enclosures)Measures approximately (at base) 11" Long, 8 1/2" Wide, 3" Tall Uses your speaker mounting screws to attach the enclosure to the mounting surface (not included with pods, can be picked up at any hardware store) Pods come in a "blank" format - there are no speaker holes cut in the top of the pod (speaker hole size depends on your choice of speaker - most speakers come with a template to cut the proper size hole) Wholesale quantities available by requestWhats Included in the Box:One pair of 3D Logics universal component set speaker pods.Installation guide with helpful tips http://www.componentsworld.com/6-1-2-component-speakers-custom-car-enclosure-pod-mount.html High Quality 3 RCA (Component Video) + 2 RCA (Audio), 50 ft http://www.componentsworld.com/high-quality-3-rca-component-video-2-rca-audio-50-ft.html Our high quality component cables allow you to maximize your picture quality from an RCA-type connection. In separating the signal into Red Green and Blue (RGB) the purest signal possible is sent to the television. This particular cables adds a pair of audio RCA cables. A great choice when connecting DVD players, cable and satellite receivers, HDTVs and other high-end audio/video components. http://www.componentsworld.com/high-quality-3-rca-component-video-2-rca-audio-50-ft.html Wera Hex Plus 950 SPKL/9 Ergonomic Metric Hex Key Set with Two-Component Storage Clip, 9-Piece http://www.componentsworld.com/wera-hex-plus-950-spkl-9-ergonomic-metric-hex-key-set-with-two-component-storage-clip-9-piece.html Wera 9 Piece 950 SPKL/9 SM N Metric Hex Key set is designed with Hex-Plus technology to extend the life of Hexagon sockets. Wera Hex-Plus technology prevents the rounding of screws caused by sharp edges of conventional tools gradually wearing the screw head. Hex-Plus tools provide more surface contact transferring up to 20% more torque. Finger protection green rubber sleeve with easy-to-grip material ensures comfortable and safe working. Blacklaser hardened blades provide excellent surface and corrosion protection for a long service life. Features ballpoint on long-arm of L-key to insert the tool quickly into screw and work at an angle in confined spaces. Weras non-wearing material ensures L-keys stay fixed even after frequent removal. Handy fold-over clip with sliding switch opens easy for quick insert and removal of tools. Each L-key is laser engraved with the size of each tool for easy location. Limited Life Time Warranty. Set contains 9 Hex-Plus L-keys - 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm. Wera The Best Tools For The Job! http://www.componentsworld.com/wera-hex-plus-950-spkl-9-ergonomic-metric-hex-key-set-with-two-component-storage-clip-9-piece.html Cmple - RGB RCA Coupler Splitter Video/Audio 5-RCA Component http://www.componentsworld.com/cmple-rgb-rca-coupler-splitter-video-audio-5-rca-component.html <br>RGB RCA Coupler Splitter Video/Audio 5-RCA Component</br><p> Make the right connection with our adapters. Adapts five RCA jacks to five RCA jacks. Ideal when you need to connect two Component patch cables together to extend lengths. Color coded for cable identification. <br>Combines the length of 2 component video and audio cables<br> <br>5 RCA jacks on either side of coupler<br> <br>24k gold-plated connectors<br> <br>Specially designed to reduce signal loss<br> <br>Black Molded Plastic Construction<br> http://www.componentsworld.com/cmple-rgb-rca-coupler-splitter-video-audio-5-rca-component.html Sanus Systems Cfr115-B1 34-Inch 15U Foundations Component Rack http://www.componentsworld.com/sanus-systems-cfr115-b1-34-inch-15u-foundations-component-rack.html Sanus Systems Cfr115-B1 34", 15U Foundations Component Rack http://www.componentsworld.com/sanus-systems-cfr115-b1-34-inch-15u-foundations-component-rack.html HD15 (VGA) Female to RCA x 3 Male, D / Shield, (HD15 to Component Video) Adaptor, 1 ft -- Not For Computer Use http://www.componentsworld.com/hd15-vga-female-to-rca-x-3-male-d-shield-hd15-to-component-video-adaptor-1-ft-not-for-computer-use.html This RCA component to VGA cable is ideal for high definition components including HDTV, satellites, and receivers. http://www.componentsworld.com/hd15-vga-female-to-rca-x-3-male-d-shield-hd15-to-component-video-adaptor-1-ft-not-for-computer-use.html Premier Mounts DELL-FCMA - Mounting component ( adapter plate ) for projector - white - ceiling mountable http://www.componentsworld.com/premier-mounts-dell-fcma-mounting-component-adapter-plate-for-projector-white-ceiling-mountable.html Item #: 18881B. This adapter allows you to mount projectors to the support system of your suspended/false ceiling. It fits in the T-bar metal framing system, replacing one standard 24"x24" ceiling tile. It provides for some manual horizontal adjustment, so you can achieve an ideal focal point.The ceiling adapter has been specifically designed for Dell 2100MP/3200MP Projectors. <p><b>Product Description</b><br>Premier Mounts DELL-FCMA - mounting component<br>Product Type: Mounting component - ceiling mountable<br>Mounting Components: Adapter plate<br>Recommended Use: Projector<br>Color: White <br>Customers also search for: Discount Premier Mounts DELL-FCMA - Mounting Component (Adapter Plate) For Projector - White - Ceiling Mountable, Buy Premier Mounts DELL-FCMA - Mounting Component (Adapter Plate) For Projector - White - Ceiling Mountable Wholesale Premier Mounts DELL-FCMA - Mounting Component (Adapter Plate) For Projector - White - Ceiling Mountable, 0829973250713, DELL-FCMA, Projector Mounting Supplies http://www.componentsworld.com/premier-mounts-dell-fcma-mounting-component-adapter-plate-for-projector-white-ceiling-mountable.html Zinc Gluconate 50 mg - Zinc is an essential component for proper protein and DNA synthesis, 250 tablets,(Health Herbs) http://www.componentsworld.com/zinc-gluconate-50-mg-zinc-is-an-essential-component-for-proper-protein-and-dna-synthesis-250-tablets-health-herbs.html Zinc is an essential component for proper protein and DNA synthesis, insulin activity, normal taste perception, and the immune system. Zinc plays multiple roles in proper insulin function. Zinc is needed to help the pancreas produce insulin, to allow insulin to work more effectively, and to protect insulin receptor cells. In healthy individuals, insulin is secreted after carbohydrates are eaten, and this hormone lowers glucose levels in the blood and drives sugar into the cells, where it can be used as fuel for energy. When zinc levels are low, two things can happen. One, the pancreas may not secrete adequate amounts of insulin, so glucose levels remain high. Two, the insulin that is released may not work as effectively as it should. When this happens, glucose cannot enter the cells and remains elevated in the blood. http://www.componentsworld.com/zinc-gluconate-50-mg-zinc-is-an-essential-component-for-proper-protein-and-dna-synthesis-250-tablets-health-herbs.html Massive Audio CK 6 III - 6.5" 2 Way Component Speaker http://www.componentsworld.com/massive-audio-ck-6-iii-6.html These are no ordinary loudspeakers. With CK Components Massive Audio has taken its philosophy of exceeding expectations to the next level. The CK Stage III has been upgraded with a 28mm Silk Dome Tweeter to increase output and improve sound quality. From flexible 18 dB crossovers that allow precise tuning, to a bridge that allows the Massive 28mm tweeter to be mounted on the driver itself, these units allow for so many possibilities. Mix that with the beautiful carbon fiber cones and heavy duty materials these speakers aim to please even the most observant audio enthusiast. Fans of the CK Stage 2 won't believe their ears!For More Specs Go To massiveaudio.com http://www.componentsworld.com/massive-audio-ck-6-iii-6.html AVF PS933PB-C Wall Mounted Glass Shelving System for TV and AV Components (Black) http://www.componentsworld.com/avf-ps933pb-c-wall-mounted-glass-shelving-system-for-tv-and-av-components-black.html The AVF Wall Mounted Glass Shelving System for TV's and AV Components (PS933PB-C) was designed to accommodate up to a 46" flat panel TV and AV components. The included safety strap secures your TV to the shelving unit for peace of mind. The shelves are height-adjustable to accomodate various AV components such as DVD player, Blu-Ray Player, HD Receiver, etc. http://www.componentsworld.com/avf-ps933pb-c-wall-mounted-glass-shelving-system-for-tv-and-av-components-black.html The 6th Component http://www.componentsworld.com/the-6th-component.html The 6th Component http://www.componentsworld.com/the-6th-component.html The Ethical Component of Nursing Education: Integrating Ethics into Clinical Experiences http://www.componentsworld.com/the-ethical-component-of-nursing-education-integrating-ethics-into-clinical-experiences.html <DIV><P>This new primary ethics textbook is uniquely designed to integrate ethics content into the clinical nursing curriculum and to be used throughout the nursing curriculum. This textbook is designed to ensure that the nursing student benefits from a systematic coverage of clinical ethics, moving from simple ethical issues to more complex. The book covers clinical ethics in theory and practice by building upon the foundations of ethics using the traditional clinical practice content areas such as children and adolescents, adult, critical care, and women's health.</P></DIV> http://www.componentsworld.com/the-ethical-component-of-nursing-education-integrating-ethics-into-clinical-experiences.html Cables To Go 42088 RapidRun Component Video Flying Lead (3 Feet, Black) http://www.componentsworld.com/cables-to-go-42088-rapidrun-component-video-flying-lead-3-feet-black.html Use with receivers, projectors, DVD players, HDTVs or applications requiring a component video connection; 1080p resolution! http://www.componentsworld.com/cables-to-go-42088-rapidrun-component-video-flying-lead-3-feet-black.html Atami B'Cuzz Soil Component B - 10 Liter http://www.componentsworld.com/atami-b-cuzz-soil-component-b-10-liter.html B'Cuzz Soil nutrients are designed to work specifically in growing media that already contain nutrient value. B'cuzz Soil nutrient ensures biological balance in soil media. To ensure best results use B'Cuzz bio-stimulants in conjunction with B'Cuzz Hydro Nutrients.Component "B" Only http://www.componentsworld.com/atami-b-cuzz-soil-component-b-10-liter.html 5RCA (Component Video) + 2RCA Audio Wall Plate - White - by Abacus24-7 http://www.componentsworld.com/5rca-component-video-2rca-audio-wall-plate-white-by-abacus24-7.html 5RCA (Component Video) + 2RCA Audio Wall Plate - White - by Abacus24-7. Wall plate for your pre-installed component video & audio home theater connections. - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Savings of up to 60% Off Retail Store / OEM / Genuine comparable products! http://www.componentsworld.com/5rca-component-video-2rca-audio-wall-plate-white-by-abacus24-7.html Creature Components 2 http://www.componentsworld.com/creature-components-2.html RPR03440 Creature Components 2 Dark Heaven Legends Minature Figures by Reaper Miniatures<br /> <br />Miniatures are unpainted and assembly may be required. http://www.componentsworld.com/creature-components-2.html Dobe Playstation 3 PS3 HD Component AV Cable 6 Ft http://www.componentsworld.com/dobe-playstation-3-ps3-hd-component-av-cable-6-ft.html Connect your PS2 or PS3 to component video (YPbPr) and audio inputs. Uses the AV Multi Out port on the Playstation to send analog signal to separate audio and video inputs on NTSC-compatible TV sets or other electronics. Component video supports Progressive Scan and yields sharp, clear images and text. If you've been using composite video, you'll see a great difference!<br />Please note, this is an aftermarket item. http://www.componentsworld.com/dobe-playstation-3-ps3-hd-component-av-cable-6-ft.html eForCity Premium VGA to RCA Component Cable M / M, 12 ft (3.66m) Black http://www.componentsworld.com/m-12-ft-3.html NOTE: Your display system must support component video (Y, Pr, Pb) signal output function in order for the image to display properly. Please consult with your VGA card's user manual for more information. NOTE: Specific TV-out feature on video card is required, please check with your video card output specification for compatibility http://www.componentsworld.com/m-12-ft-3.html Waste King Legend Easy Mount 8000 1 HP Continuous Feed Waste Disposer with 2800 RPM Magnet Motor, Stainless Steel Grinding Components, EZ Mount System, Included Power Cord and Lifetime In-Home Service Warranty http://www.componentsworld.com/waste-king-legend-easy-mount-8000-1-hp-continuous-feed-waste-disposer-with-2800-rpm-magnet-motor-stainless-steel-grinding-components-ez-mount-system-included-power-cord-and-lifetime-in-home-service-warranty.html The Waste King company, a household and commercial name in garbage disposers since 1946, was acquired in 1994 with the purchase of Waste King from Masco Corp. Waste King was the first complete line of garbage disposers selling to the residential and commercial markets. Waste King has become a trusted name through it's history and national network of plumbing wholesalers, retail outlets and restaurant and hotel equipment dealers. Waste King Warranties are the Best and Longest in the Industry - Dare to Compare! Their In-Home Service warranties cover all replacement parts and repair labor to correct defects in material and workmanship for the full term of the warranty from the date of purchase. If service is requested during the warranty period, they will replace or repair the disposer in the customer's home at no charge. This kind of warranty demonstrates their commitment to quality. Waste King motors produce 30% more torque (twisting power) and power than the competition and virtually eliminate jams! To avoid food jams with a disposer, choose a model that has greater torque and does not have auto reverse. Disposers get stuck and jam because they don't have sufficient twist power and therefore they use an auto reverse mechanism to prevent the jamming. Disposers that don't jam... don't have an auto reverse feature! Waste King disposers are Eco-Friendly and sanitizes your kitchen! Today, removing the food scraps into the garbage disposer and down the drain with the cold water running, is one of the most sanitizing and Eco-Friendly things that you can do. It simplifies cleanup after the meal. Food scraps can be rinsed off the plate into the disposer, right at the sink. Food waste is then flushed down the drain and since food has been eliminated, there is no bad odor in the waste bin that can attract mice, flies, and insects. It also decreases the amount of garbage that ... http://www.componentsworld.com/waste-king-legend-easy-mount-8000-1-hp-continuous-feed-waste-disposer-with-2800-rpm-magnet-motor-stainless-steel-grinding-components-ez-mount-system-included-power-cord-and-lifetime-in-home-service-warranty.html Learning Joomla! 1.5 Extension Development: Creating Modules, Components, and Plugins with PHP http://www.componentsworld.com/learning-joomla-1.html <P>A practical tutorial for creating your first Joomla! 1.5 extensions with PHP </p> <P><b>In Detail</b></p> <P>Joomla! is the world's hottest open-source content management system, and the winner of the 2006 Open Source CMS Prize.</p> <P>While Joomla! is packed with features, its greatest quality is that it is extremely extensible, allowing any number of complex applications to be cleanly integrated. Shopping carts, forums, social networking profiles, job boards, and real estate listings are all examples of extensions developers have written for Joomla!. All of these can run off one Joomla! site, while only one database, template, and core need to be maintained. When you build an extension to Joomla!, it will inherit the look and feel of the overall site. Any type of program that can be coded in PHP is a potential component waiting to be written!</p> <P>If you're eager to start creating extensions for Joomla!, this book is for you. Walk through the development of complete Joomla! components and modules with this tutorial for PHP programmers. Written for Joomla! version 1.5 and tested against pre-final releases, this book will get you started coding your first extensions as quickly as possible, and adds the features that will make your work look professional!</p> <P>The book builds example extensions to create, find, promote, and cross-link restaurant reviews. A component will handle common data items seen across all reviews such as price range, reservations, cuisine type, and location. Your visitors will be able to search and sort through the reviews; adding their own criteria to zero in on their dining options for the evening.</p> <P>Your modules will highlight new reviews, drawing the attention of frequent visitors. Finally, plugins will pull pieces of the reviews into feature articles and others will integrate them into searches. Even if you don't own a restaurant, you will still find the code applicable to your own development projects, and the skills you develop will make you a Joomla! developer to be reckoned with!</p> <P><b>What you will learn from this book?</b></p> <ul> <li> Code Joomla! components, modules, and plugins from the ground up </li><li> Create toolbars, list screens, and menu items </li><li> Maintain a consistent look and reduce repetitive code using HTML functions </li><li> Automate database record management </li><li> Validate input and resist hack attempts </li><li> Configure your modules through XML parameters </li><li> Package and distribute your extensions</li></ul> <P><b>Approach</b></p> <P>A practical tutorial, based around the development of coherent example throughout the book. Each chapter walks you through the steps to add a required feature to the extension.</p> <P><b>Who this book is written for?</b></p> <P>This book is suitable for PHP programmers who want to take their first step in customizing and extending the features of Joomla! through custom PHP development. It is not a reference guide for advanced Joomla! developers.</p> <P>You need only the basics of PHP programming; no experience of developing Joomla! extensions is assumed. You are expected to be familiar with the general operation of Joomla!</p> http://www.componentsworld.com/learning-joomla-1.html Intermediate Algebra: Student Solutions Manual - Component: A Graphing Approach http://www.componentsworld.com/intermediate-algebra-student-solutions-manual-component-a-graphing-approach.html This book offers the sound presentation of mathematics, useful pedagogy, clear and well-constructed writing style, superb problem-solving strategies, and other qualities that have made the Martin-Gay series so successful. Exceptionally interesting and practical real-world applications throughout the book capture readers' interest, while Martin-Gay's streamlined problem-solving process develops and hones their problem-solving skills. New features include Spotlight on Decision-Making applications, revised Chapter Projects, Real-World Chapter Openers, Vocabulary Review sections, video icons, and Study Skills sections. For readers interested in learning or revisiting essential skills in beginning and intermediate algebra through the use of lively and up-to-date applications. http://www.componentsworld.com/intermediate-algebra-student-solutions-manual-component-a-graphing-approach.html Cable Showcase HDTV Cable, VGA Male to RCA x 3 Male, D / Shield, (VGA to Component Video), 15 ft http://www.componentsworld.com/cable-showcase-hdtv-cable-vga-male-to-rca-x-3-male-d-shield-vga-to-component-video-15-ft.html This 15ft HD15 (VGA) Male to RCAx3 Male cable is used for connecting component video devices to TVs or projectors that utilizes a VGA input. Our cable features a molded boot and double-shielding to insure minimal signal loss and reduce interference. To insure that this cable will function properly, please confirm that your VGA input is dual function, allowing it to accept both a PC and Component Video signal. Please note - This cable will NOT allow you to hook-up your computer directly to your TV. If you would like to do so, please see part number: 40H1-50200 http://www.componentsworld.com/cable-showcase-hdtv-cable-vga-male-to-rca-x-3-male-d-shield-vga-to-component-video-15-ft.html Alpine SPR-13S 5-1/4" Component 2-Way Speaker (Pair) http://www.componentsworld.com/alpine-spr-13s-5-1-4-component-2-way-speaker-pair.html 5- 2-way component, hybrid layered pulp cone, rubber surround, 1" silk dome tweeter, 100W RMS power range, 2-way crossovers. http://www.componentsworld.com/alpine-spr-13s-5-1-4-component-2-way-speaker-pair.html Component which Doesn't Fit to any Machine http://www.componentsworld.com/component-which-doesn-t-fit-to-any-machine.html Component which Doesn't Fit to any Machine http://www.componentsworld.com/component-which-doesn-t-fit-to-any-machine.html [Black Component] http://www.componentsworld.com/black-component.html [Black Component] http://www.componentsworld.com/black-component.html 5RCA (Component Video) + 2RCA Audio Cable: 6 ft - by Abacus24-7 http://www.componentsworld.com/5rca-component-video-2rca-audio-cable-6-ft-by-abacus24-7.html 5RCA (Component Video) + 2RCA Audio Cable: 6 ft - by Abacus24-7. Gold-plated component video (green, red, blue) plus stereo (left/right) audio for TVs, cable, DVD & more. - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Savings of up to 60% Off Retail Store / OEM / Genuine comparable products! http://www.componentsworld.com/5rca-component-video-2rca-audio-cable-6-ft-by-abacus24-7.html Taylor Cable 48100 Aluminum Battery Box and Hold Down Component http://www.componentsworld.com/taylor-cable-48100-aluminum-battery-box-and-hold-down-component.html This aluminum battery box is ideal for racing, street rod, and custom applications. This 3-piece 0.040 aluminum box allows full access to the battery without having to remove it from the box and hard mounts the battery to the frame of the vehicle. It complies with NHRA Rule 8:1 and includes a heavy duty battery hold down and all necessary spacers and mounting hardware. http://www.componentsworld.com/taylor-cable-48100-aluminum-battery-box-and-hold-down-component.html Sun Certified Web Component Developer Study Companion: With Java EE 6 Preview (Exams 310-083 and 310-084) http://www.componentsworld.com/sun-certified-web-component-developer-study-companion-with-java-ee-6-preview-exams-310-083-and-310-084.html This book is a study guide for any candidate preparing for the new SCWCD 5 version of the Sun Certified Web Component Developer exam (310-083 and upgrade 310-084). It contains the theory behind how the Web container works, and important notes, hints and tips on the types of trick questions to look for in the exam. By combining logical and easy-to-follow discussions with clear visual aids and diagrams, you will wonder by the end of the book why servlets, JSPs and tag libraries seemed so complicated before! By combining the theory taught in this book with practical experience, you will not only succeed in passing the exam, but will do so confident that you are able to solve problems and draw-up solutions 'on the job'. http://www.componentsworld.com/sun-certified-web-component-developer-study-companion-with-java-ee-6-preview-exams-310-083-and-310-084.html Atami B'Cuzz Soil Component A - 10 Liter http://www.componentsworld.com/atami-b-cuzz-soil-component-a-10-liter.html B'Cuzz Soil nutrients are designed to work specifically in growing media that already contain nutrient value. B'cuzz Soil nutrient ensures biological balance in soil media. To ensure best results use B'Cuzz bio-stimulants in conjunction with B'Cuzz Hydro Nutrients.Component "A" Only http://www.componentsworld.com/atami-b-cuzz-soil-component-a-10-liter.html Pure Korean Red Ginseng - Extract (Ginseng Component - 70 Mg/g) http://www.componentsworld.com/pure-korean-red-ginseng-extract-ginseng-component-70-mg-g.html A high purity product obtained by extracting and concentrating 100% of extract from 6 years old Ginseng. It provides the highest concentration of pure Korean Red Ginseng. http://www.componentsworld.com/pure-korean-red-ginseng-extract-ginseng-component-70-mg-g.html Army Reserve Components Achievement-MEDAL http://www.componentsworld.com/army-reserve-components-achievement-medal.html Army Reserve Components Achievement-MEDAL http://www.componentsworld.com/army-reserve-components-achievement-medal.html Activated Selenium: Essential Component of Vital Antioxidant Enzymes http://www.componentsworld.com/activated-selenium-essential-component-of-vital-antioxidant-enzymes.html Selenium exerts antioxidant activity on its own and enhances the benefits of other antioxidants. Selenium also acts as an antagonist to heavy metals such as mercury, aluminum, cadmium and lead. Selenium's major role is its incorporation in four active sites on the enzyme Glutathione Peroxidase. Glutathione Peroxidase is one of the major antioxidants protecting the body from free radical damage. Selenium is also involved in thyroid hormone production. http://www.componentsworld.com/activated-selenium-essential-component-of-vital-antioxidant-enzymes.html Component - New HDTV HD Audio Video AV Cable RGB for XBOX 360 http://www.componentsworld.com/component-new-hdtv-hd-audio-video-av-cable-rgb-for-xbox-360.html 1 x Component AV RGB Cable for Microsoft XBOX 360. http://www.componentsworld.com/component-new-hdtv-hd-audio-video-av-cable-rgb-for-xbox-360.html Music Components-Ltd. http://www.componentsworld.com/music-components-ltd.html Music Components-Ltd. http://www.componentsworld.com/music-components-ltd.html 9-Output Component Video + Stereo Audio Distribution Amplifier - 2RU http://www.componentsworld.com/9-output-component-video-stereo-audio-distribution-amplifier-2ru.html CABLESTOGO 40398 9-OUTPUT COMPONENT VIDEO & STEREO AUDIO DISTRIBUTION AMPLIFIER<br><Li>1 COMPONENT VIDEO & STEREO AUDIO INPUT<Br><Li> 9 COMPONENT VIDEO & STEREO AUDIO OUTPUT<Br><Li> SUPPORTS CABLE RUNS UP TO 150 FT<Br><Li> ALLOWS USERS TO DAISY CHAIN AMPLIFIERS FOR MORE DISPLAYS<Br><Li> UNITY GAIN ENSURES OUTPUT LEVEL IS EQUAL TO INPUT LEVEL<Br><Li> RACK-MOUNTABLE WITH REMOVABLE RACK EARS http://www.componentsworld.com/9-output-component-video-stereo-audio-distribution-amplifier-2ru.html O Belkin Components O - Ipod Nano 3G Remix Pc Case Pink http://www.componentsworld.com/o-belkin-components-o-ipod-nano-3g-remix-pc-case-pink.html O Belkin Components O - Ipod Nano 3G Remix Pc Case Pink http://www.componentsworld.com/o-belkin-components-o-ipod-nano-3g-remix-pc-case-pink.html PlayStation 3 Component Video Cable (8 feet) http://www.componentsworld.com/playstation-3-component-video-cable-8-feet.html Monster Game Component Video and Stereo Audio Cable for Playstation 3 - All-in-one audio/video cable for easy PS3 hookup to HDTVs and home theater. Ideal for Watching 480p DVDs and Blu-ray Disc Movies in High Definition. http://www.componentsworld.com/playstation-3-component-video-cable-8-feet.html Galco S1H Shoulder Holster Component - Right Hand - Tan 114 http://www.componentsworld.com/galco-s1h-shoulder-holster-component-right-hand-tan-114.html Galco S1H Shoulder Holster Component - Right Hand - Tan 114 http://www.componentsworld.com/galco-s1h-shoulder-holster-component-right-hand-tan-114.html Windshield Wiper Components Stainless Wiper Arm 11"-15", Hinge http://www.componentsworld.com/windshield-wiper-components-stainless-wiper-arm-11-15-hinge.html All hook style wiper blades and arms are replacements for Sea-Dog wipers sold prior to 1993. In addition, the hook style wiper blades and arms will fit most older wipers sold by AFI, Wilcox, NA Taylor, GEM, L.S. Brown and others. All current Sea-Dog wipers now come equipped with the new slip-on hinge style wiper blades and arms. Verify style prior to ordering. http://www.componentsworld.com/windshield-wiper-components-stainless-wiper-arm-11-15-hinge.html Numark NUMARK PRO DJ HARDWARESOFTWARE SYSTEM SOFTWARE SYSTEM (Pro Sound & Entertainment / DJ Components) http://www.componentsworld.com/numark-numark-pro-dj-hardwaresoftware-system-software-system-pro-sound-entertainment-dj-components.html NUMARK PRO DJ HARDWARESOFTWARE SYSTEM SOFTWARE SYSTEM. <li>2 adjustable high-torque, direct-drive motors with 7" vinyl <li>2-in, 4-out, 24-bit USB 2.0 audio interfaces <li>High-speed, double-precision MIDI controls <li>Extension looping, cue point and track selection controls <li>Built-in ITCH software by Serato http://www.componentsworld.com/numark-numark-pro-dj-hardwaresoftware-system-software-system-pro-sound-entertainment-dj-components.html OmniMount ECSB Component Shelf for CRT TVs & Video Accessories http://www.componentsworld.com/omnimount-ecsb-component-shelf-for-crt-tvs-video-accessories.html ECS B Features: -Glass wall shelf. -Color: Black with clear glass. -Pivoting arm for side-to-side movement. -Designed to hold a cable box. -DVD player or most any other component that needs to be located next to a mounted television. -Double pivot system for maximum viewing angles. -Integrated cable management hides wires. -Black nylon stabilizing strap. -Wall plate hides bolts. -10mm tempered glass shelf. -Includes complete hardware kit. -Assembly required. -Pans left and right. Specifications: -Supports up to 30 lbs. -Mounting: Single-stud mounting. Brochure http://www.componentsworld.com/omnimount-ecsb-component-shelf-for-crt-tvs-video-accessories.html Building the Awesome Organization: Six Essential Components that Drive Entrepreneurial Growth http://www.componentsworld.com/building-the-awesome-organization-six-essential-components-that-drive-entrepreneurial-growth.html <i>Building the Awesome Organization</i> discusses the eight components of an awesome organization. This book will help you to realize the core competencies for growth. It describes the processes, policies and systems that support growth. Find out how to attract and retain awesome peoplea and develop an environment that motivates and empowers people to achieve extraordinary results. Explore the responsibilities of the leader and the expectations others have of the role that the leader of an entrepreneurial company will play. http://www.componentsworld.com/building-the-awesome-organization-six-essential-components-that-drive-entrepreneurial-growth.html Developing Microsoft ASP.NET Server Controls and Components (Pro-Developer) http://www.componentsworld.com/developing-microsoft-asp.html This comprehensive guide combines conceptual and architectural details with practical, how-to information and real-world code samples to show how to create custom, reusable, professional-quality server controls with rich design-time functionality. http://www.componentsworld.com/developing-microsoft-asp.html Cables To Go 42079 RapidRun Component Video + Digital Audio Flying Lead (1.5 Feet, Black) http://www.componentsworld.com/cables-to-go-42079-rapidrun-component-video-digital-audio-flying-lead-1.html Use with receivers, projectors, HDTVs, DVD players or applications requiring a component video plus digital audio connection; 1080p resolution! http://www.componentsworld.com/cables-to-go-42079-rapidrun-component-video-digital-audio-flying-lead-1.html 50FT 50 Foot Premium GOLD Series Component/Composite 5-RCA M/M Cable http://www.componentsworld.com/50ft-50-foot-premium-gold-series-component-composite-5-rca-m-m-cable.html Eliminate the spaghetti behind your entertainment center! No need to hook-up separate RCA video/audio cables. With this 5 RCA high graded professional cables will give you the best conductivity signal and quality. You will extract the most from your equipment and eliminate the unsightly mess of wires. For use with video cameras, DVD, VCRs, DSS, High Definition digital TV (HDTV), VCR, DSS, DVD, TV and so on. http://www.componentsworld.com/50ft-50-foot-premium-gold-series-component-composite-5-rca-m-m-cable.html Pyle 12 PLUG PRO AUDIO CABLE TESTER (Pro Sound & Entertainment / DJ Components) http://www.componentsworld.com/pyle-12-plug-pro-audio-cable-tester-pro-sound-entertainment-dj-components.html 12 PLUG PRO AUDIO CABLE TESTER. <li>Enables quick convenient continuity cable testing for all type of cables <li>LEDs confirm each conductor continuity and connection <li>6-Way switch for selecting connections to be tested <li>Internal battery and ground connection status check<li>Rugged, compact, metal construction for long life and reliability <li>Tests the following: USB, 1/4" TRS, 3-pin XLR male/female, 5-pin XLR, RCA phono, 4-pin Speakon, 4-pin S-type jack, banana plugs, 3/5/8-pin DIN, RJ45<li>Requires 9V battery (not included) http://www.componentsworld.com/pyle-12-plug-pro-audio-cable-tester-pro-sound-entertainment-dj-components.html Products, Inc. 41 Pound 2 Canister Handi-Foam 2 Component 1.75 Density Foam Sealant Kit http://www.componentsworld.com/products-inc-41-pound-2-canister-handi-foam-2-component-1.html F29P10720 Features: -Price Is For One Each -Minimum Order Of 1. -Handi-Foam Two-Component Foam is a chemically cured foam system. Two-component foam systems consist of an ''A'' component and a ''B'' component. These two components mix in the nozzle of the dispensing unit, and the resulting foam cures much more quickly than one-component foams. Handi-Foam Two-component Foams are available in a variety of densities. Two-component foam systems will expand immediately upon chemical reaction of A-component and B-component to a final volume that is 3 to 5 times the dispensed volume, in typical applications, and may be as much as 8 times the dispensed volume in specific applications, depending on various factors such as cavity size, ambient conditions, etc. The foam will cure to a semi-rigid closed cell foam upon the chemical reaction of component A (polymeric isocyanate) with component B (a polyol blend containing certain additives) and carries an R-Value of 6 to 7 per inch (.02w/m.k). Handi-Foam Two-Component Foam is tack free in less than 60 seconds and cures completely in 2-5 minutes. Cured foam can be trimmed, sanded and/or painted..-CURE MODEL II-205 STD DENSITY. -UNSPC CODE: 46182400. -Abatement Chemicals Abatement.-HANDI FOAM 2 COMPONENT QUICK. http://www.componentsworld.com/products-inc-41-pound-2-canister-handi-foam-2-component-1.html Nyrius HD Ready Component Video Source Selector Switch (SW201) with Bonus 6 Foot Component Video Cable (RGBCAB6E) & Bonus 6 Foot Toslink to Toslink Fiber Optic Digital Audio Cable (TOSCAB6E) http://www.componentsworld.com/nyrius-hd-ready-component-video-source-selector-switch-sw201-with-bonus-6-foot-component-video-cable-rgbcab6e-bonus-6-foot-toslink-to-toslink-fiber-optic-digital-audio-cable-toscab6e.html If you have more component video sources than your HDTV or EDTV can handle then this component audio/video selector is the perfect solution. Connect it to the A/V inputs of your television and connect up to 3 audio/video sources to this unit. Switch between them with the included remote control, and the green LED lights on the switcher will light up, indicating which source is active. This selector supports resolutions of 480i/p, 720p, and 1080i/p, allowing you to connect your HD satellite, HD movie player, and HD video game system all at once and view them with crystal clarity. The switcher supports component cables, RCA audio cables, and fiber optic audio cables. Works with the following audio/video components: High definition television (HD) or enhanced definition television (EDTV), high definition satellite/cable receiver, progressive scan DVD player, HD-DVD player, Blu-ray player, HD hybrid player, Playstation 3, X-BOX 360, Nintendo Wii, HD camcorder, CD player, stereo, MP3 player, and other audio/video sources that support component, RCA audio, or toslink optical connections. This bundle also includes a bonus 6 foot component video cable & a bonus 6 foot toslink to toslink fiber optic digital audio cable. http://www.componentsworld.com/nyrius-hd-ready-component-video-source-selector-switch-sw201-with-bonus-6-foot-component-video-cable-rgbcab6e-bonus-6-foot-toslink-to-toslink-fiber-optic-digital-audio-cable-toscab6e.html SANUS SYSTEMS CASC25-B1 Component Foundations Rack Screws (25 ct) http://www.componentsworld.com/sanus-systems-casc25-b1-component-foundations-rack-screws-25-ct.html SANUS SYSTEMS CASC25-B1 Component Foundations Rack Screws (25 ct) http://www.componentsworld.com/sanus-systems-casc25-b1-component-foundations-rack-screws-25-ct.html Quantum Bio-Physics & Components of the Aura. http://www.componentsworld.com/quantum-bio-physics-components-of-the-aura.html Quantum Bio-Physics & Components of the Aura. http://www.componentsworld.com/quantum-bio-physics-components-of-the-aura.html Component Video Wall Plate w/ Stereo Audio RCA Couplers http://www.componentsworld.com/component-video-wall-plate-w-stereo-audio-rca-couplers.html <h3>Now you can own a custom speaker plate for your home theater system while saving some money!<p>This listing is for the components to make (1) Component Video Wall Plate w/ Stereo Audio RCA Couplers.<p>You will receive the parts:<br><br><center><image SRC="http://images.channeladvisor.com/Sell/SSProfiles/20062921/Images/spkrpltgroup250.jpg"></center><br><br>and then you can assemble it as you build your system. Our thinking is if you are building your home theater system you can certainly build your own speaker plate and save money in the process.<p>You will receive:<p>1 Single RCA Coupler Female/Female Blue<br>1 Single RCA Coupler Female/Female Green<br>2 Single RCA Coupler Female/Female Red<br>1 Single RCA Coupler Female/Female White<br>1 Single F Female/F Female Gold Plated<br>1 Single Gang White Decorator Wall Plate<br>1 6 Cavity Decorator Style Insert<p>The connections on the rear of the plate are the same as the front. No soldering is required.<ul><li>Gold plated brass construction<li>Easy to tighten thumb screw terminals on the binding posts<li>Hex lock molded in the plates to prevent connector spin while tightening the posts<li>All jacks are color coded<li>Item #SPKRPLT25</ul>Weight: 1 pound http://www.componentsworld.com/component-video-wall-plate-w-stereo-audio-rca-couplers.html Clarion CM1635 6 1/2-Inch 2-Way Component Speaker System http://www.componentsworld.com/clarion-cm1635-6-1-2-inch-2-way-component-speaker-system.html 130 Watts of Maximum Music Power 6 1/2 Mica-Injection Polypropylene Woofer Cone Sanoprene Rubber Surround 1 Titanium Coated Dome Tweeter Meets Salt/Fog and UV Exposure Standards (ASTM B117/D4329) High Impact Centrex 814 Grill / Frame Liquid Drainage System Rubber Insulated Tinsel Leads Gold Plated Speaker Terminals Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware Rubber Mounting Gasket http://www.componentsworld.com/clarion-cm1635-6-1-2-inch-2-way-component-speaker-system.html Essentials Component Pk Raw-Trk,Whl,Brng,Hw,Ris http://www.componentsworld.com/essentials-component-pk-raw-trk-whl-brng-hw-ris.html This is for a set of two Essentials skateboard trucks. http://www.componentsworld.com/essentials-component-pk-raw-trk-whl-brng-hw-ris.html Component AV Cable For PSP http://www.componentsworld.com/component-av-cable-for-psp.html <BR>Component AV Cable For PSP<BR>liConnects PSP to a TV allowing user to watch movies and play games on a larger screen with the best picture quality availableli12' long in length<BR><BR> http://www.componentsworld.com/component-av-cable-for-psp.html Atami / B'Cuzz Hydro Nutrition Component A&B, 5 Liters Hydroponics Nutrients & Additives http://www.componentsworld.com/atami-b-cuzz-hydro-nutrition-component-a-b-5-liters-hydroponics-nutrients-additives.html Atami / B'CuzzB'Cuzz Hydro Nutrition Component A&B, 5 LitersB'Cuzz Hydro nutrients are designed to work specifically in hydroponic applications or for those looking for an aggressive feeding program. Growers will experience best results with B'Cuzz Hydro Nutrients when growing in stonewool cubes or slabs, clay pellets, and any other circulating systems. Many growers experience great results with B'Cuzz Hydro Nutrients in conjunction with B'Cuzz 50 Liter loose fill coco. To ensure best results use B'Cuzz bio-stimulants in conjunction with B'Cuzz Hydro Nutrients.Includes parts A & B! http://www.componentsworld.com/atami-b-cuzz-hydro-nutrition-component-a-b-5-liters-hydroponics-nutrients-additives.html Package: Brand New Mb Quart Pvi216 6.5" 2-way Component / Convertible Coaxial Car Speakers + Pair of Brand New Mb Quart Fta169 6x9" 3 Way Car Stereo Speakers http://www.componentsworld.com/package-brand-new-mb-quart-pvi216-6.html Package: Brand New MB Quart PVI216 6.5" 2-WAY Component / Convertible Coaxial Car Speakers + Pair Of Brand New MB Quart FTA169 6x9" 3 Way car stereo speakersFeatures:6-1/2" Premium Series 2-Way Component Speakers SystemPeak Power Per Pair: 280 wattsRMS Power Per Pair: 140 wattsRMS Power Each: 70 wattsPeak Power Each: 140 wattsSensitivity: 87 dBPolypropylene cone wooferRubber surround1.5" Titanium "Widesphere" tweeters with neodymium magnetsMagnet system with silver lacquered metal cover for additional cooling and protectionGold-plated connection terminals for the best possible signal transferLimitless mounting possibilities with new and unique FleXX Mount system for Premium Performance-crossoversThree-level tweeter attenuator with rotary switch (0, 1, 3, 5 dB)Bi-wiring and bi-amping capableCrossover filter (2900 Hz, 6/12 dB/octave)4 ohms impedance1" Voice coilTop-mount depth: 2-1/2"Diameter: 1.6" / 6.5"(40mm / 16cm)MB Quart FTA169 3 way speakersPeak Power: 360 watts per set / 180 watts each RMS Rated Power: 100 watts per set / 50 watts each side MB Quart ratings are very strictly tested - All ratings are true ratingsPolypropylene cone woofer Rugged stamped metal basket1.25" titanium dome tweeters1" titanium dome super tweetersSpider with woven tinsel leadsInternal crossover + or - 3 dB12 dB internal crossover slopeRubber surround Includes installation hardware and mounting templates 4 ohms impedance Top-mount depth: 3.4" Frequency Response: 40 - 32,000 HzSensitivity: 90 dB http://www.componentsworld.com/package-brand-new-mb-quart-pvi216-6.html DOSCH 3D: Electronic Components http://www.componentsworld.com/dosch-3d-electronic-components.html Dosch 3D offers 1000s of completely textured 3D-models and scenes for all popular 3D-applications. Users can select from well over 100 different products in the areas of architecture visualization, people, vehicles, visual concepts, nature, product & industrial design, medicine and sports. Professional users like architects, automotive designers or CG artists value the detailed and realistic 3D-models, which are great time and cost savers. All 3D products are periodically updated or amended in order to keep up with current trends and demands.<BR>For over 15 years DOSCH DESIGN has been a fixture in quality Computer Graphics products<BR>by staying on the cutting edge in 3D-design, animation, architectural visualizations, print publishing, motion design, advertising and multimedia presentations. Great attention to product detail and quality is paired with the philosophy of making these products available to the user at a very attractive DOSCH DESIGN price. The 3rd pillar of the mission is Selection - and these numbers speak for themselves:<BR>115 3D-model products, 36 HDRI- & 28 Texture-products, 64 Dosch Viz-Images, 12 Audio products - and counting; not to forget 10 comprehensive USB-HD Collections !<BR>DOSCH DESIGN products are compatible with many popular 3D software platforms like 3DS Max, Lightwave 3D, Maya, Cinema 4D, SoftImage, Artlantis, Bryce etc., as well as other graphics applications like Photoshop, PaintShop Pro, Corel. Please check compatibility details at the respective product page @ DoschDesign.com since compatibilities between product lines and sometime also products from the same product line can vary. http://www.componentsworld.com/dosch-3d-electronic-components.html Leisure Components 131-5 2-Way Low Boy Hand Water Pump http://www.componentsworld.com/leisure-components-131-5-2-way-low-boy-hand-water-pump.html Leisure Components 2 - Way Low Boy Pump. Combination hand pump and city water. Low-profile design that's great for fold-down campers. Has tough, molded ABS plastic housing with chrome-plated brass spouts. Bring it home for a sweet LOW price! Order Now! Leisure Components 2-Way Low Boy Pump http://www.componentsworld.com/leisure-components-131-5-2-way-low-boy-hand-water-pump.html 3 in 1 Out, Component Video (HD Compatible) Optical Audio Active Selector Box and Remote Control. Component Video Cable, Component Video Cable http://www.componentsworld.com/3-in-1-out-component-video-hd-compatible-optical-audio-active-selector-box-and-remote-control.html 3 in 1 Out, Component Video (HD Compatible) Optical Audio Active Selector Box and Remote Control. Component Video Cable, Component Video Cable http://www.componentsworld.com/3-in-1-out-component-video-hd-compatible-optical-audio-active-selector-box-and-remote-control.html music components rev.2 http://www.componentsworld.com/music-components-rev.html music components rev.2 http://www.componentsworld.com/music-components-rev.html PSP Component AV Cable http://www.componentsworld.com/psp-component-av-cable.html Your PSP 2000 is more than just a gaming machine, it's a complete handheld entertainment center. Now you can connect your PSP 2000 to your TV and enjoy movies and games on a larger screen, with the best picture quality available. Simply connect the 12 foot long cable to your PSP 2000 component outputs, connect to your TV's input and you're all set for gaming, movies or pictures. http://www.componentsworld.com/psp-component-av-cable.html Cherry Wood Laser Cut Steampunk Gear Cog Wheel Pendant Component 1 Inch http://www.componentsworld.com/cherry-wood-laser-cut-steampunk-gear-cog-wheel-pendant-component-1-inch.html <div align="center" class="isub">Natural Cherry Wood <br>Steampunk Series Laser Cut Gear Cog <br>Lightweight Pendant Component <br>1 Inch Diameter <br>Quantity Of 1</div><ul class="ilist"><li>Natural Cherry wood is laser cut into a gear shape. Remarkably light weight. </li><li>Laser etching shows a contrasting darker shade of wood. Lightly varnished in a satin finish. </li><li>Great for steampunk themed jewelry and altered art projects. </li><li>The etched gear in the center of this piece is exactly the same size as our "1/2 Inch Small Gear Cog Wheel" component. Try layering with a contrasting wood color for an interesting look. </li><li>This wooden component has a hole in the center, which can be used to attach other components. Mix and match materials and use wooden components with metal parts. </li><li>Approximate Measurements: 25.5mm (1 inch) in diameter, and is 2.4mm thick. </li><li>Center hole is 3mm in diameter. Outer holes are 3.9mm in diameter. </li><li>Quantity: 1 Pendant.</li></ul> http://www.componentsworld.com/cherry-wood-laser-cut-steampunk-gear-cog-wheel-pendant-component-1-inch.html Belkin Components CAT5E Crossover Cable, Red - 10ft http://www.componentsworld.com/belkin-components-cat5e-crossover-cable-red-10ft.html Belkin Cat5e Crossover Cable A3X126-10-RED Cables http://www.componentsworld.com/belkin-components-cat5e-crossover-cable-red-10ft.html Component Test Lead Set http://www.componentsworld.com/component-test-lead-set.html Component Test Lead http://www.componentsworld.com/component-test-lead-set.html Understanding How Components Fail (#06812G) http://www.componentsworld.com/understanding-how-components-fail-06812g.html Understanding How Components Fail, 2nd Ed <P>If you are involved in failure analysis, this is the practical book you need. Basic principles and practices are clearly explained, with numerous examples featuring commonly used metals, parts, and service environments. This classic first edition has been widely used as a primer for those who need to undertake failure investigations. The updated second edition provides expanded coverage of many important failure analysis concepts and analytical techniques. http://www.componentsworld.com/understanding-how-components-fail-06812g.html Sanus Systems DFV49-MO1 Designer Series 52-Inch A/V Component Stand http://www.componentsworld.com/sanus-systems-dfv49-mo1-designer-series-52-inch-a-v-component-stand.html Sanus Systems Dfv49-Mo1 Designer Series 52-Inch A/V Component Stand http://www.componentsworld.com/sanus-systems-dfv49-mo1-designer-series-52-inch-a-v-component-stand.html Pyle PYLE RCA PLUG (Pro Sound & Entertainment / DJ Components) http://www.componentsworld.com/pyle-pyle-rca-plug-pro-sound-entertainment-dj-components.html PYLE RCA PLUG. <li>Professional audio link cable<li>Dual RCA-male to dual XLR-female connections<li>5' length http://www.componentsworld.com/pyle-pyle-rca-plug-pro-sound-entertainment-dj-components.html 7-pin mini-DIN (M) to Component (YPbPr) Adapter http://www.componentsworld.com/7-pin-mini-din-m-to-component-ypbpr-adapter.html Hook it up!<br><br>This 7-pin mini-DIN to Component YPbPr adapter cable lets you hook up displays like televisions and HDTVs to your capable graphics card or other compliant video source. Add another display to your system! http://www.componentsworld.com/7-pin-mini-din-m-to-component-ypbpr-adapter.html Cables To Go 42089 RapidRun Component Video Flying Lead (6 Feet, Black) http://www.componentsworld.com/cables-to-go-42089-rapidrun-component-video-flying-lead-6-feet-black.html Use with receivers, projectors, DVD players, HDTVs or applications requiring a component video connection; 1080p resolution! http://www.componentsworld.com/cables-to-go-42089-rapidrun-component-video-flying-lead-6-feet-black.html Component Video Cable for MP160/MP180 http://www.componentsworld.com/component-video-cable-for-mp160-mp180.html 3M MP160/180 Adapter Cable for Apple3M MPro Adapter Cable for Apple (iPod, iTouch, iPhone)FITS mPRO 160/180 ONLY. http://www.componentsworld.com/component-video-cable-for-mp160-mp180.html Pro JSF and Ajax: Building Rich Internet Components http://www.componentsworld.com/pro-jsf-and-ajax-building-rich-internet-components.html Pro JSF and Ajax shows you how to leverage the full potential of JavaServer Faces (JSF) and Ajax. This is not an entry-level tutorial, but a book about building Ajax-enabled JSF components for sophisticated, enterprise-level Rich Internet Applications. Written by JSF experts and verified by established community figures--including Adam Winer (member of the JSF Expert Group, Java Champion), Kito D. Mann (JSFCentral.com and JSF in Action), and Matthias Weendorf (MyFaces)--this JSF 1.2-compatible book provides reliable and groundbreaking JSF components to help you exploit the power of JSF in your Java web applications. <P>This book provides a blueprint for building custom JSF UI components and shows how to leverage the best browser technologies, such as AJAX, Mozilla XUL and Microsoft HTC, to deliver Rich Internet Applications. <P>This book covers standard best practices for behavioral and renderer-specific component classes, renderers, events and event listeners, and JSP tag handlers for each. It also covers advanced techniques such as dynamic content type negotiation, JAR-based resource delivery, and dynamic render kit selection. <P>"Does the world really and truly need another JavaServer Faces book? <P>I was fairly well convinced the answer could only be a resounding "no"! After all, there's a good half dozen books out in stores today, by a whole host of web luminaries, and I've even personally helped as a technical reviewer on half of those. So what more could really be said on the subject? <P>But when I thought about this a bit more, it became clear that all of these books only go so far. They'll show you how to use what JSF gives you out of the box, throw you a bone for writing your own components and renderers, maybe even a bit more. But none that I've seen get to the heart of why JSF is really and truly cool and important technology; they make JSF look like YAMVCF (Yet Another Model-View-Controller Framework) for HTML - more powerful here and there, easier to use in many places, a bit harder to use in others, but really nothing major. And certainly nothing that takes us beyond the dull basics of building ordinary-looking web applications. <P>This book goes a lot further. It'll cover the basics, of course, and show you how to build components, but then it keeps going: on to AJAX, on to HTC, on to XUL - and how you can wrap this alphabet soup up underneath the heart of JSF, its component model, and how you can leverage it to finally develop web applications that don't need radical re-architecting every time the winds of client technologies blow in a different direction. Along the way, you'll learn a wide array of open source toolkits that make web magic practical even when you're not a Javascript guru. <P>So, heck, I'm convinced. The world does need another JSF book." <P>Adam Winer, Architect ADF Faces, JSF Expert Group Member, and Java Champion (From the Foreword) http://www.componentsworld.com/pro-jsf-and-ajax-building-rich-internet-components.html 10FT 5-RCA Component Video/Audio Coaxial Cable(RG-59/U) http://www.componentsworld.com/10ft-5-rca-component-video-audio-coaxial-cable-rg-59-u.html <p> 10FT 5-RCA Component Video/Audio Coaxial Cable (RG-59/U)</p><p><p>Component video (Y, Pr, Pb / Y, Cr, Cb) is the among the best analog methods for transferring crisp, vibrant video from your various sources. It will support high definition up to 1080i and progressive scan signals. Monoprice offers both standard and premium grade cables. Both are made with the finest materials and constructed with the best craftsmanship.<BR><BR><p>Our standard cables are made with RG-59/u coax cables. Coaxial cables provide excellent shielding from signal interference. The connectors are molded on with a built-in strain relief neck, gold plated tips and are color coded in bright and easy to identify shades of red, green and blue. </p><p>10FT 5-RCA Component Video/Audio Coaxial Cable (RG-59/U)</p><p></p><p><P style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt; mso-layout-grid-align: none" class=MsoNormal><SPAN style="FONT-FAMILY: MyriadPro-Regular; COLOR: #231f20; FONT-SIZE: 10pt; mso-bidi-font-family: MyriadPro-Regular">- 3 RCA Video (Y, Pr, Pb) + 2 RCA Audio (Stereo L/R) Connectors</SPAN><BR><P style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt; mso-layout-grid-align: none" class=MsoNormal><SPAN style="FONT-FAMILY: MyriadPro-Regular; COLOR: #231f20; FONT-SIZE: 10pt; mso-bidi-font-family: MyriadPro-Regular">- Color Coded, Gold Plated, Molded Connectors<BR></SPAN><BR><P style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt; mso-layout-grid-align: none" class=MsoNormal><SPAN style="FONT-FAMILY: MyriadPro-Bold; COLOR: #231f20; FONT-SIZE: 10pt; mso-bidi-font-family: MyriadPro-Bold">Video Cables</SPAN><o:p></o:p> <BR><P style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt; mso-layout-grid-align: none" class=MsoNormal><SPAN style="FONT-FAMILY: MyriadPro-Regular; COLOR: #231f20; FONT-SIZE: 10pt; mso-bidi-font-family: MyriadPro-Regular">- Heavy-Duty, Triple Shielded RG-59/u Coax Cable</SPAN><BR><P style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt; mso-layout-grid-align: none" class=MsoNormal><SPAN style="FONT-FAMILY: MyriadPro-Regular; COLOR: #231f20; FONT-SIZE: 10pt; mso-bidi-font-family: MyriadPro-Regular"> http://www.componentsworld.com/10ft-5-rca-component-video-audio-coaxial-cable-rg-59-u.html Component Design Digital Candy Thermometer, Timer and Clock http://www.componentsworld.com/component-design-digital-candy-thermometer-timer-and-clock.html Get professional results every time! This device allows you to accurately measure the internal temperature of food while it cooks, as well as to time the cooking process. The alarms can be set independently to go off when both the desired temperature has been reached and the desired cooking time has elapsed. http://www.componentsworld.com/component-design-digital-candy-thermometer-timer-and-clock.html NEW Xbox 360 Component HDAV High Definition HD AV Cable http://www.componentsworld.com/new-xbox-360-component-hdav-high-definition-hd-av-cable.html XBox High Definition AV Component Cable. If you have an HDTV, this is the best cable for you! Crisper graphics from your XBOX on your high definition TV! This cable is brand NEW and is about 6 feet in length. * High-Definition gaming output of 720p or 1080i * Also works on standard TV's * Progressive Scan DVD playback in 480p * Component (Y,Pr,Pb) High-Definition video output * 6ft long high density shielded cable * Can switch between both Standard TV or High Definition Output http://www.componentsworld.com/new-xbox-360-component-hdav-high-definition-hd-av-cable.html Boston Acoustics SC50 SC Series 5-1/4" component speaker system http://www.componentsworld.com/boston-acoustics-sc50-sc-series-5-1-4-component-speaker-system.html 5-1/4"(130mm)copolymer Cone Woofer 3/4" Type-S2 Kortec Dome Tweeter Separable And Dockable Crossovers Flush/Angle- And Surface-Mount Tweeter Mounting Kit Power Range: 65 Watts RMS 180 Watts Peak Power) Frequency Response 58-20,000 Hz Sensitivity: 90 dB Top-Mount Depth: 2-3/16" SPECIFICATIONS Speaker/Subwoofer Size : 5-1/4" Design : Component Speakers Power Handling (RMS) : 65 Watts Power Handling (MAX) : 180 Watts Power Handling (Combined) MAX : 360 Watts Sensitivity : 90 dB Frequency Response : 58 - 20k Hz Impedance : 4 Ohms Mounting Depth : 2-3/16 Approximate Weight : 5.80 LBS http://www.componentsworld.com/boston-acoustics-sc50-sc-series-5-1-4-component-speaker-system.html Supersmile Travel Kit: Toothpaste 50g/1.75oz + Accelerator Component 34g/1.2oz + Quikee 9.9g/0.35oz + Gum 12pcs + 2xToothbrush - 6pcs http://www.componentsworld.com/0.html Travel Kit: 1x Professional Whitening Toothpaste 50g/1.75oz 1x Professional Whitening Accelerator Component 34g/1.2oz 1x Quikee 9.9g/0.35oz 1x Professional Whitening Gum 12pcs 2x Toothbrush http://www.componentsworld.com/0.html Kicker 08KS650.2 6-1/2" 2-Way 150W Component Speaker System : KS650.2 http://www.componentsworld.com/2-2-way-150w-component-speaker-system-ks650.html Kicker 08KS650.2 6-1/2" 2-Way 150W Component Speaker System : KS650.2 150W Peak Power 75W RMS Power 4 Ohm Impedance Injection molded polypropylene cone woofer Santoprene surround 1" Aluminum dome tweeter Neodymium magnet with ferrofluid 12 dB/octave high pass crossover 12 dB/octave low pass crossover 3-Position tweeter attenuation Sensitivity 88 dB Frequency Response 35Hz - 21kHz http://www.componentsworld.com/2-2-way-150w-component-speaker-system-ks650.html High Quality Wii Component Video and Audio Cable, 6 ft http://www.componentsworld.com/high-quality-wii-component-video-and-audio-cable-6-ft.html High Quality Wii Component Video and Audio Cable, 6 ft.<br><br>For the best picture possible for your Wii experience connect your console to your TV with this component cable. The component cable will display a richer and cleaner picture than the standard composite cable that comes with your Wii. Audio RCA cables are attached for easy setup. At less than a quarter of the price of Nintendo's cable, and 100% of the quality, our cable is the perfect choice for your Wii gaming needs.<br><br><br>The price is for each.<br><br><font color=red>A 20% restock fee will apply after an order is shipped if returned.</font> http://www.componentsworld.com/high-quality-wii-component-video-and-audio-cable-6-ft.html The Slow Component of VO2 Kinetics: Mechanistic Bases and Practical Applications http://www.componentsworld.com/the-slow-component-of-vo2-kinetics-mechanistic-bases-and-practical-applications.html The (5) presentations from the Select Symposium at the 2010 ACSM annual meeting on the slow component of the oxygen pathway during exercise and why understanding this component is important when looking at exercise tolerance and prescribing exercise intensity are included on a single DVD. Over two hours of authoritative information and insights, featuring: Introduction (Andrew M. Jones) VO2 Slow Component: History and Significance (David C. Poole) Lessons From Animal Models (Bruno Grassi) Addressing the Mechanistic Bases in Human Muscle (Peter M. Christensen) Practical Significance and Applications (Andrew M. Jones) http://www.componentsworld.com/the-slow-component-of-vo2-kinetics-mechanistic-bases-and-practical-applications.html Galco S1H Shoulder Holster Component - Right Hand - Tan 126 http://www.componentsworld.com/galco-s1h-shoulder-holster-component-right-hand-tan-126.html Galco S1H Shoulder Holster Component - Right Hand - Tan 126 http://www.componentsworld.com/galco-s1h-shoulder-holster-component-right-hand-tan-126.html Pro ASP.NET 3.5 Server Controls and AJAX Components http://www.componentsworld.com/pro-asp-net-3.html <p><em>Pro ASP.NET 3.5 Server Controls and AJAX Components</em> is a reference for the serious ASP.NET developer who understands the benefits of objectoriented development and wants to apply those principles to ASP.NET 3.5, ASP.NET AJAX, and server control development. This book also covers SharePoint and targets the latest version of Visual Studio (2008) and the .NET Framework (3.5). Highlights include the following:</p> <ul> <li>Covers the new features in ASP.NET 3.5 and ASP.NET AJAX technology</li> <li>Describes the ASP.NET server control architecture in Visual Studio 2008/ASP.NET 3.5 covering state management, events, rendering, cross-platform support, control life cycle, localization, and deployment.</li> <li>Demonstrates how to integrate clientside development technologies such as DHTML and JavaScript with server control technology to create powerful interactive controls </ul><h3>What youll learn</h3><ul> <li>Create a powerful suite of interactive controls using ASP.NET 3.5 and ASP.NET AJAX.</li> <li>Enrich the designtime experience when building custom server controls.</li> <li>Integrate clientside development technologies such as DHTML and JavaScript with server control technology.</li> <li>Develop SharePoint server controls.</li> <li>Learn the background on user controls as compared to server controls.</li> <li>Work with the new mobile controls in ASP.NET 3.5. </ul><h3>Who this book is for</h3><p>The serious ASP.NET developer who understands the benefits of object7ndash;oriented development and wants to apply those principles to ASP.NET 3.5 and server control development.</p> http://www.componentsworld.com/pro-asp-net-3.html Cables To Go - 40212 - 12ft Sonicwave Component Video plus Digital Audio Cable http://www.componentsworld.com/cables-to-go-40212-12ft-sonicwave-component-video-plus-digital-audio-cable.html <B>The right choice for connection of progressive scan DVD or high-definition digital A/V sources to A/V receivers and processors!</B> <P>SonicWave Component Video Plus S/PDIF digital audio combination cable is meticulously crafted to ensure full, accurate and interference-free delivery of critical digital audio and component video signals. Silver-plated oxygen-free copper conductors and nitrogen-foamed PE dielectric combine with Cu Shielding Technology and a 24K gold-plated connector to provide a lifetime of uncompromised performance. The OFC-braided shields are combined with a 100% Mylar foil wrap to ensure immunity to environmentally-induced noise. This precision cable is guaranteed to allow the full resolution of high-definition video and jitter-free digital audio data to be delivered to the downstream component. Precise construction techniques maintain characteristic 75-ohm impedance in the S/PDIF digital and component video conductors for maximum stability and fidelity. With SonicWave component video plus S/PDIF coaxial digital combination interconnects, you will see and hear all the detail your system can deliver.</P> http://www.componentsworld.com/cables-to-go-40212-12ft-sonicwave-component-video-plus-digital-audio-cable.html New BELKIN COMPONENTS Pro Series USB 2.0 Device Cable 16ft / 5m Excellent Performance Popular http://www.componentsworld.com/new-belkin-components-pro-series-usb-2.html Notice: $50 charge per refused shipment unless the refusal is based on our error. Customers should thoroughly inspect all cartons for damage before signing for the shipment.Damage: Must be reported within 15 days from delivery date. Shortage/Fallout: Must be reported within 15 days from delivery date. Loss: Must be reported within 30 days from ship-date. If you have any other questions about the product, please contact us any time. http://www.componentsworld.com/new-belkin-components-pro-series-usb-2.html Belkin Components Stanley 6 Outlet Power Strip 4ft-cord http://www.componentsworld.com/belkin-components-stanley-6-outlet-power-strip-4ft-cord.html Item #: BLKSTP160. This multipower strip features five regular outlets and one transformer-spaced outlet. Master illuminated On/Off switch. 14-gauge, power cord, three prong ground plug. 15 amp circuit breaker. U.L. listed. <br>Customers also search for: 4' Cord; 15 Amp; 3 Prong Plug;Belkin Components,Surge Protectors,Power Strips,Electrical Cords,Extension Cords,6 Outlets,Six Outlets http://www.componentsworld.com/belkin-components-stanley-6-outlet-power-strip-4ft-cord.html Chief Speed-Connect CMS-0305W - Mounting component ( extension column ) for projector - aluminum - white http://www.componentsworld.com/chief-speed-connect-cms-0305w-mounting-component-extension-column-for-projector-aluminum-white.html CMS0305W Length: 36" - 60" Focusing on speed of installation, the all-new Speed-Connect Series were designed as an upgrade to the popular CMA Series of ceiling mount accessories. The Speed-Connect Series integrates new easy-to-use features that focus on saving time and maximizing security. The new Speed-Connect adjustable extension columns include a host of new features to make your installations faster and more secure. New design innovations include a continuously adjustable notch for length changes (1'' increments) without disassembly, aluminum construction for easier installation and flow-through cable management with an integrated port (12'' columns or longer) for routing cables. Includes 1-1/2'' NPT threads on both ends (in 6''-12' lengths) and can be used with many of Chief s popular accessories. Features: -Notched adjustment design for length changes without disassembly -Flow-through cable management with an integrated port on one end for routing cables (NOT available on 6''-9'' model) -Aluminum construction for easier installation also saves on shipping costs -All-Points Security System Exclusive locking hardware to protect against theft -Threaded on both ends -1-1/2'' NPT Compatible -Available in black -Weight Capacity: 500 lbs Chief warrants its products (excluding electric, gas cylinder, and one-way bearing mechanisms) to be free of defects in material and workmanship for 10 years. PLEASE NOTE: This item cannot be shipped to Puerto Rico CMS Accessories Instructional Video - InfoComm 2006 About Chief Manufacturing For over a quarter of a century, Chief has been an industry leader in manufacturing total support solutions for presentation systems. Chief's commitment to responding to growing industry needs is evident through a full line of mounts, lifts, and accessories for projectors and flat panels utilizing plasma and LCD technologies. Chief is known for producing the original Roll, Pitch, and Yaw adjustments in 1978 to make projector mount installati http://www.componentsworld.com/chief-speed-connect-cms-0305w-mounting-component-extension-column-for-projector-aluminum-white.html 10k White Gold Diamond Chain Component Necklace (1/10 cttw, I-J Color, I3 Clarity), 18" http://www.componentsworld.com/10k-white-gold-diamond-chain-component-necklace-1-10-cttw-i-j-color-i3-clarity-18.html Layer on an elegant look with this vintage-inspired station necklace made from 10 karat white gold. Diamond-shaped stations are framed by rope-textured circle links and shimmer with tiny diamond accents. The total diamond weight is approximately 1/10 carat. The 18-inch necklace is finished with a spring-ring clasp. http://www.componentsworld.com/10k-white-gold-diamond-chain-component-necklace-1-10-cttw-i-j-color-i3-clarity-18.html Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII WRC: Car Component Kit http://www.componentsworld.com/mitsubishi-lancer-evolution-vii-wrc-car-component-kit.html Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII WRC: Car Component Kit http://www.componentsworld.com/mitsubishi-lancer-evolution-vii-wrc-car-component-kit.html O Belkin Components O - Ipod Nano 3G Clear Pc Case http://www.componentsworld.com/o-belkin-components-o-ipod-nano-3g-clear-pc-case.html O Belkin Components O - Ipod Nano 3G Clear Pc Case http://www.componentsworld.com/o-belkin-components-o-ipod-nano-3g-clear-pc-case.html MYOPENPC BENCH Master Transparent Clear Acrylic Test Bench Computer Workstation Case for ATX / mATX Motherboard and ATX PSU - PC components are not included http://www.componentsworld.com/myopenpc-bench-master-transparent-clear-acrylic-test-bench-computer-workstation-case-for-atx-matx-motherboard-and-atx-psu-pc-components-are-not-included.html BENCH Master is a perfect benching station solution for PC enthusiasts such as overclockers and testers.Aluminium profiles and high quality heat tempered acrylic materials are used.The acrylic material is non-conductive, lighter than aluminium, stronger than tempered-glasses, and has 99.8% transparency. http://www.componentsworld.com/myopenpc-bench-master-transparent-clear-acrylic-test-bench-computer-workstation-case-for-atx-matx-motherboard-and-atx-psu-pc-components-are-not-included.html Standard Thoracic Pivot - Pivotal Therapy System Component http://www.componentsworld.com/standard-thoracic-pivot-pivotal-therapy-system-component.html Components may be used individually to address specific problems or integrated to form a complete system to treat the entire spine. Using them is as easy as placing a orthotic in a shoe. Use at home or in clinic. http://www.componentsworld.com/standard-thoracic-pivot-pivotal-therapy-system-component.html Sanus Systems Cfr127-B1 55-Inch 27U Foundations Component Rack http://www.componentsworld.com/sanus-systems-cfr127-b1-55-inch-27u-foundations-component-rack.html Sanus Systems Cfr127-B1 55", 27U Foundations Component Rack http://www.componentsworld.com/sanus-systems-cfr127-b1-55-inch-27u-foundations-component-rack.html CE LABS AV 400COMP High-Performance Component/HDTV Distribution Amplifier http://www.componentsworld.com/ce-labs-av-400comp-high-performance-component-hdtv-distribution-amplifier.html These high quality audio/video amplifiers give you ability to distribute low-noise, low-distortion signals to four destinations. Amplified, broadband circuitry eliminates signal loss and assures true one-to-one ratio, low noise, low distortion, unity gain L/R audio and video distribution. The amplifiers are capable of supplying enough signal for cable runs of up to 150'. They can also be looped or cascaded for additional runs. Includes AC adapter. Operational from 9-10 VAC 500mA with a 2.5 x 5.5mm center positive AC plug. http://www.componentsworld.com/ce-labs-av-400comp-high-performance-component-hdtv-distribution-amplifier.html Lorex L224V161C4 4 Channel Internet Remote View Component Security Bundle with 160GB Hard Drive DVR and 4 CCD Color Cameras http://www.componentsworld.com/lorex-l224v161c4-4-channel-internet-remote-view-component-security-bundle-with-160gb-hard-drive-dvr-and-4-ccd-color-cameras.html Lorex Triplex Internet Remote Surveillance Package features 160GB HDD, Integrated Motion Detection, Video backup via USB flash drive, intelligent trigger motion recording with 4 CCD Weatherproof Night Vision cameras connects to any TV or Computer Monitor http://www.componentsworld.com/lorex-l224v161c4-4-channel-internet-remote-view-component-security-bundle-with-160gb-hard-drive-dvr-and-4-ccd-color-cameras.html Lanzar MX6C 6.5'' 200 Watts 2 Way Component Speaker System http://www.componentsworld.com/lanzar-mx6c-6.html Lanzar MX6C 6.5'' 200 Watts 2 Way Component Speaker System http://www.componentsworld.com/lanzar-mx6c-6.html Hobart 770433 XVP Replacement Components Ratchet Headgear Assembly for Xv Series http://www.componentsworld.com/hobart-770433-xvp-replacement-components-ratchet-headgear-assembly-for-xv-series.html <p> The Hobart 770433 is a Ratchet Headgear Assembly that works with the XFS, XYS & XVP Series Welding Helmets. The Ratchet-style headgear features a Coolmax odor-absorbing sweatband for added comfort.</p> <h3> Features:</h3> <ul> <li> Coolmax sweatband lines the front of the headgear assembly, helping to keep sweat out of your eyes</li> </ul> <h3> What's In The Box:</h3> <ul> <li> Hobart 770433 XFS, XYS & XVP Series Welding Helmets Replacement Ratchet Headgear Assembly</li> </ul> http://www.componentsworld.com/hobart-770433-xvp-replacement-components-ratchet-headgear-assembly-for-xv-series.html dreamGEAR - Game console audio / video cable - component video / audio - Nintendo Wii AV Multi Out connector (M) - RCA (M) - white http://www.componentsworld.com/dreamgear-game-console-audio-video-cable-component-video-audio-nintendo-wii-av-multi-out-connector-m-rca-m-white.html dreamGEAR DGWII-1000 Wii Component Cable, WhitedreamGEAR is one of the fastest growing video game and iPod/MP3 accessory companies in the United States, as well as a leading provider of premium portable speakers under its i.Sound brand. Fueled by a passion for innovation and a desire to meet the needs of its valued customers, dreamGEAR offers high-quality, affordable accessories across all video game platforms.Provides more color detail than S-Video and are an ideal solution for using your Wii with your HDTV. Delivers a more vivid and vibrant picture and true 75-Ohm impedance for the ultimate home theater experience. Length of cable is 6 feet.dreamGEAR DGWII-1000 Wii Component Cable, White Features:; CableGame console audio / video cable - component video / audio; Left Connector(s)Nintendo Wii AV Multi Out connector - male; Right Connector(s)RCA - male http://www.componentsworld.com/dreamgear-game-console-audio-video-cable-component-video-audio-nintendo-wii-av-multi-out-connector-m-rca-m-white.html Philips Premium A/V Stereo Audio and Component Video cable 12 ft http://www.componentsworld.com/philips-premium-a-v-stereo-audio-and-component-video-cable-12-ft.html This is a real beauty. The Philips SWV3374/17 component video with stereo audio cable is truly top of the line. Constructed with high-purity copper conductor for reliable signal transfer and 24 gold-plated connectors to optimize the signal. 5 color-coded connectors make for instant recognition. These cables are designed to deliver the highest possible signal strength and clarity, so you can hear/see every detail of your favorite movies and music. http://www.componentsworld.com/philips-premium-a-v-stereo-audio-and-component-video-cable-12-ft.html Component AV Cable for HDTV LCD TV for Sony PSP Slim 2000 http://www.componentsworld.com/component-av-cable-for-hdtv-lcd-tv-for-sony-psp-slim-2000.html Use this cable to share your picture and video files, and play games on your HDTV from your PSP. Connects to your HDTV's component jacks. Cable length is 2.2m / 7.2ft.Color-coded connectors make connecting easy. <br />Please note: ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH PSP 2000. http://www.componentsworld.com/component-av-cable-for-hdtv-lcd-tv-for-sony-psp-slim-2000.html Supersmile - Professional Whitening Component http://www.componentsworld.com/supersmile-professional-whitening-component.html Brush your teeth for 2 minutes twice a day for dramatically whiter teeth WITHOUT MESSY TRAYS! Combine Supersmile Professional Whitening Component Accelerator with a bit of Supersmile Toothpaste. The components work in tandem to safely and gently bleach & clean the teeth. Completely safe to the enamel. Three month's supply. <p>Supersmile Professional Whitening Component not only whitens natural teeth, but enhances professionally bleached teeth - without sensitivity or the danger of over-bleaching - and is the only whitening system that restores bonded teeth and veneers to their original color. <p>With Supersmile the results are not temporary but cumulative. There is no risk of over-bleaching or regression and no danger of sensitivity. <p><b>Net Weight:</b> 3.6 oz. http://www.componentsworld.com/supersmile-professional-whitening-component.html Developmental Components of Eye-Hand Coordination in the Child with Special Needs http://www.componentsworld.com/developmental-components-of-eye-hand-coordination-in-the-child-with-special-needs.html An occupational therapist evaluates visual and hand skills to determine missing component of eye-hand skills in a preschool child with cerebral palsy. Treatment ideas and implications for function in home and school environments are discussed with the child and his parents during the assessment process. Finally, an example of intervention in a novel community context is illustrated by consultation with the family at a children's museum. This video program is unique because it shows how a child with physical limitations can participate in a community setting with other children, simply by sensible adaptations of body and hand positioning to get optimal eye-hand coordination during the different museum activities such as: driving (simulated) a school bus, operating a real crane, and shopping for plastic fruit and vegetables in the grocery corner. http://www.componentsworld.com/developmental-components-of-eye-hand-coordination-in-the-child-with-special-needs.html HDMI to VGA, RGB and RCA YPbPr Component Converter with SPDIF Optical Toslink http://www.componentsworld.com/hdmi-to-vga-rgb-and-rca-ypbpr-component-converter-with-spdif-optical-toslink.html For older generation of analog TVs / monitors with component or VGA interface to adopt digital HDMI A/V signals. No need for the TV to be HDCP compliant. The Converter uses a single HDMI source,accessing to single VGA+SPDIF sink or single Component YPbPr+SPDIF sink. The Converter allows one HDMI device to be converted easily to one VGA+SPIDF or one YPbPr+SPIDF/R+L monitor or projector. Power adapter is included with the unit. Works well with video sources, such as DVD/cable/satellite boxes and HD media player. But using computer HDMI output as video source, results may vary, due to the significant variations in different video cards and user experience / expertise, in particular, when using TV as an extended display, instead of a clone display, it may or may not work out. http://www.componentsworld.com/hdmi-to-vga-rgb-and-rca-ypbpr-component-converter-with-spdif-optical-toslink.html Performance Fuel Injection Systems HP1557: How to Design, Build, Modify, and Tune EFI and ECU Systems. Covers Components, Sensors, Fuel and Ignition Requirements, Tuning the Stock ECU, Piggybac http://www.componentsworld.com/performance-fuel-injection-systems-hp1557-how-to-design-build-modify-and-tune-efi-and-ecu-systems.html A guide to modifying and tuning modern electronic fuel injection (EFI) and electronic control unit (ECU) systems. Includes sections on standalones, an overview of EFI systems components and basic operation, and much more. http://www.componentsworld.com/performance-fuel-injection-systems-hp1557-how-to-design-build-modify-and-tune-efi-and-ecu-systems.html 6 FT DVI-I to 3 RCA Component RGB Cable + Mini DisplayPort to DVI Male / Female Adapter http://www.componentsworld.com/6-ft-dvi-i-to-3-rca-component-rgb-cable-mini-displayport-to-dvi-male-female-adapter.html 6 FT DVI-I to 3 RCA Component RGB Cable + Mini DisplayPort to DVI Male / Female Adapter http://www.componentsworld.com/6-ft-dvi-i-to-3-rca-component-rgb-cable-mini-displayport-to-dvi-male-female-adapter.html 3 in / 1 Out, HDTV / 1080i Component Video + Digital Audio Active Selector with Remote Control http://www.componentsworld.com/3-in-1-out-hdtv-1080i-component-video-digital-audio-active-selector-with-remote-control.html This convenient unit allows the connection of up to 3 toslink optical, component video, 3.5mm stereo audio devices to a television or home theater system. Perfect for HDTV set top boxes, HD cable boxes, HD satellite boxes, DVD players, game consoles, VCR's, VCD's, laser discs, camcorders, CD players, MiniDisc players and other high quality digital audio / video components. Allows you to connect more sources than your television or receiver can normally accommodate and virtually eliminates cable hassles; no more connecting and reconnecting cables every time change sources. Includes a handy remote control to operate the device from the comfort of your couch. http://www.componentsworld.com/3-in-1-out-hdtv-1080i-component-video-digital-audio-active-selector-with-remote-control.html Strobe Component Only for AED Cabinets - 200823 http://www.componentsworld.com/strobe-component-only-for-aed-cabinets-200823.html Strobe Light Component for AED Cabinets http://www.componentsworld.com/strobe-component-only-for-aed-cabinets-200823.html Cables To Go - 40009 - 1.5ft Velocity Component Video Cable (Blue) http://www.componentsworld.com/cables-to-go-40009-1.html Cables To Go Velocity Video Cable 40009 Cables http://www.componentsworld.com/cables-to-go-40009-1.html Cool Components VS-HFS-BLK HiFlo Vent System Black Grills http://www.componentsworld.com/cool-components-vs-hfs-blk-hiflo-vent-system-black-grills.html The HiFlo vent system is perfect for circulating air in a room or closet. Often times, when components are installed in a closet, or even in the room where they are installed, the entire room or closet requires venting to circulate the warm air. This unit is perfect for room to room venting and can be easily retrofit by an AV installer. This system is easily installed and extremely effective. It is however critical that the installer uses proper judgment prior to installing the product to limit damage or complications that may occur (hitting studs, etc.). This Package Includes: *Vent System w/Dual Fans & Grills (White Grills) *1 Temperature Controller *1 Power Extension Cable *1 Universal Transformer (500mA). Available in 3 kits with either: 2 white grills, 2 black grills, or 1 white and 1 black grill. http://www.componentsworld.com/cool-components-vs-hfs-blk-hiflo-vent-system-black-grills.html Hosa HOSA 10FT INTERCONNECT1/4IN TO 1/4IN 1/4in TO 1/4in (Pro Sound & Entertainment / DJ Components) http://www.componentsworld.com/hosa-hosa-10ft-interconnect1-4in-to-1-4in-1-4in-to-1-4in-pro-sound-entertainment-dj-components.html HOSA 10FT INTERCONNECT1/4IN TO 1/4IN 1/4in TO 1/4in. <li>1/4" male phone to 1/4" male phone with molded plugs<li>Heavy-duty cable for use as either audio interconnect or guitar cable http://www.componentsworld.com/hosa-hosa-10ft-interconnect1-4in-to-1-4in-1-4in-to-1-4in-pro-sound-entertainment-dj-components.html Skiva Component+Composite Video / AV Cable for iPhone,iPad & iPod http://www.componentsworld.com/skiva-component-composite-video-av-cable-for-iphone-ipad-ipod.html Skiva Mediaadapter is an innovative AV/Video cable for iPhone/iPod/iPad. It is <br>the only video cable in the market that supports both component and composite <br>video output. Now you get functionalities of two AV cables in one product.<br><br>Skiva Mediaadapter is <b>"Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod" </b> certified for <br>following:<br> 1.iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G<br> 2.iPad 3G, Wifi<br> 3.iPod Touch 4th Gen, 3rd Gen, 2nd Gen & 1st Gen.<br> 4.iPod Nano 6th Gen, 5th Gen, 4th Gen & 3rd Gen<br> 5.iPod Classic<br><br> In addition Skiva Mediaadapter has been tested to work with all versions of <br>firmware including iOS 4.x and iOS 3.x<br><br><b>Box Contents: </b><br> 1. MediaAdapter Dongle<br> 2. Component Cable (length: 5ft) <br> 3. Composite & Audio Cable (length: 5ft) <br> 4. USB Sync and Charge Cable (length: 5ft) <br> 5. Quick Start Guide <br><br><br><b>Features :</b><br><i>Component Mode Video Output</i><br> Get high quality video using component cables for your HD TV & Projector.<br><br><i>Composite Mode Video Output</i><br> Mediaadapter support composite video for TVs that do not have component<br> video input.<br><br><i>Hi-Fi Audio Output</i><br> This is a great feature for anyone who loves connecting iPhone/iPod/iPad to <br>speakers or audio systems. It lets you use high quality iPad/iPod/iPhone line <br>out audio instead of headphone jack. <br><br><i>Charging & Sync Support</i><br> Mediaadapter has built-in miniUSB. It also comes with standard miniUSB cable.<br><br><i>Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod</i><br> Skiva mediaadapter cable has Apple's "Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod" logo. <br><br><i>NTSC/PAL Button</i><br> Skiva Mediaadapter will switch output to PAL or NTSC with a touch of a button. <br><br><i>Video Aspect Ratio Button</i><br> Skiva Mediaadapter has dedicated button to change video aspect ratio from 16:9 <br>(widescreen) to 4:3 and vice versa. <br> http://www.componentsworld.com/skiva-component-composite-video-av-cable-for-iphone-ipad-ipod.html Ep Positive Components http://www.componentsworld.com/ep-positive-components.html Ep Positive Components http://www.componentsworld.com/ep-positive-components.html Cables To Go - 40216 - 100ft Sonicwave Component Video plus Digital Audio Cable http://www.componentsworld.com/cables-to-go-40216-100ft-sonicwave-component-video-plus-digital-audio-cable.html Cables To Go SonicWave Component Video Plus Digital Audio Interconnect 40216 Cables http://www.componentsworld.com/cables-to-go-40216-100ft-sonicwave-component-video-plus-digital-audio-cable.html Monster Ultra 1000 Thx Component Video Cable 4 Ft. (1M) http://www.componentsworld.com/monster-ultra-1000-thx-component-video-cable-4-ft.html When You're Serious About Home Theatre You Need theHighest Performance CableProduct InformationSerious home theatre isn't just about watching movies-it's about experiencingthem. Achieving the best possible picture and sound means using the mostadvanced highest definition cable. For Monster Cable that meant making ourbest even better. The main criteria was performance - to create the world'shighest quality most advanced line of home theatre cable. So Monster joinedforces with THX the leader in audio/video quality assurance programs for selectmovie theatres home theatre components and DVDs. And a new breed of ultraperformance home theatre cable was born.Get Into the Action with Monster HDTVOrdinary cables cant handle the high bandwidth of HDTV without downgrading itor losing some of the depth and vividness. This 4 ft. Monster THX Ultra 1000 ComponentVideo Cable delivers every nuance and high-def detail without signal loss soyou can be assured that youre getting all the HDTV performance you paid for.Choosing the Right Video ConnectionAlthough Component Video is the highest quality video connection available notall TVs have Component Video inputs. If your TV doesn't then use S-Video thenext best thing. Remember S-Video cable doesn't come with the TV.Introducing Monster Ultra Series THX-Certified Ultra Component VideoMonster's Ultra Series Component Video is the most advanced cable of its kindoutperforming high quality S-Video. The video signal is separated into threeprecision channels of video information for enhanced richness and color accuracythat's second to none.Monster's advanced video technologies including nitrogen gas-injected dielectricinsulation and silver content solder connections work together to deliver theclearest sharpest picture possible with maximum color saturation and ultra-lowattenuation. So whether you're watching your favorite DVD or enjoying a TVprogram in High Definition Monster's Ultra Component Video will deliver thesharpest http://www.componentsworld.com/monster-ultra-1000-thx-component-video-cable-4-ft.html Xbox 360 Component HD AV Cable http://www.componentsworld.com/xbox-360-component-hd-av-cable.html Your Xbox 360 was designed for your HD TV, so don't waste all those precious mega-bytes of graphics processing power on just any old set of cables. You have all you need here to support your HD gaming experience, plus a sweet optical input for digital sound. Gold-plated connectors ensure maximum signal strength. 6-foot, 2-inch cable length. So hook up these bad boys, sit back, get your mind in the game and get ready to whoop'em in crisp high definition! http://www.componentsworld.com/xbox-360-component-hd-av-cable.html Mediabridge - RCA Component Video Cable with Audio - 15ft http://www.componentsworld.com/mediabridge-rca-component-video-cable-with-audio-15ft.html <b>Mediabridge Component Video Cables with Audio</b><br> These component cables are ideally suited for connecting video components with video resolutions of 1080i or less. <br><br><b>Intended Use</b><br>Cable Box, DVR, DVD Players, TV, Projectors, Media Players, Satellite TV, VCR, etc.<br><br> Constructed with coaxial cable that is dual shielded with copper braid over aluminum foil. Jacket is soft and flexible PVC, encased in a high-grade durable nylon sleeve. Professional grade quality heavy duty connectors are 24k gold plated for ultimate conductivity. The fourth and fifth cables are used to connect left and right stereo audio. http://www.componentsworld.com/mediabridge-rca-component-video-cable-with-audio-15ft.html US Brown Bear DS-B3-Slvr Three Shelf AV Component Wall Mount (Silver) http://www.componentsworld.com/us-brown-bear-ds-b3-slvr-three-shelf-av-component-wall-mount-silver.html This Three Shelf AV Wall Unit provides user-friendly shelving and cable management solutions for your Home Entertainment needs. The triple-shelf do-it-yourself solution features our fully adjustable Super Bear Strength Tempered Glass Shelves and allows you to easily & neatly organize components right under your flat screen, without the need to run the connections through the wall. Can be used with or without a flat screen TV. Holds up to 66lbs/30kgs. Provides Beauty and Strength. http://www.componentsworld.com/us-brown-bear-ds-b3-slvr-three-shelf-av-component-wall-mount-silver.html Atami B'Cuzz Hydro Component A - 5 Liter http://www.componentsworld.com/atami-b-cuzz-hydro-component-a-5-liter.html B'Cuzz Hydro nutrients are designed to work specifically in hydroponic applications or for those looking for an aggressive feeding program. Growers will experience best results with B'Cuzz Hydro Nutrients when growing in stonewool cubes or slabs, clay pellets, and any other circulating systems. Many growers experience great results with B'Cuzz Hydro Nutrients in conjunction with B'Cuzz 50L loose fill coco. To ensure best results use B'Cuzz bio-stimulants in conjunction with B'Cuzz Hydro Nutrients. http://www.componentsworld.com/atami-b-cuzz-hydro-component-a-5-liter.html America's Flag Company SF5X8NOTX1 5-Foot by 8-Foot Nylon Texas State Flag with Appliqued Star and Sewn Components http://www.componentsworld.com/america-s-flag-company-sf5x8notx1-5-foot-by-8-foot-nylon-texas-state-flag-with-appliqued-star-and-sewn-components.html America's Flag Company SF5X8NOTX1 5-Foot by 8-Foot Nylon Texas State Flag with Appliqued Star and Sewn Components http://www.componentsworld.com/america-s-flag-company-sf5x8notx1-5-foot-by-8-foot-nylon-texas-state-flag-with-appliqued-star-and-sewn-components.html Component A/V Cable http://www.componentsworld.com/component-a-v-cable.html MANUFACTURER WARRANTY: 90 DAYS http://www.componentsworld.com/component-a-v-cable.html Component HDTV AV Cable for Xbox 360 http://www.componentsworld.com/component-hdtv-av-cable-for-xbox-360.html Make the most of your gaming experience with this AV cable for Xbox and HDTV (or EDTV). All connectors are color-coded for easy installation and will result in the highest quality audio/video from your Xbox. http://www.componentsworld.com/component-hdtv-av-cable-for-xbox-360.html Hardening Semiconductor Components Against Radiation and Temperature http://www.componentsworld.com/hardening-semiconductor-components-against-radiation-and-temperature.html This book describes hardening of semiconductor components against radiation and temperature. Basic mechanisms of radiation effects on electronic materials and devices are discussed first, followed by such practical topics as hardening technologies, circuit design for hardening, and, finally, hardness assurance. Discussions center mainly on silicon technology. http://www.componentsworld.com/hardening-semiconductor-components-against-radiation-and-temperature.html Cmple - RGB RCA Coupler Splitter Video Audio 3-RCA Component http://www.componentsworld.com/cmple-rgb-rca-coupler-splitter-video-audio-3-rca-component.html 3 RCA Female to 3 RCA Female RGB Coupler for Component Video Red Blue Green-- Make the right connection with our adapters. Adapts three RCA jacks to three RCA jacks. Ideal when you need to connect two Component patch cables together to extend lengths. Color coded for cable identification. Gold Plated Will Connect Two RGB Cables for Extended Length Color coded to Red/Green/Blue (RGB) Black Molded Plastic Construction RGB RCA Coupler 3 female Jack to 3 female Jack http://www.componentsworld.com/cmple-rgb-rca-coupler-splitter-video-audio-3-rca-component.html NXG Technology NXG 10M SAPPHIRE SERIES MONO1/4IN TO 1/4IN SPEAKER CABLE 10M (Pro Sound & Entertainment / DJ Components) http://www.componentsworld.com/nxg-technology-nxg-10m-sapphire-series-mono1-4in-to-1-4in-speaker-cable-10m-pro-sound-entertainment-dj-components.html NXG 10M SAPPHIRE SERIES MONO1/4IN TO 1/4IN SPEAKER CABLE 10M. <li>Mono 1/4" male to 1/4" male<li>24-gauge, 1-conductor<li>Retail packaging<li>Lifetime warranty<li>10m http://www.componentsworld.com/nxg-technology-nxg-10m-sapphire-series-mono1-4in-to-1-4in-speaker-cable-10m-pro-sound-entertainment-dj-components.html supersmile Professional Whitening Accelerator Component 3.6 oz (102 g) http://www.componentsworld.com/supersmile-professional-whitening-accelerator-component-3.html Just Brush & Whiten - No Messy Trays<BR>For optimum results use with supersmile or any other peroxide based toothpaste.<BR>Whitens: natural teeth <BR>Restores: bonding, veneers, caps and even dentures to their original whiteness <BR>Enhances: bleached teeth<BR>Questions? Call 800-784-SMILE or visit supersmile.com http://www.componentsworld.com/supersmile-professional-whitening-accelerator-component-3.html 10k White Gold Diamond Chain Component Necklace (1/4 cttw, I-J Color, I3 Clarity), 48" http://www.componentsworld.com/10k-white-gold-diamond-chain-component-necklace-1-4-cttw-i-j-color-i3-clarity-48.html Layer on an elegant look with this vintage-inspired long station necklace made from 10 karat white gold. Diamond-shaped stations are framed by rope-textured circle links and shimmer with tiny diamond accents. The total diamond weight is approximately 1/4 carat. The 48-inch necklace is finished with a spring-ring clasp. http://www.componentsworld.com/10k-white-gold-diamond-chain-component-necklace-1-4-cttw-i-j-color-i3-clarity-48.html Omnimount Echo A3 Echo Component Tower http://www.componentsworld.com/omnimount-echo-a3-echo-component-tower.html ECHO A3 With unique and contemporary designs, the Moda Collection of home theater furniture strikes an ideal balance of aesthetics and functionality. Each piece in the line which includes tables, wall shelves and wall furnigture is designed with ample space for components and cable management with an emphasis on high design. Ideal as a standalone piece or as a companion to the Echo 50 or 63, the Echo A3 provides a simple, unobstructed view to show off components and accessories. Clean lines and a dark espresso finish echo a modern aesthetic. Features: -Open area 3-shelf design easily accommodates multiple components -Neatly route and organize wires through cable management channel -Chrome legs accent dark finish -Rubberized feet protect floors -Supports up to 40 lbs (18.1 kg) per shelf -Available in Espresso finish -Dimensions: 22.8 w x 39.5 h x 18 d http://www.componentsworld.com/omnimount-echo-a3-echo-component-tower.html Corner Wall Street Modular Component with Chrome Finish Base (Use as Component for Corner Sectional http://www.componentsworld.com/corner-wall-street-modular-component-with-chrome-finish-base-use-as-component-for-corner-sectional.html Corner Wall Street Modular Component with Chrome Finish Base (Use as Component for Corner Sectional) (Black)The Intelligent Choice for Any Home or OfficeWork Smart provides an intelligent choice for office seating, multi-purpose folding tables and more. From plush gathered leather executive chairs, to sleek ergonomic selections in tightly fitted easy care fabrics, the Work Smart collection provides quality and value second to none. What s more, the Work Smart collection provides one of the industry s widest selections of styles and finishes to complement any office setting. Reception Seating - Wall Street Corner ChairFeatures: Covered in High Performace, Easy Care Faux Leather Box Spring Seat for Durability and Comfort Available in Espresso Faux Leather (-E34) and Black Faux Leather (-B18) Chrome Finish BaseSpecs:Max. Overall Size: 28 x 28 x 30 inchesCube: 11.75Carton Dimensions: 28.5 x 28.5 x 25 inchesWeight: 52 lbs.Container Qty. 40 HQ: 192 Product photo may not exactly match the product offered for sale. Please refer to the product description. http://www.componentsworld.com/corner-wall-street-modular-component-with-chrome-finish-base-use-as-component-for-corner-sectional.html dreamGEAR DGPS3-1303 PS3 Component Cable, 6 Feet, Black http://www.componentsworld.com/dreamgear-dgps3-1303-ps3-component-cable-6-feet-black.html dreamGEAR DGPS3-1303 PS3 Component Cable, 6 Feet, BlackdreamGEAR is one of the fastest growing video game and iPod/MP3 accessory companies in the United States, as well as a leading provider of premium portable speakers under its i.Sound brand. Fueled by a passion for innovation and a desire to meet the needs of its valued customers, dreamGEAR offers high-quality, affordable accessories across all video game platforms.See your PlayStation3 like you?ve never seen it before. The Component Cable from dreamGEAR provides more color detail than S-Video and is an ideal way to use your PS3 with your HDTV to deliver a more vivid and vibrant picture, with true 75-ohm impedance for the ultimate home theater experience. Length of cable is 6 feet. dreamGEAR DGPS3-1303 PS3 Component Cable, 6 Feet, Black Features:; High Definition component connection from your Playstation 3 to your TV; Gold plated contacts deliver the highest quality audio and video signal; Advanced cable technology designed to maximize the Playstation 3s graphics; 6 feet of cable http://www.componentsworld.com/dreamgear-dgps3-1303-ps3-component-cable-6-feet-black.html NXG Technology NXG 4M SAPPHIRE SERIES STEREO1/4IN TO 1/4IN SPEAKE CABLE 4M (Pro Sound & Entertainment / DJ Components) http://www.componentsworld.com/nxg-technology-nxg-4m-sapphire-series-stereo1-4in-to-1-4in-speake-cable-4m-pro-sound-entertainment-dj-components.html NXG 4M SAPPHIRE SERIES STEREO1/4IN TO 1/4IN SPEAKE CABLE 4M. <li>Stereo 1/4" male to 1/4" male<li>24-gauge, 2-conductor<li>Retail packaging<li>Lifetime warranty<li>4m http://www.componentsworld.com/nxg-technology-nxg-4m-sapphire-series-stereo1-4in-to-1-4in-speake-cable-4m-pro-sound-entertainment-dj-components.html